Going to pot on a sunny day

Sunday, January 20, at home in Arizona

This is just the sort of day I’ve been waiting for!

I pull out my work table and gather together potting supplies.  The Mexican petunia cuttings, all of which have grown strong roots in bottles of water on the windowsill, will be potted today!

I set up my temporary potting station next to one of the rain barrels.  

Reggie and Roger play nearby.  (Sunshine makes them happy and playful.  Does that to me, too.)

It’s fun choosing pots from my thrift store collection. For these cuttings I want pots that fit on the sill.  After several days/weeks in the sunny window,  I’ll move the newly potted plants outside to the covered patio.

This will transition them to being planted in the ground, after the threat of frost is gone.

I baby these Mexican petunias even though they probably don’t need it!

If you haven’t tried propagating cuttings in water, I suggest  your first attempt be with a rugged plant that is happy to cooperate with your efforts.  Years ago I attempted to do this — don’t remember what plants I cut — and it was a big failure.  I never did try again until now.

One hundred percent success this time!  

All cuttings put forth roots!

The one cutting propagated by a hormone dip and insertion in potting mix was successful also.  A couple months ago I planted that one in the flower bed.  It was doing great until our recent lows in the 20s zapped it.

Readers tell me the dead-looking lantana that I showed in a photo in a previous post will come back to life if I cut it back.  Maybe there’s hope for the baby Mexican petunia.

~ ~ ~

What else do we do this day?

I unwrap the outside water spigots, taking off the blankets and towels.  (I may have to wrap them again before the winter is over. )

I trim the Mormon Tea bush/tree in an effort to make it less ugly.  I go for a pseudo-bonsai effect as I hack and saw away at the tangle.  It does look a little bit better now.  Maybe I unlocked its inner beauty.

I rake and bag up a bunch of tumbleweed type plants that distribute thorns all over the back yard and harass Reggie’s tender paws.

I paint some of the house trim where the Arizona sun caused it to fade.

The boys and I eat lunch and supper on the porch.

It’s great to be able to use the porch again!  

We’re sharing chicken pot pie (Thank you, Marie Callender!) when a tow truck with a very long flatbed pulls up.

The long flatbed is needed for the very long motor home it’s going to move.  The boys run out to the chain link fence to bark at the Class A and the tow truck men.  Only for a moment though, ’til they remember the chicken pot pie is disappearing fast.

The men finish securing the motor home . . . . and away they go.

Off to the garage for repairs?  What memories are wrapped up in that RV?

~ ~ ~

Word is going ’round . . . 

Word is going ’round that Picasa will be kaput soon.  Picasa is the photo-editing software I use for this blog.  It was rumored to be eliminated a couple years ago but I kept using it without any issues.  This newest report may turn out to be the real deal so I’m researching photo editors.  I have a few that are free downloadables from which I’ll choose.

Now is a good time for a reminder.

Ever so often this blog disappears.  When that happens, some regular readers worry that a calamity has occurred.  Or that I dropped the blog into the black hole of cyberspace.

Not so!  I would never do that!  When the time comes to end this blog, I will give plenty of warning. I promise.

(See the raised bed in the photo below?  I think I’ll plant it with succulents.  More on that another time.)

If my blog should disappear, there’s no need to think the worst or to contact other bloggers.

Given my level of technical ability it may take more than a week for me to solve a glitch.

I will persevere and return, okay?

Not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s been a long time since a gremlin has gobbled up this blog, so, according to The Law Of Technology Crap Happening, I figure I’m due.

~ ~ ~  

Oh, I almost forgot another thing about this day . . .

I unload from the back of the Perfect Tow Vehicle my most recent thrift store purchase — a bedroom dresser!

I thought I’d have to come up with a couple hundred dollars for a decent dresser.  I put that off, hoping something would appear at the thrift shop for a lot less money.  However, good, solid, presentable, real-wood dressers don’t hang around long at thrift shops.

You can imagine my thrill at finding this one and it only cost sixty bucks!

All ten drawers glide smoothly.  (The photo doesn’t do it justice.)  I am very happy to have it and to know it didn’t cost me a small fortune.  Plus the mirror with grapes found its place!

~ ~ ~  

Monday, January 21, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

A few minutes before seven this morning, we’re treated to another Arizona sunrise.

Okay, that’s the story from our house.  What about from yours?



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~ ~ ~

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81 Responses to Going to pot on a sunny day

  1. Renee from Idaho says:

    Hi Sue. First?

  2. Dawn in NC says:


  3. eliza says:

    your sunrise photo is spectacular! truly a wonder.

  4. Renee from Idaho says:

    Great post, Sue and another great deal on that beautiful dresser. For a second I thought you were going to say that the Class A was your new thrift store purchase and just a few repairs and it was yours for $50!!!! Ha ha.

  5. Dawn in NC says:

    Ok, just went back to read the blog. So glad you are having a warmer sunny day. I didn’t get the snow and ice that a lot of the country got, thank goodness! Today is sunny and COLD 🥶! However, I’ll take sunny any day of the week! I love your new dresser. How pretty! Your grape 🍇 mirror looks lovely on it as well. I am lounging around today in the sun with my kitties. I have the day off today. Trying to enjoy it as my next vacation day is Good Friday. I felt a little sad seeing the big RV get towed away. Hopefully it’s just going away for a fix!

  6. Annette says:

    Hi! I use Picasa too and dread trying to find another photo editor. Love your blog.

  7. Pat in Rochester says:

    Hi Sue. Glad to see sunshine from somewhere. We’ve been spending the long weekend in a snow storm. So glad my daughter and granddaughter live with me and help with snow shoveling. Also immensely grateful for wonderful neighbors with working snowblowers (ours wouldn’t start today, yikes!) It’s currently 4 degrees (“feels like” -17), yet the forecast for Wednesday is 42 with rain!

    I’m one of the many federal employees currently on furlough so I’ve been trying to sane. Also grateful for lots of caring family and friends who have been checking in on me and offering help. So far the only thing I’ve accepted was a coffee date to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in person for several years. Can’t believe how therapeutic that short outing was!

    I continue to be impressed with what you find on your shopping adventures. Such well-made furniture at astounding prices. You have quite a talent!

  8. Elaine Magliacane says:

    Sunny and COLD in Charleston SC today… my dogs took care of business in record time and came dashing back inside… Southern house dogs do not like the cold. Lantana is very hardy, I cut mine back to the ground every winter and it comes back bigger with more blooms every Summer.

  9. jenny Johnson says:

    I am in the Top 10–whoop whoop — now to go back and read

  10. Suzicruzi says:

    Good Moning Sue,
    I’m sure no one wants to read another post from Darby Well Road, so Ill just leave my wishes here for you and everyone to have a very lovely day!

    Hugs, Suzi, Kitty, and Larry
    (Still off Darby Well Road). 🌵🤠

  11. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Lovely day in Phoenix, sunny, windy and temps in high 60s. Love your day in the sun…I am sitting in a parking lot waiting for my niece’s volleyteam from Yuma to start their league tournament…third day…many teams from around West competing…lots of family & Friends with no sitting at the many venues in the Valley…lots of fun, 13-16 year group…I was that young once, oh my…seems so long ago…71 next week and in my mind I still play this game though my knees are lau ghing at my memories…have in the Sun, Sue, Reg & Rob

    Take Care

    • Deena in Phoenix says:

      I hope you know that I meant Rog not Rob (though you may know a Rob) and I also meant have fun in the Sun…I should never comment using the phone. I went to the nursery today for more succulents to line my patio wall…little cooler today but the sun was warm…our gardens are growing…

      Take Care

  12. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Gonna be a cold one for the next couple of nights up here. We too were happy about the sunshine and warmer temps. Pool noodles (a couple of dollars) can be used on exterior pipes…really easy to slit and slip on. Who cares about the color!

    Folks back East do take care in this frigid weather. Currently -30 back at the ole homestead.

    Thrift shop…someone’s downsizing is another person’s treasure!

  13. Marilu says:

    Hi Sue and Crew,
    It looks like you are thinking spring is just around the corner. I’m going to be interested to see what those Mexican petunias look like in bloom. The leaves don’t look like the petunias I know.
    What a productive day you had. I love reading about all the details.
    You asked about what’s happening at our home. Well, it’s been pretty busy. About ten days ago we stopped by an adoption event hosted by Mendo Shelter Pets rescue group. I’d been thinking I wanted to do some volunteer work in the rescue field and wanted to meet the women who run this one. Long story short we ended up agreeing to foster a 9 week old Shepard pit mix puppy. So it’s been lots of trips out in the rain for potty training, a lot less sleep, puppy breath and laughs at her silliness. I’m working on training to increase her adoption chances.
    Our two year old Labradoodle has alternately between thinking she’s fun to play with and wondering what this interloper is doing in his house. He’s been getting lots of lap time looking for reassurance.
    I hope your beautiful weather holds for a while. We’re heading to Arizona in a few weeks.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Love your dresser, Sue!! Never found such a good deal…you must be in a great area for such things!!
    A bit of sun does bring nice things!! Tis hibernation weather here…tho’ balmy compared to other parts of the USA!!

  15. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    I love that nightgown! I just put it on my wishlist, I need to wait till after the first to purchase it, thanks for the review, Judi J. I like this feature, I’ve never thought to look on amazon for a nightgown.
    I just cut my Mexican petunias back, and they are already making new growth. I have a feeling you are going to love this plant, the hummers sure do.
    We have been having what seems to be normal winter weather so far, no one saying we are in another drought cycle, a good thing. Today is beautiful sunshine with no rain forecast for a few days, so I plan to open my house up for a good airing…I love the way the house smells after being closed up for too many days in a row of downpour, not..lol.
    I need to replace the roll up plastic shades on my front porch, which faces west. Any suggestions? I’m thinking of getting canvas drop cloths and putting grommets along the long edge so I can drag them open and closed as needed. If I block the afternoon sun, my house is cooler in summer.

  16. Sue says:

    Hi Sue… The dresser looks to be in perfect shape. I really like it and the mirror and lamp look perfect for it. Keep us posted on how your Mexican petunias do.

  17. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    What a nice dresser you found! It looks fantastic and a truly great price. The accessories look really nice. The mirror looks perfect there.

    It is cold here. Yesterday am it was 24, wind chill dropping it to 18. this am was worse, 18, wind chill 9. Our high today is 28, but it is sunny today, for a change. But tomorrow night the rain is coming back and the tuning cold again. Next weekend is going to be a repeat of this past one.

    Forgot to tell you all I am a great great aunt. My sisters grand daughter who was due in April, went into labor very early and had her baby at 27 weeks. His name is Adrian and he weighed 2.2 lbs. born on 1/4. He is doing well. He is gaining weight & breathing on his own. He will be in Children’s Hospital for a couple of months yet. Our family is so excited for this new little life.e just pray he will continue to do well.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Will pray the little Adrian does well…glad he is breathing on his own…must have great lungs. In high school, we had a fellow student named Adrian…he could sing like nobody’s business…I considered it a treat every time we heard him…and he did NOT need a mike either…perhaps this little Adrian will also be a great singer!!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Congratulations on your great grand nephew. So glad he’s gaining and breathing on his own. Those are huge steps in the right direction. I will pray for Adrian. What a beautiful name.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Congratulations, great great Auntie! I will keep your family in my prayers. That is great news that little Adrian is breathing on his own, and gaining weight. **Happy Happy Joy Joy**

  18. Jan Johnson says:

    I love thrift store finds! We have a store called Restore – a Habitat for Humanity store – where you can find furniture very cheap, and it’s not the damaged junk at overpriced Goodwill. The chest and mirror look great!

    Do you know what those tall narrow trees are that stand in a row?! I have always loved those but don’t know what to search for on-line.

  19. Becky in NJ says:

    Howdy Sue- I sure envy your nice weather and getting to play with pots and plants in the sunshine! Here on the east coast, our high temp today is about 18, with single digits at night. It makes outdoor chores no fun at all!
    So we are stuck indoors facing chores of the house-cleaning type, which I don’t enjoy either.
    Nice find with the dresser. It looks very sturdy.

  20. Adrienne says:

    I don’t see any comments. Am I in the top ten?

  21. Laurie in Eastern NC says:

    I tried rooting some plants many years ago and they did not root. I think I will try it again! I have been retired for 2 months and have been changing the way I think about everything. In the past, I would go to the nursery in the spring and buy a bunch of flowers which would last most of the summer. Now, I am thinking about ways to decorate my porch in a frugal manner! Love your idea of getting pots at the thrift store.
    Maybe next week when it is a little warmer. It is bitterly cold with a stiff wind today.

  22. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    My goodness, you are an expert at finding bargains!!! That dresser is wonderful and I love that mirror. I have marveled over some of the great finds you have uncovered
    Glad it is getting warmer for you. It is COLD here in Northeastern Mississippi but this cold snap won’t last long.
    Sending big hugs to you and the crew.

  23. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    Howdy! Your weather looks WONDERFUL! Did you see the Super Moon last night ??? WOW! It was beautiful here last night and HUGE!
    Love 💗 👍 the New dresser! You certainly have furnished your home with some cool things. Reggie and Roger are having a ball, as usual! Grin!💗

    Our weather has hot/cold wet/warm/windy/bone chillin’!! Anything but typical Florida weather!
    Keep on keeping on Sue! Love hearing from you! Good post! You sound happy and content!😂 That makes us happy too!💗

  24. weather says:

    The story from our house is our spending almost all of the time staying cozy and warm inside. Both yesterday when the wind chill was -1o degrees, and today when it’s been as low as 27 below zero. I went out just long enough to clean a foot of snow off my jeep, and drove it a few feet to where my friend had plowed a clear space for me to park. I had to use 4 wheel drive low gear just to back it out over the snow bank the wind had formed. Knowing a storm was on it’s way here, thankfully, I’d been able to run errands, stock up extras, etc., earlier in the week.

    Your dresser is a great piece of furniture, Sue. I have a small table/desk I bought just because it has a really nice bail pull drawer handle made of brass. The ten of those on your dresser’s drawers would cost well over $60, having drawers that glide in and out without sticking is really nice, too!

    Love the smaller photo of Reggie and Roger, they have such gorgeous and lovable little faces 🙂 !

    We had wonderfully clear skies last night, so I did see the Super Wolf Moon through a window, yet decided not to go outside to see the eclipse this time. I love celestial wonders, risking frost bite in order to watch them all does not seem wise to me , though.

    • Elizabeth says:

      WOWEE…THAT is chilly, Weather!! Hope you stay put till things warm up a bit. Sounds like your home is cozy.

      • weather says:

        Hi, sweet lady, I feel fortunate to be able to stay inside our cozy home when it’s this cold outside. This morning I saw a saying that reminded me of you and notes we have written to each other on this blog –

        “What would you have today if you only had those things you were grateful for yesterday?”

        Every morning when I wake up I am grateful for how soft the blanket touching my skin is. As I type this I am grateful to be wearing a pair of Bear Paw Emma short snow boots that I use for early morning walks outdoors during spring, summer and autumn, yet primarily as indoor slippers on winter days when my home’s floors are really cold.

        Your cooler temperatures must make you grateful for your cozy home, too. After reading Sue’s mention in this post about when the time comes to end this blog, I thought of how grateful I am for her keeping it open for us all this long. And of how much I would miss you, Elizabeth, and other folks that I have grown so fond of, if we could no longer meet here.

        Sue has used her time for years to keep this going, as well as paying the annual fees, data charges, etc., that are involved. I dearly hope more people will take a couple of minutes to write a note here, it would really help to encourage her to keep this blog going. I know she enjoys seeing us talk to each other and to other blogorinos, is very grateful when we recommend a product we purchased using her links, and enjoys the warm family/community atmosphere this comments section has become .

        Perhaps if we all show we are grateful to Sue, and grateful for this blog, by writing an extra note, recommendation, or simple thank you, we will have for many tomorrows what we are grateful for today.

        • ApplegirlNY says:

          I agree, Weather, Sue has created a great community here, which I am very grateful for.

          I’m sitting by the wood stove as I write, and I’m thankful for a warm and cozy home. The wind chill is truly uncivilized!

        • Elizabeth says:

          My Weather, what kind words to us all…thank you very much!! I do enjoy coming here and have been grateful Sue has set up such a spot for us to “meet”. I would understand if the day came she could not continue…well, I simply do not have enough energy or ability to manage such myself. And as my life has gotten ever more complex, there is not time either. There has been some very nice comforting words said here to me and many others. And it can help us keep trudging on through the dark days as they come. I would hope if Sue does shut it down, she might be willing to maybe provide some way for those who want to, to at least have the email addresses of those who are also willing. I cannot put mine out there on such a public place due to perhaps “unseen” opportunists who could use that in bad ways. Esp. as I am not very computer literate. Though if anything were to happen to my husband, I would not be able to keep my computer going I don’t think. So if people are at least in contact via email, there is also the potential at some point that they may also share mailing addresses in order to keep in contact. I did have a long time friend that tho’ it never worked out so we could meet face to face, we shared almost daily on email as well as some notes, letters and phone calls. Cancer took her a year ago now. I would not have thought I would come to have such a strong friendship with someone I still have not met face to face…but it was a lifeline at times to us both. And even more a treasure to me, was that we were born in very different places (she was born at the end of WW2 in Germany). To find we had so much in common was so amazing and comforting. The internet has brought so much sorrow in some lives…and at times, so much joy to many. I am grateful for the good things.
          Speaking of grateful…you mentioned your blanket. In Dec. we got a couple blankets that Macy had on a VERY nice sale …and I ended up giving one to my daughter…and oh my, have we LOVED ours. It has enabled us to lower the thermostat at night and save $…always love that idea!! I find at this time of life, I want nor need very little…a few good meals, a comfy bed and recliner (for when I feel ill)…and some good friends. What else do we really need for our earthly journey? (Well, aside from GOD of course).
          Thanks for sharing and also to Sue for setting up this spot!!

  25. Marcia GB in MA says:

    I love Mexican petunias. I had one growing in a pot of epidendrum (ground orchids) thatbI bought last year, so I pulled it out, cut it up and rooted the cuttings in water. I got 8 plants from those cuttings which I planted in the ground and they grew very nicely here in FL. I’m only here from Nov to May, so I didn’t have too much hope that they would survive over the summer while I was up north, but most of them did. I cut them back when I got down here and they are doing fine. I love the foliage and the pretty purple flowers. I hope yours do well!

  26. I think the warm spell brought almost everyone outdoors including me. I too potted plants for backyard patio and sitting areas. Today I went to Savers (50% off day) and bought a really nice decorative heart shape sign hanger. I’m going to use it for my yard sale coming up soon. Earlier in the week I went to Habitat for Humanity Restore to look for exterior paint…they have lots. I’m getting ready to paint the house. While at the Restore, I found a lawn chair with cushion, a set of four lighters for my candles, and two bags of decorative solar lights that I’ve strung on the clothes line. I don’t use the clothes line much anymore. I did reserve two lines in case I did need to line dry something. I love, love solar lights. I’ve put a few in the darkest corners of the yard and it works beautiful at night…lights up the area. After Christmas sale I bought extra long mini white lights to put on my palo verde trees. I’ll turn them on whenever I feel festive LOL New bird feeders when up but looking at the bird bath you bought. I have to go back and find your post and order them from Amazon.

    Also, I’ve been weeding everyday and got the front yard done and 3/4 of the back yard done. A lot of work to pull weeds up by the roots. I took a couple of days off so my body can recuperate from weeding. I think I’ll have my yard back to normal by end of month. While taking a break from weeding, I saw a bald eagle circling overhead. I could see the white head clearly & had huge wing span. Then yesterday, I saw geese flying in formation going north already! I have a ton of lizards in back yard & the dogs love chasing them.

    Love the dresser with 10 drawers! I have movable closets in my bedroom. I bought them from Ikea ages ago and I love them. I can rearrange the shelfing, add to it, move the closets around if I want. I also bought a tall shoe rack and hope chest from thrift store for my room. I put blankets in the chest in summer. I have a small table & chair for my sewing machine or for working on puzzles. Lots of photos from my travels on the wall. My flat screen TV and radio also in my room. I can stay comfortable in my room all day if I wanted & occasionally I do that. I installed a doggy door to the back yard from my room so the dogs go out at night if they need to. When I’m away, I lock the security door and the regular door. Love the security door (no doggy door on security door) in summer to let breeze in.

  27. Columbus Calvin says:

    I appreciate the education about plants. I may yet have a shot at growing some.

    I agree about the dresser and the mirror. You have patience and a great eye for things.

    Of course, I noticed that the guys working the rollback had short sleeves. Enjoy the nice weather! We’re in the near-zero part of the Eastern deep freeze, but the temperature’s supposed to rise for about a day and a half beginning around midnight, with rain the second day. It’s all good.

  28. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    That photo of R&R playing together is adorable – I can see Roger’s little pink belly with the spots on it – just so precious it makes me want to kiss it!!! The dresser is terrific – do you plan on keeping it dark or painting it? It looks very nice the way it is but if you decide to lighten it up, I’d suggest chalk paint. It is so easy to work with and the pieces I’ve done have all turned out great. There are tons of tutorials on the internet about how to do it. I have never propagated anything in water, nor have I planted seeds successfully, but I do have pretty good success with plants if I let the professional nursery people get them started! My fiddle leaf ficus that I got at Costco last spring has at least doubled in size and is very healthy in my family room. I just water it every four days and rotate it a quarter of a turn each week. It will soon be time to repot it and I hope I’m able to do that without killing it!

    All the rain here has everything looking beautiful. I had to drive up to Chino this morning and the hills between Orange and Riverside counties were just gorgeous. It is sunny, but windy today and I am thinking we will have a lovely spring.

    Did you see the red wolf moon last night, Sue! Just wondering what it was like from Arizona. I went out about 9 p.m. and saw it, but I’d say it was more of a muddy coral color than red!!

    I have 25 hours of on-line continuing education that I have to complete before January 31st, so I”ll probably be out of commission for the next week – but I hope everyone stays warn, dry and safe, with visions of spring flowers in their heads!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      No, I didn’t see the red moon last night. Slept right through it. 🙂

      I did think about painting the dresser, picking up the background color of the mirror painting and replacing the drawer pulls, maybe with more up-to-date knobs. It could be quite charming. Two things hold be back….

      1) I don’t need another project and the dresser is usable as is. I have my bed to sand and paint, also there’s the wicker rocker, throw pillows to sew, pictures to hang, etc. and once the weather breaks, I have a ton of landscaping projects to do.

      2) The room isn’t large and the bed will be painted. I don’t want everything in the room painted. Another piece of furniture will go on the other side of the bed (something yet to be found). Once I have all pieces in there, I’ll know if I want to work on the dresser.

      Thanks for the tip on chalk painting. Also, I appreciate the heads up regarding your absence from blogorinoland during the last days of Jan. I would wonder what happened to you! 🙂

  29. Lauri C. says:

    Hi RV Sue! I’ve been thinking a LOT about you lately!….(as in “I wonder what RV Sue would do” Hahahaha!!)

    I took a trip with my three pups towing my 20’ Toy Hauler trailer. Here is my journal. (Warning: Long!)

    I attempted Bob Wells’ RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) again this year….here are my experiences…

    Warning: I do NOT know how to summarize…besides, details are so much more interesting!

    For reference here are the RTR dates: Wednesday 1/9/19 through Saturday 1/19/19

    As soon as life allowed me I took the Armada (my tow vehicle) in to get smogged. We knew there was a major problem as in 2013 Gardena Nissan charged over $5k to “troubleshoot” the issue. They ended up getting it smogged but immediately afterwards the engine light came back on! So it sat for several years until I went to the 2018 RTR. Although I had paid the registration, I never got it successfully smogged.

    So I took it to a new place “Smog & Repair” (that’s exactly what I used to Google it!!)

    They proved to be very attentive and gentle! They did a very thorough inspection and over a period of five days they did some repairs (there’s many things wrong with that vehicle). But the most important thing -They got it SMOGGED!!!

    From there on Friday 1/11/19 I immediately went to AAA and got the tags!! Long awaited happy day!

    1/12/19 Saturday
    We picked up the Armada and went straight to storage to get the trailer. Got it home and began cleaning it up a bit and getting things ready.

    1/13/19 Sunday
    At some point I had purchased a new 2000 w inverter generator that had to be broken in. So took care of that. Raining off and on all day. Busy with other things.

    1/14/18 Monday
    Tried to prep the trailer & pack but it was pouring ALL DAY and in Los Angeles that’s a rarity! It was predicted to rain off n on for a week!

    I wanted to sanitize the fresh water tank but couldn’t find any information in the manual or online as to where the drain was. Since it was raining I didn’t exactly want to go crawling around beneath the trailer. The manual actually said it was on the passenger side. By my cursive exam I didn’t see ANYTHING that resembled a nozzle.

    1/15/19 Tuesday
    Finally got to look under the trailer for fresh water valve – it was smack-dab in front on the DRIVER side! Got that emptied but no time to sanitize. It’ll just have to do.

    2:00 got on the freeway 405 south to Garden Grove freeway north to 91

    Arrived at Yucaipa 6:30 pm stayed at rest stop.

    It was going to be rough… For some reason the outlets weren’t working although the lights work. (Later I realized that 110 doesn’t go through the house battery -rookie mistake 😚)

    I didn’t want to take a shower because I’d have to go out and turn on the water heater and it was raining and I didn’t want to deal with that and we were just going to eat and go to sleep.

    I ate an entire bag of cookies on the road because someone snuck them in my bag!! dammit!

    1/16/19 Wednesday
    11:30 left Yucaipa on I-10 E

    2:00 arrived Palm Springs. Gas & pee break

    7:00 pm Quartzsite. Stopped at BLM land for the night. Planned to get water in AM and head out to RTR

    That night I tried to use the microwave and something went out. None of the outlets worked – this time I had the generator on 😁. I checked fuses, everything looked fine… I was stumped! I don’t do electricity well.

    I had also inadvertently left the porch light on and the battery went dead.

    1/16/19. Thursday
    Went to Rose’s for water (a fair-priced place for amenities but most importantly is there’s plenty of room to maneuver!!)

    Headed out to RTR. Mitchell Mine Road is a bumpy one for sure!! People coming & going; lots of activity.

    Found a great place to park the trailer! Got it leveled side-to-side went to unhitch the coupler & jack it up …. it won’t come off… I lubed it; I moved the car forward & back; I turned the wheels while moving it forward & back; I unleveled it…. nothing! The ball actually moves back and forth inside the coupler but not DOWN & OUT!!

    I hook everything back up and head into town. I go to Gamblers, a place I’ve been before and they were pretty helpful. I had called earlier and asked if they could hook up my extra battery in parallel and was told to come by after 3:30 for best parking.

    I get there & explain that my battery died the night before and wanted to get that troubleshooted. They were short-handed. The man that helped me just listened and scratched his capped head and said “weird”.

    I know “can you do anything about it?” It turns out the real “electric” guy was manning the register and they couldn’t do anything. Okay…. so instead he switched out the batteries. I ask if I owe anything and he says no & goes back in. I get back in my car and the next thing I know he’s coming back out and I’m thinking he forgot a tool or something. The “electric” guy at the counter told him to collect $15! I grumble about having been competent enough to have done it myself and hand him the money.

    I decide that since there’s now only two days left of the RTR (and there really weren’t any seminars I was interested in at this point) that it’s not worth going all the way Mitchell Mine Road again. So I planted myself down on the first section of BLM land which is LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) no fee due to the government shutdown.
    It’s parallel with the I-10 which is less than 1/4 mile away.

    At this point the sun is setting and I’m starting the generator & setting up. I decided that since my grey tank was 3/4 full that I’d dribble it out for a bit.

    I have Buddy leashed because he’s an untrained oppositional-defiant little boy. Nicki and Chia are both loose.

    Every so often a car would drive through the area… perhaps there were other trails or roads – I didn’t know the area.

    I see a little pickup make a big circle around me… next thing, the man is pulling up telling me that I’m not allowed to park where I am. He points to two white pillars that are supposed to indicate no camping beyond that point… Although I didn’t understand that when I drove through.

    Then he mentions that all dogs are supposed to be leashed and points to Nicki (Chia was inside).

    Then mentions my grey tank is draining – “that’s not allowed”

    I play dumb and act surprised that it’s “leaking” and put Nicki inside.

    He then tells me the reason he’s telling me all this is because he’s the camp host. I tell him I’m glad there’s someone here with the government shutdown and all. He says he’s not getting paid but volunteering.

    I thank him and he leaves. I close the grey tank and start dinner. I attempted to use the microwave to warm a veggie chicken patty and the power went out. It tested the outlets and they weren’t working. I heard the generator still humming so I looked at the only GFCI outlet and it hadn’t changed. So in the dark, I went out & turned off the generator. I went ahead and ate my luke-warm chicken patty sandwich. It was food!

    1/18/19 Friday
    Yesterday afternoon when I arrived at my current location I finally felt officially able to rest. With setting up the trailer and getting a shower I found that much of my pain had diminished. Today I can move my right arm more than I’ve been able to in the last 6 months!

    Upon further investigation into the outlet situation I went to start the generator and noticed the coach plug was slightly pulled out. I have it and two Gerry cans chained and locked to the trailer. It must’ve vibrated into a position that shimmied the plug loose. Easy fixes are ALWAYS welcome!!

    This bed is not adequate! Every night I try something new to make my lower back more comfortable. Each night there’s improvement but it still takes me many hours to “recover from bed”!

    So today is beautiful weather by most people which means the sun is out and a nice breeze. I’m sitting here listening to the traffic on the freeway wishing I was farther away.

    Perhaps that’s what I’ll do today if there’s time before dark. I have been taking everything really slow on this trip as it’s all in the JOURNEY not the DESTINATION!!!

    1/19/19 Saturday
    Yesterday ended up being nothing but relaxation! I thought about relocating as I’m so close to the freeway I can see the company logos on the trucks. But I didn’t really want to do ANYTHING! SO I didn’t!

    Today I’m still debating on what/where to pursue. I have laundry to do….I don’t remember if the parking lot is large enough to maneuver the trailer in. I’ll look at it on google.

    It’s the end of the day now and today amounted to much more! I may have mentioned I was <1/4 m from the freeway so I wanted to move. I got packed & loaded up; drove to dump black tank; get gas for the Armada & I did laundry in town.

    While waiting for the laundry I did some research online. Lots of places in this area to boondock! It IS the snowbird capital of the western US!! There are beyond THOUSANDS of RVs!! It’s hard to find a place without an RV within eyesight.

    Unfortunately I got a late start on the road so it was a race against the sun lol! I drove north 6 miles, east 6 miles & found a spot to my liking for the time being. It’s up against a fenced off area – no idea what that is. There were cattle grates in the beginning of the area…?

    My wonderful luck, I parked it so I was level both side-to-side AND front-to-back!! It’s almost silent…..off in a distance are camped some off-roaders, ATVs and they seem to be doing either some night-driving or working on the machines. But the noise is soooo far off! NOTHING like the other site!!

    I’m done setting up. I’ve fed/walked dogs & taken a shower. Now to sit down to something to eat and RELAX!!

    1/20/19 Sunday
    Last night was the first time I’ve needed the furnace. I’m very used to a cold environment. Because my room back home is an (uninsulated) add-on at times it has gotten down to the low 50’s. Last night it got down to 53° here in the trailer. I’d actually forgotten about the furnace until I was becoming uncomfortable. Such a luxury!

    I get up at the usual hour…get dressed, feed the dogs. As I’m walking them a group of people with a dog come meandering around the fenced area that I’ve parked near. One had a dog so I put Nicki (who’s off-leash) inside. Chia’s meandering around & I pick up Buddy because he’s going CRAZY!! The closer they got the worse he got!

    They were entering the fenced area through a pedestrian entrance (the type that is so tightly pillared off that vehicles can’t enter). I asked the lady with the dog what the area was. This is what I looked up from her description:

    “During WWII General Patton’s troops used this area for a training ground. Rocks were aligned in the desert that spelled out “Quartzsite” and an arrow pointing to the town so airplanes could tell where they were.”

    Ahhh so, the fence I park next to in the quiet of night turns out to be a TOURIST ATTRACTION! At that point I clearly realize I haven’t done my meditation yet!

    After they leave, another truck pulls up to within feet of my car. I think to myself “don’t they understand the importance of privacy for some people?” But of course, there they go into the tourist attraction! I draw my blinds and and try to shush the dogs.

    Finally after everybody left I settle down to begin my morning ritual. It takes a while before the dogs settle down. As soon as they do, another truck pulls up. I decide to relocate, but first – finish my tasty tea!

    Not only was the historical tourist attraction bringing people in but now there was a bunch of cars about 500 yards north of me at the base of a small mountain. Apparently they had set up target practice because the familiar pop-pop-BANG had begun. Every so often a deep BOOM would shake the trailer. I am gun-familiar so although it felt don’t bother me, my littlest was shaking out of her coat! She’s terrified of fireworks and for all intents & purposes, this sure sounded like fireworks!! Moving had to happen sooner than later!

    Got all packed up again and headed out. I relied solely on Google Maps terrain view – it showed EVERYTHING except who is currently parked there! Many times as I drove these trails I wished I had a drone…even a cheap one could help.

    I would drive way out until I think this is it only to come upon yet another RVer. Finally I found a spot that suited me; found level ground and brought out the dogs! Chia was still shaking thinking the shooting would continue.

    Before I left I tried to use the hot water and it seems the water heater is not heating. I just used an entire book of matches trying to light it. On that side of the trailer there’s a strong breeze which makes it almost impossible to light. Unfortunately my long lighter is dying and definitely won’t stand up t that breeze. I’ll have to figure something out later. Gotta have that shower!

    Now to my oatmeal!

    1/21/19 Monday
    Later on last night when the breeze had died down I finally got the water heater lit (turns out I wasn’t turning the dial HARD to pilot; another newbie goof). It had plenty of time to heat up the water for my shower!

    Later that night the wind picked up. It was rocking the trailer all nightlong. Rather meditative. I kept hearing the venetian blinds rattle on one particular window so I figured I hadn’t closed it tightly. Later when I finally got up out of my cocoon to close it, it turned out the window was ALL THE WAY open! It was on the opposite side from where the wind was coming from or it would’ve torn off the blinds!

    Today I plan to examine the hitch again. I figure if it possibly got messed up by going down Mitchell Mine Road perhaps traveling down Sunkist Trail to this location might un-mess it…

    But first, finish my Chai.

    Well, I gave it the old college try and the hitch will not go anywhere but to & fro. It just won’t drop DOWN! I even tried using a foot-long pipe wrench to sort-of fulcrum it out. However as I’m doing it I’m thinking one of these metals is stronger than the other and I believe the hitch won that match.

    I suppose worst case when I return the trailer to storage I can simply remove the ball from the Armada. How to get it repaired, however, I’m just not sure….hopefully there’s someone that can do remote work!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations, Lauri, on surviving your excursion! You definitely have no shortage of gumption, as well as adaptability. Hats off to you!

      What would RVSue do? Well, a few things I would’ve done differently but there’s no one way to travel with a trailer. You didn’t ask for my advice so I won’t do that. I suspect you learned from this experience without me adding my 2 cents.

      I am concerned about the coupler not coming off the hitch ball. Trying to force it off isn’t a good idea. I was glad to read that your efforts failed because if you had succeeded, then you’d head down the road towing your trailer with a coupler connector that might possibly be damaged.

      I don’t know what your situation is at the moment. Maybe you could call ahead to a repair place, explain the problem, drive the trailer over there, have them remove the trailer, and fix the coupler. Taking it to storage and removing the hitch, if you can manage it, seems to me to be postponing, rather than fixing, the problem. Maybe it being a holiday weekend and also because of your work schedule, my suggestion isn’t doable.

      Thank you for your openness about the realities of your camping and boondocking. We can all benefit from the experiences of others, but only if those experiences are shared. Plus it’s fun to read comments as detailed as yours!

      Best wishes .. ..

      • Lauri C. says:

        Oh thank you so much for your input! I’m ALWAYS open to learning anything!!

        I’m still here in Q. In addition to the hitch it seems my battery converter isn’t… converting! The battery won’t receive power from either the tow vehicle or the generator. BUT it took a charge from a portable battery charger. So I know it’s not the battery. In fact I’m on my third battery. I only purchased it because I know I can return either of the other two to Costco…. but I’m not opposed to have more than two!!!

        I relocated to BLM south of town – despite trying to get as far south as I could I can still hear the freeway hummm.

        I have absolutely LOVED my trip. There’s no way to learn without contrast and I’m LEARNING!!! Gathering all that info into my grey database (and documenting pertinent info into Evernote also for safe backup! Lol)

        I suppose I should head back home. I can make it easier by getting ready for the next trip! Whenever/ where ever that may be!

        Thanks so much for all of your writing. I’ve truly learned quite a bit from it all! Particularly how to get a great dresser!!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Wow, Lauri C. You sure have had quite the experience. It seems like you’re pretty adept at working things out. I hope your bed situation gets resolved. Sleep is so important.

      • Lauri C says:

        Thank you so much for sticking through the long read!! Every night has been an improvement! I’ve rearranged blankets beneath my shoulders and a pillow under my knees – that seems to be the best so far. But probably a 9” memory foam topper might work!!! Lol!!

        This is LIVING!!

        Thanks again!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      2nd attempt to post…

      Hi, Lauri,

      I enjoyed your trip report! I hope you are able to find some good help to sort out the issues, especially the hitch. 🙂

  30. chas in PA says:

    Minus 6 (Wind Chill Minus 30) here last night with 12 inches of snow.My medium duty snowplow could not handle the drifts so I was stuck for a day and hand shoveled my 800 foot switchback uphill driveway.Normally this is why I am in Arizona but we now have Mom in Law who is 92 and lost her house in Hurricane Florence.But… we will be leaving February 14th Eddie Dog’s birthday.

  31. Do you know which cultivar of the Mexican Petunia you’re planting? The wild form is classified by Florida and other states as highly invasive. Depending on how much you like them and how much space you’re willing to give them, you may want to keep them in pots.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Allison,

      I guess you missed our discussion of Mexican Petunia that took place several posts ago. I can see where the plant would go crazy wild in Florida’s conditions.

      It’s a desert plant that isn’t prohibited in Arizona. In fact, doing a search for “Mexican Petunia in Arizona” will bring up sites, including the University of Arizona, where the plant is described for usage in the home landscape.

      I don’t know which variety I’m propagating. I have seen several Mexican Petunias in landscapes in southern Arizona. Unlike more humid areas, we Arizona gardeners don’t usually have a problem with plants being aggressive. Usually it’s the opposite due to the heat, dryness, and bare surroundings.

      Thanks for commenting on this and for providing a link. This blog has several readers in Florida and other semi-tropical areas. Good to be aware of this!

  32. Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

    Hi Sue and crew,
    we are having wintry weather in South Florida too. I know 45 degrees is not cold for most, but down here it is considered frigid! Thank goodness for our new furnace warming the house. Your new furniture is a nice bargain, made even more attractive by the low price. Enjoy your sunshine.

  33. Tesaje says:

    Great find but how did you get it from the PTV into the house? That’s what stymies me with big stuff.

    The crew is cute as always.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Tesaje,

      Once I removed all the drawers and carried them into the house, the rest was manageable. I didn’t even need to use a dolly.

      Previously I brought in a loveseat and a couple stuffed chairs. It helps to have good health, patience, leverage, and a few decades of single living.

  34. Robert Timko says:

    I have been having a problem with Picasa for about a month. Can not upload any photos to my blog. Get an error saying I’m not sign in, yet I am signed in to my blog and Google. I can’t find any help from Google, they keep sending an error message that I am using the wrong password. I am no tech wizard. I’m lost. I’m also very frustrated, after trying to get back to blogging after some medical problems. I also heard that Google is no longer supporting Picasa .

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Robert,

      I’m not sure if you’re new to my blog and I’m too lazy right now to check. 🙂 In any case, welcome!

      Ah, technology problems…. I hate that lost feeling. I think the only time I’ve come close to having a panic attack during the past 20 years was when I was lost trying to get my blog back online after it careened into space.

      LiveWriter is also being nixed. I don’t use it but I know bloggers who do.

      As for your present problem with Picasa, I wish I knew a solution. I use WordPress so anything relating to Blogger is out of my understanding.

      If you can bear getting a suggestion from a bumbler in technology… Sometimes when I can’t figure out what to do, I restore my computer to a previous date when the problem hadn’t appeared yet.

      A web search for “How do I restore my computer to a date in the past?” brought up this answer:

      Press the start button, go to all programs, go to accessories, then System tools, then go to “System Restore” there is should say “Restore my computer to an earlier time,” pick a date and press next.

      Forgive me if you know all this already. Maybe a blogorino will have a better suggestion:

      HELP, BLOGORINOS: Robert is having a problem with Picasa. Do you know what he can do in this interim time before Picasa is gone?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A further note: I haven’t gone deep into research yet on replacing Picasa. Two possibilities I will look into are Photoscope and irfanview.com.

      I understand both are free downloads.

  35. rvsueandcrew says:

    Oh, I see that somebody ordered a nightie like the one Judy recommended. I hope you like it as much as we do! 🙂

  36. Chris B says:

    Hi, Sue – We are headed out to Quartzsite soon for our annual trip and I was thinking about you. That’s where we met how many years ago? Then I flagged you down a few years later at Kofa.

    Boy, does time fly! I just hit 6 years of retirement. Knee replacement was a success. Glad I did it. I’m 5 months post op and have a little soreness off and on, but nothing like what it was before surgery. Been riding my bike 3-5 miles about three times a week to keep it “oiled.”

    Your house is coming along very nice. Love your furniture selection. You mentioned adding some succulents. I have lots! I don’t know what your experience is with them, but make sure that you leave plenty of room for growth. Some of them grow way bigger than expected! Also, don’t overbuy. They throw off babies (called pups) and you just stick them in the dirt and they will grow. I have so many propagating in my yard that I wish you were closer because I could probably give you enough to fill up your planter.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chris,

      I was just thinking about you! I know it seems I say that to every blogorino, but it’s true. I was wondering about your knee surgery. I’m glad to hear it was a success and that you’re healing well. That bike exercise is impressive!

      Ok, succulents. I got the idea while browsing a gardening in Arizona book (10 cents from the thrift store). I had disqualified succulents because I had read somewhere that our temps go low enough to scar the plants, even kill them. Then I saw a pic in the gardening book where succulents were planted in pots and then sunk in the garden soil. River rock mulch covered the pot rims. That way the plants could be brought inside when overnight lows threaten. From what you say, I think I’d fill up the house with potted succulents.

      I guess the succulent mamas would have to throw their babies out of the pot!

      Good advice not to overbuy. I have some kind of aloe that pops up everywhere . Hardship, like me stepping on it or freezing temps, seems to make it stronger.

      Yes, time has passed so quickly! I hope y’all have a great time at Quartzsite. Safe travel and good weather . . .

      Gee, it’s great hearing from you again, Chris. Hi and hugs to Clete and Diego.

  37. mary batt says:

    Love the dresser, mirror, canister, and lamp! They were made for each other! Good eye you!
    I look forward to your M. petunia display once they catch on and grow/spread. It happened to us unwittingly! My husband dug up one near an off-ramp near New Orleans-we discovered a great plant. It thrived/spread in our yard. Katrina knocked down a large tree and uprooted the area. One year later, the M. petunias ferociously jumped up and spread into a mini field of purple!! They were tenacious and plentiful and looked beautiful among the other trees and plants! Love those things. In FL we had white, purple and some pink ones going!
    Enjoy your potting time!

    mb Abita Springs, LA

  38. Pierre says:

    Hiya RV Sue,

    Beautiful sunrise photo and like look forward to the bloom.

    Al at the Bayfield Bunch is also having to change his photo editor. The Google online editor is a little too basic. The Flicker one is not bad-but flicker is going to reduce the free photos to 1000 pictures. I don’t know if you post the photos to the blog directly or create an embedded link.
    One of the better editors I’ve heard about it GIMP – it’s available for most operating systems and it’s open source and has been around for a long time (1996) so the likelihood of it staying is high.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Pierre! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge on this subject. I’ll look into GIMP. 🙂

      • Lisa on the White River says:

        Hi Sue,
        Former 30+ years graphic designer here. Gimp is a good free program, but unless you are used to more of a photoshop layout, you will find it difficult to use (IMHO). It can cause endless frustration when you know what you want it to do but can’t figure out how to make it do it! That being said, if you can use the more advanced software, this will be great for what you are doing.

  39. Suzicruzi says:

    Hi Sue,
    I just noticed the header photo of the BLT snuggled in the tall grass. It’s looks quite inviting! I think we’ll be moving there, or there abouts, within the next week, or so. I think I’m getting antsy for a change. I remember you blogging about how you like to move on before you completely wear a place out- one that you’d like to come back to, I mean. I think I know that feeling now. I’d love to come back to this area just outside Ajo, and I don’t want to exhaust my enthusiasm for it.

    In the last week, I’ve done some walking around town and the historic district, photographing the art work; murals, and those spirit statues I see in the front yards of a few homes. Fascinating! I also read a very nice piece about Ajo and the art community here, and how the artists formed a non-profit alliance to revive the Curley school a few years back. I went up to visit the Gallery at the Curley school, and was able to chat with a woman minding the gallery, who filled me in on some of the history of that school, and that it has now become living quarters for some of the town’s Artists. I purchased a small thing there to hang on my Casita wall, exclaiming “Desert Lover- Desert Woman”. It’s a little vignette in an altoid tin. Anyway, I’ve been having fun learning about the history of this area, and the revival of town, or the efforts to try and revive Ajo, by the artist community.

    One day, while out walking “the hoods”, I was invited to “sit awhile” and join a group of retirees who were clustered in a driveway, in a big circle, minding a small garage sale. They had all come from their various homes with their chairs, to enjoy the afternoon sun, on an otherwise chilly day in the shade. Many said they were from Michigan, had come for the Winter over the years, and eventually bought Winter homes here. They were a colorful, and enjoyable group!

    It is clear, but very windy out on the “range” today, so very chilly- my thermometer says 40* outside. With the Wind howling, I haven’t even changed out of my sleeping Warmies yet and it’s nearly 8:00. Usually by now I’d be a mile up the road on my walk. Funny how some mornings I can’t wait to bundle up and get on my walk early, just as the sun is cresting the little ridge, and yet this morning, I can’t be pried from my bed covers and my second cup of coffee. Perhaps when the wind dies down later, I’ll go for my walk. It’s not supposed to get out of the 50’s today, and yet yesterday we were outside in shorts and tee shirts. So it goes… A windy, cold day forces indoor work; puttering, tidying, journaling, and perhaps snacking a bit indulgently! Ha! Maybe I’ll make up a pot of Thai vegetable curry, to put over steaming bowls of rice! Boy, that sounds good on a day like today.

    I’ve been enjoying your puttering with plants, starts, thrift store pots and vases, and that planter shelf. I think the one thing I miss is my gardening work. I lived in a nice condo, with two huge patios, and I had lots and lots of potted things front and back. Inside, on my kitchen sill, I had about 6 or 7 tiny potted succulents in “found” pottery. I brought a couple little ones with me, including 2 air plants, which promptly died because I couldn’t keep them warm enough during our travels to get to where we are now. One thing I’ve managed to keep alive, and I don’t know how, is my mother’s Pele’s Hair, known to some as Spanish Moss. It grows like a weed in Hawaii, and I’ve had it around me all of my life. Anyway, I still have the little piece from Mom’s yard that I’ve been caring for for 9 years now, despite living in the PNW all this time.

    While in Borrego Springs, I bought a small succulent at the farmers market and planted it in a little Mexican pottery dish I found there in town near the Coyote Resale shop. I’ve been decorating the surface of the dirt with pretty rocks and crystals we’ve found along our journey. This is a tiny pot and tiny plant mind you- about the size of a coffee mug. I love clusters of tiny potted things in mix and no-match odd pots, cups and tins. I still have that small Aloe start my brother’s wife gave me from her garden in Havasu when we were through there at Christmas-time. But I’ve yet to find a suitable pot or dish to plant it in! If you remember, a few posts back, I posted about the Greyhound Bus Guy, and the little Mexican pottery mug I bought, with the intention of drilling a hole in the bottom to make a pot out of it. I couldn’t bring myself to drill that sweet little mug, so I am still searching for the perfect little thing to put that Aloe plant in. It has to be small, darling, interesting, and unique. A big order to fill, I know!

    Thanks again for your interesting blog, with all of your varried content, offering all the Blogerinos a place to come and add to your thoughts. I’ve learned much, and been entertained along the way as well. Wishing you, and all another lovely day!

    * I wonder if it’s okay to post a link to a great article, full of nice pictures and interesting history, about Ajo’s Art Community? If so, I’ll come back and post it under this comment.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sure, Suzi! Go ahead and post the link. Thank you for entertaining me this morning.

      One of my dreams for this blog is the creation of a comfortable atmosphere where people tell their own “stories,” as you have and others have done under this post. Interspersed among the stories are the other elements that make this place special: helpful information, interesting tidbits, quick hellos, calls for prayer, chatty interactions, questions posed and answered, blessings reports, handy tips, funny anecdotes, nostalgic memories of days gone by, reactions to photos, cat news, dog news, horse news, glimpses into RV life, boondocking stories/advice, and, of course, daily weather reports among many other topics. 🙂

      All that to say, thank you, Suzi, for adding yourself to my blog!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Suzi, Your life sounds so nice and peaceful. I appreciated your sharing your stories today.

      • Suzi says:

        Apple girl, very sweet of you to comment. Thank you! I’m torn about starting a blog, it’s a big commitment! That’s why I give Sue tons of credit!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Thank you for sharing Suzicruzi! 🙂

      Thank you for your blog, Sue! 🙂

  40. ApplegirlNY says:

    Sue, You can’t imagine how insanely jealous I am of your sunny, warm weather. It was -20 with the wind chill here over the weekend, and we still haven’t broken 10 in actual temp for several days. Today, however, the wind has settled a bit and the sun is shining. I’m sitting by the wood stove and enjoying the dancing flames.

    I do have to head out in a bit for work and then off to the hospital to visit my son. It sure would be easier if the weather were warmer, but it is Upstate NY in January. Been here my entire life, so it’s nothing new…. I don’t know why it stuns me every year!

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