Rockin’ the bargains!

Tuesday, January 15, at home in Arizona

“Gosh, it feels like spring.”

Reggie and Roger race with glee, around the house, across the porch and back again, ’round and ’round they go, while I marvel at our balmy, January weather.

By the time Reg and Rog have had their breakfast and are worn out from playing, I’m dressed and possessing a plan for my day.

I’ll hit the thrift shops, pick up a few groceries, come home, and write a blog post.

(Photo:  Lantana was a victim of recent, freezing, overnight lows.)

I follow the plan until that part about writing a blog post.  

For the first time in several weeks, it’s warm enough for us to enjoy a picnic lunch on the front porch.  I consider working on a blog post.  I consider sitting on the porch reading a book.  While birds sing.  While the faint aroma of pine wafts by . . . .

Okay! The porch wins!

Backing up to earlier this day . . . .

I walk in the thrift shop and, as is my custom, I go directly to the furniture area.  I see a chair, I pick it up, carry it to the cashier, pull a ten-spot from my purse, pay for it, and take it out to the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

No hesitation about this purchase!

At home, after rinsing off the chair with the garden hose, I clean up the metal, folding plant stand that cost $8.

Another thrift shop, another speedy purchase.  

I spy wicker; I spring into action.

Let’s pause for a little background:

I have no interest in rocking chairs.  I don’t want to own one.  Whenever given a choice between a rocker or a stationary chair, I pick the chair that stays put.

Also, sitting next to someone rocking is annoying.

It’s all I can do to keep from bursting out with a sharp “For the love of God, stop that infernal rocking!”

However the loveliness of this rocker wipes that away. 

This is a sweet piece of furniture! 

Then I go around to view the back of it.  At first my heart sinks at the sight of its poor condition.

Looking on the bright side . . . .

Well, I might be able to fix this up.  

Remove all the plastic, fake wicker someone put on the back that the sun has made brittle and broken.  

Use my Makita sander on the runners.

Paint everything white.

Put a nice cushion on the seat . . . .

I sit in the chair and rock.

Hmm . . . Feels solid.  I can see myself sitting in this on the front porch, watching the birds, waving to passers-by . . . .  I wonder what the price is? 

I walk inside and ask the lady in charge.

“We haven’t priced it yet.  Let me go out and see.”

She looks it over and says, “How ’bout three dollars?”

Bwahahahahaha!  Fan-tastic!

“I’ll take it.”

A few minutes later I find a cushion that has that old-lady-with-a-glass-of-raspberry-tea-sittin-in-her-rocker-on-her-front-porch vibe about it.

The cashier lady rings up my purchases.

Holding up the cushion, I say, “Won’t this be great with that wicker rocker?  It’s a bit small, but I like it.”

She agrees.

“How much?” I ask.

“Aw, I dunno.  Take it.  No charge.  You’re one of our best customers.”

Oh, boy!  Another project!

I have a feeling that by the time the chair is spiffy and waits for me on the front porch, I’ll be loving this rocker.

Rock, rock . . . Only three dollars . . . ha! . . . rock, rock . . . Gee, this raspberry tea tastes good . . .



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69 Responses to Rockin’ the bargains!

  1. Susan in Dallas says:


  2. ReneeG from Idaho says:


  3. ReneeG says:

    Well, now that I’ve read the post, I must say that you are now a bona fide rocker! “Stop that rocking”!

    Great deals though!

  4. Susan in Dallas says:

    Wow, that snow didn’t last. That’s the best kind! While I’m not crazy about our Texas heat, it is wonderful to not have that Chicago cold. I see my hometown is due for some rough weather. Hope all the bloggerinos stay safe and warm. Your wicker rocker will be great on your porch.

  5. I’m all jealous lol awesome purchases! Yes the temps are warm omg up. Enjoy.

  6. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    Well I am a bona fide rocker lady 💗 music wise and age wise, I totally LOVE the wicker rocker and cushion! 😂
    We are experiencing our first cold spell here this week. Nights in the high 30’s and days in the high 50’s! I can live with that!
    I love all your thrift shop buys! Very good choices! Also seeing Reggie and Roger frolicking in the sun! They are so rambunctious in cooler weather!
    Keep on having fun out there! We 💗 y’all;

  7. Linda in Minnesota says:

    I try to sit still in rockers but it is very hard to do. I’d probably get repetitive stress syndrome in my knees if I had a rocker. 🙂

    • Geri from the FL panhandle says:

      Oh, by the way, the lantana will come back with the warm weather! Don’t despair and pull it up! Butterflies love it!

  8. Columbus Calvin says:

    It doesn’t feel like spring here in Ohio. I’d hoped winter went away after October and November, but no such luck.

    I like wicker, but I don’t know much about fixing it. That cushion sure goes nice in your rocker, though.

  9. Carlene & Corky says:

    Hi Sue and Guys,
    FYI Bosque del Apache Nat’l Wildlife Refuge, San Antonio New Mexico is open thru 2-4-19, it was chosen 1 of 38 NW Refuges to re-open using some found funding.
    I’m beginning to envy you and your home base. I’ve got 4+ years to go on the road so I’m enjoying watching the fixin’s you are doing.
    Enjoy the warmth, we too are warming up somewhat…

  10. Gene Siesky says:

    Be bold Sue and spray paint that rocker a southwest color like yellow, blue, or raspberry. Maybe do another color on the plant stand and put them both on the front porch as companions.

    • Cynthia in San Clemente says:

      Love this idea – one of the colors in the flowered seat cushion would be perfect!

  11. Diann in MT says:

    Even if you don’t sit in the rocker, it seems like it would make an attractive, inviting piece for your front porch once you restore it. I love the little pad you found for it, and Gene Siesky’s suggestions seem really in line with the rocker’s structure, and YOUR habitat. All Lookin’ Good for ya, Sue!

  12. Laura says:

    Welcome to the joys of homeownership sans schedules-one of the small luxuries of being retired.
    P.S. If your area is like Texas, the lantana will probably come back….even stronger. Love your blog whether you are traveling or thrifting or gardening. For what it’s worth, the front porch should always win!! Happy days to you and the gang.

  13. Linda in NE says:

    Hearing about & seeing your great thrift shop buys makes me wish we had better thrift shops around here. I really like that wicker rocker. Perfect for a porch!

  14. Reine in Princeton, TX (when not camping) says:

    Great rocker. I’m one of those folks that are rocking most of the time except when we’re camping. The rocking camp chairs are too bulky.
    As for the Lantana, just cut the dead part off at the ground and give it a little time. I had it in my flowerbed in Plano for years and it died back every winter and sprouted out in the spring. I’m planning to plant it over our septic tank in our home now because it grows like crazy and will cover the ugly part of the septic system while still allowing easy access to the parts I need to check.
    I’m so glad you’re having fun at your house.

  15. Judy J. in S.C. says:

    You are “rockin'” the bargains, Sue! Love that wicker. You have tempted me back into the world of thrift stores. As soon as we’re over all this sickness, I’m headed out for treasures. Are you thinking of some type evergreens for your fence, Sue? If so, short, tall or possibly mixing? I have a recommendation for blogorinos: I ordered the same nightgown as you, Sue, and just love it. It’s so comfortable and soft. Also launders well.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Judy . . . I hope to plant both evergreen and deciduous trees that do well in Arizona desert at our elevation.

      Thanks for recommending the nightgown and for making the purchase through my blog. I’m glad you like it!

  16. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    You make me laugh because I love rocking chairs and can’t imagine why they would be annoying – unless they are creaking and noisy. Love sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and being “that old lady on the corner” 🙂 Nice that the boys had their zoomies time – isn’t it amazing how a little sunshine can put a zip in your zoom? We’ve had nothing but clouds and rain the last few days but I’ve liked it. I used the time to organize some closets and drawers.

    Lucy’s tremors increased in frequency and duration so our vet (well really, her vet!) suggested that she see a veterinary neurologist since all her blood work looked good. The specialist did an MRI and that looked normal. So now they are thinking maybe it’s just anxiety or ideopathic (meaning, “we have no explanation for what’s causing this) epilepsy. So, we are going to start with a mild anti-anxiety medication and see how that works. Unfortunately, my pet insurance company (Petplan) denied the almost $3,000 claim because she hadn’t had a wellness check in the last year. Who knew you were supposed to take healthy dogs in for wellness checks? I’m pretty angry about it but I guess it’s my bad for not reading the fine print of the policy. Pretty bad for a retired attorney, huh? So if any blogorinos out there have pet insurance, I recommend you read your policies carefully to make sure you don’t encounter a similar situation.

  17. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    You are rockin’
    Rocking chairs are like porch swings…soothing and one doesn’t even realize they are doing it. We have ADK like chairs on our porch in NY and a swing that “Chip” handmade. The swing usually is the first to be occupied..two people and Annie Oakley at the most…and someone always starts rockin it! FOR HOURS!

    Projects… fun! The wire plant holder is cute..for inside or outside?

    Don’t remember it raining so much last year! Glad the freeze is over…Reggie’s coat is so white!

  18. Cat Lady, Baton Rouge, La. says:

    Why not just take your hammer and knock the rocker part off the bottom of the chair? It doesn’t look all that stable anyway so just get rid of it. You’ve found some great deals at the thrift store. I’m proud and happy for you. Hugs to the boys. Take care.

  19. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    I love the bargains you found, especially the rocker! You could go rogue and paint it red or turquoise, which would pop against your white house and black porch railing. Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful. I have visions of the neighborhood busybody making excuses to walk past your home just to see your latest treasures. Yep, I can see you rocking, sipping that tea, while you wave at her with glee. 🙂

    How nice of the shop’s cashier to give you the chair cushion free of charge! Being a regular has its perks! 🙂

    In the first picture, Reggie looks like a little sentry, keeping a close eye on his kingdom. After a quick inspection of the rocker, it is back to the regular scheduled program: wrestle mania. “I gottcha, Roger!” “Not for long, Reggie!” 🙂

    Have a good evening, Sue. Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Grace pup! 🙂

  20. Suzi with her new mug says:

    Hey there Sue – I vote for the plant stand myself. I see it filled up with succulents and other small potted plants. I’m a sucker for groupings of small plants in unique little pots. Which brings me to my story of the Greyhound Bus guy. You see he lives in a 1964 refurbished greyhound bus behind his “junk store”’on the main drag. I went there in search of a small, unique pot to plant my little Aloe plant in. After some lookin’, then chit- chattin’, I settled on a small hand made, Mexican pottery mug. I thought I’d have Larry drill a small hole in the bottom for drainage. It was a darling vessel for my plant.

    I tried to get it cheaper than $5- after all, I was only going to put a hole in it and stick some dirt in it, right? Well, the proprietor made me see my evil ways, when he pointed out the “signature” and artist trademark on the bottom. I felt guilty, so I paid the $5 bucks and off I went. When I showed Larry my new pot, he said, “you seriously want me to drill that?” I said, “yeah, it’s for my plant Dawn gave me.”

    Long story short; we are using it to drink whisky out of before bed. 🤣🤣. I have been shown my evil ways, and convinced that some things are meant to be. What with the hand painted desert design, and darling flower at the bottom of the inside, who on earth could drill it? Thrift finds are truly the best, and until you take them home, you have no idea what will evolve from them. Drinking Whisky from some Mexican hand pained pottery lends, shall I say, a certain flavor to the libation.

    Back to the Greyhound Bus guy; You see he’s been in Ajo a very long time, and was tired of paying rent, not being able to afford to buy his own place. One day along comes a guy from Missouri in a big ol’ Greyhound bus. They become friends, and discuss life as it is in small towns. The Missouri guy decides to buy a house in Ajo, and the junk dealer decides to buy the Bus. The Bus has been refurbished and insulated, so Junk Guy moves said bus behind his junk store, and promptly moves in and calls it home. The bus is hidden behind rows and rows of rusted bed frames- more bed frames than a lumber yard has lumber. I bet these bed frames belong somehow to all the bed springs we’ve come across here off Darby Well Road. Anyway- Greyhound Bus Guy sells me my $5 “Genuine Mexican Pottery Mug”, and here I sit drinking whisky out of it, staring at my Aloe plant wrapped in a damp paper towel, in its zip-lock bag. What’s a girl to do?

    In closing, I want to add, we hiked up to “Cow Plop” rock, better known as Cow Pie Rock, or “Mummy’s head” today., all the while thinking of you Sue, your travels, how we got here in the first place, and how fine cinnamon whisky tastes in genuine Mexican pottery, with a hand painted flower at the bottom staring up at you.

    Life is okay.

    Hugs and ear rubs to my favorite boys,

    Suzi, Larry, and Kitty, on Darby Well Road.

  21. Wendy Hendricks says:

    I read a post on the blog called In My Own Style where she explained another resource for great thrift stores. She said senior citizen apartments have thrift stores in them and are usually open to the public.

    I remember stopping at a sale in my town and they had some good stuff at a good price.

    You can read more in the blog post, it was just a day or so ago.

    Thanks for posting all about your new house news. I enjoy your new hobbies.

    Wendy H

  22. AZ Jim says:

    I always knew Missy rocked! Now we have that confirmed. Best to all…HUG (( ))

  23. Susan in Oregon says:

    It is not a really difficult job to mend that chair. One year while on layoff I took a job with a woman who restored antique wicker furniture. You take a measurement of the width of the flat pieces or the round pieces then order the material from an online source. It goes into a bucket or pan of water to soak until it is pliable. Then use a small brad to secure the end and start wrapping around those legs where there is missing material. Secure the final wrap with another small brad. A few days later after the wicker has dried you can spray paint it.

  24. Susan in Oregon says:

    Rockers are good for strengthening the small core muscles in your pelvis and your lower back as well as stretching your ham strings. There is a reason John F Kennedy used a rocking chair to ease the pain in his lower back. Rock On, it is good for you.

  25. Paula Frazee says:

    Hi Sue! Glad you are enjoying the winter in Arizona. I want to thank you for staying with Amazon instead of going the Patreon route. Another blog that I’ve followed for years just went to Patreon so I can’t see her Facebook posts, and she posts very few videos now. For several years I have alternated buying on Amazon from both of you – guess you get all my Amazon business now! I actually love Amazon because I need a knee replacement and don’t have to get out and go to the store when I order for them. I appreciate the ideas for products for travelling that you and other commenters post.

  26. Jo Rainbirding in AZ says:

    Love this product, it was recommended by my Canadian friend.
    ASIN B073T2ZT9WD, Tenzadll essential oil diffuser humidifier.
    I ordered 1 for my husband for Christmas and accidentally ordered 2. Now we have one in our bedroom and one living area.
    Just what we needed in GV, AZ

  27. Jo Rainbirding in AZ says:

    Hi Sue and crew. I wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your snow pictures and your thrift store finds.
    We also enjoyed the snow in Green Valley on new year morning and again the next morning. So fun to see snow on cactus.
    We have “struck gold” thrift shopping, estate sales and our neighbors sales. We bought an Italian leather couch and love seat for $250. It is gorgeous. We have had a blast furnishing and decorating. We didn’t bring any furniture from Oregon. Trying to keep things simple.

  28. ApplegirlNY says:

    Wicker rockers and porch picnics sure sound like spring to me. I love going along on your hunting expeditions and checking out your finds.

    We’re expecting 18-24 inches this weekend. So far it’s been a pretty open winter, but I think we’re going to catch up with the amount of snow you’ve had very quickly.

    My son gets his first round of skin grafts on Friday. He’s still in pain and the reality of his injury is creating some times of discouragement. He’s generally an easy going and positive person, but this life changing event is taking a toll. Thanks, once again, for continued prayer.

    • Judy J. in S.C. says:

      Praying for comfort and healing in mind and body. Also for you who love hm, Applegirl. Caregivers also hurt. 💕

    • weather says:

      Hi, Annie, I’m sorry the reality of your son’s injury is creating some times of discouragement, and will continue praying for him and your family. I hope someone among those taking care of his medical needs is offering him an encouraging prognosis. My brother had a horrible accident involving his hand a long time ago. Because he would no longer be able to perform the work he was doing when it happened, he was sent through computer programming school. He not only made much more money afterwards, he found he then had a very fulfilling career. That’s just one example of why I know God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      Your family remains in my thoughts and prayers. **hugs**

      Be safe in the snow! 🙂

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Thank you, Everyone. Your words are an encouragement to me.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Severe, unrelenting pain is so hard to endure…still asking GOD to help your son and so sorry for all of you at this time!! Hope you can find some good music maybe for him to listen to…have heard that there is some evidence for harp music also having healing powers to it…and seems to me maybe some of the Psalms put to music from the original writings would be helpful too!! I met a woman once who went many places, even parks, and played her small harp and often people would be healed.

  29. Sharon Coquet says:

    Great job Sue. My whole bed room is wicker and white. It’s old also. Never thought about painting it. Good idea.
    You and your boys r so blessed I’m greatful I get to be fowling you on your blog. Thank u Sue.

  30. Carol says:

    So much fun watching you make your nest so homey!

  31. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! I love the wicker rocker. Unlike you, I do like rocking chairs and I have a few. Some I inherited, some I bought. I even have the rocker that my mom used to rock me when I was a baby. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough space for all my rockers, so most are stored in closets. I’m glad you’re getting warmer, sunny weather. For the most part it’s been cold and dreary here. My new kitties went to get neutered this week. Unfortunately, Kristy wouldn’t stop licking her incision, so she opened it up again. Another trip to the vet and then she got the dreaded cone of shame. Luckily, it was able to come off today. So, alls well that ends well.

  32. Desert Ginger says:

    I would love that rocker in an aqua or some color that will coordinate with the chair pad. It would be a pop of color and probably not show dust as quickly as white. I’m wondering when you are planning to hit the road again. I need some vicarious adventures!
    I signed up to drive Uber and drove 1 day andcame down with a chest infection. Bummer. I’m looking forward to making some money but I have to be able to breathe.
    I’m on antibiotics and steroids now so hopefully in a few days I’ll be back on the road.

    Hope everyone is hale and hearty!

  33. weather says:

    What a great looking rocking chair! I’m glad it’s loveliness convinced you to get it. Porches that have one make a house seem more like a “real home” to me. How nice for you, Reggie and Roger to have had a day that felt like spring in mid-January. I must be fun to see them racing around the outside of your house, and to go shopping while they stay home and rest. After years of full-timing (during which just grocery shopping had to be done quickly while your crew waited in the PTV) I imagine you don’t take for granted the simple luxury of being free to meander a bit to choose small treasures to bring home.

    Yesterday the forecast called for snow squalls they predicted would cause white outs for anyone driving “around lunch time”. I had a dentist appointment at eleven, and a few other essential errands to run. During the three hours I was away from home not a snowflake, as soon as I brought my packages inside it began snowing pretty heavily. I just looked up and smiled as I said “Thank You for the perfect timing!”. It’s sweet to see the wonderful timing of your having your house to furnish and enjoy on this part of your journey through life, Sue.

  34. chas in pa says:

    I finish and sell thrift store stuff as a hobby.Make a few bucks with it.I often find good stuff on Craigslist in the Free Section.Lots of times people cleaning out attics etc will list free stuff on Craigslist.In a rural area Craigslist is not very active so I check out the Craigslist when I am travelling into more populated areas.I have sold free stuff for several hundred dollars over the years.

  35. Nice dealing on the chairs and all at the Thrift store Sue,, Now I have some good Health News for those Blogerooses who wonder how I’m doing, ok, the Thyroid Doctors up at Louisville VAMC had me go to a Dentist in Elizabethtown to have all the bad teeth pulled out, which means I’m toothless now and I just was called by the Thyroid Doctors and told to stop taking the Medicine that the last test was showing that my Thyroid is working the way it should, in other words the test says it is way below normal,, hopefully now my Heart Afib will heal, and I’ve noticed lately it hasn’t skipped a beat or it hasn’t fluttered like it used to,,, Thanks to the VAMC for doing a Great job,,,,

    • Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

      Great news on getting those teeth pulled Rusty. I bet you will feel so much better. I know it was the best thing I did for myself but since I still had all my teeth it was pretty traumatic.

      • The Doctor agreed that my teeth were dumping poison into my body to where my Thyroid was working overtime to fight it and the fellow that pulled out all my teeth said the poison messes with the heart also,, and with them gone, it hasn’t affected my food intake, up to 228 from a year ago at 176,,,

        • Columbus Calvin says:

          I had big problems with my teeth, too. Getting them pulled eliminated a whole category of headaches, improved my sense of taste (which helped with eating), and generally made my life better even before I got a denture.

  36. jazzlover says:

    Sue I keep forgetting to include what I bought from Amazon as presents. They have not needed to be tested yet. Got the AAA 85 piece first aid kit for two young men with their first ever vehicles, Assin Boooslor9k. A couple of Mylar thermal blankets from Swiss Safe, could not find a Assin# for them. a two pack Life Hammer auto escape rescue tool # bookc9highi68 in florescent yellow, and a 2 pack of collapsible Etekcity led camp laterns, no # . All of the above had very good reviews.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, jazzlover, for the product suggestions and for shopping Amazon from my blog. Good morning! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m sorry, jazzlover. I can’t find these. I don’t know which are zeroes and which are the letter o in the ASIN. I tried a few combos with no luck.

      • weather says:

        ASIN for the first aid kit is


        note all those are zeros, not the letter O

        ASIN for the 2 pack of life hammer auto escape tools


        Again, those are zeros, not the letter O

        ASIN for the 2pack of Etekcity collapsible lights


        note the Zeros, not O’s , uppercase i (I) , not the number 1

        ASIN for Swiss safe Mylar thermal blanket


        • rvsueandcreww says:

          Thank you for doing all that work, weather! By the time I got to the end of writing the post, I didn’t have the ambition to figure it out after cutting and pasting the ASINs didn’t work.

          I don’t know what I’m going to do to keep within the rules. People are going to get tired of me begging for recommendations and it is time consuming to set up, as you no doubt are aware.

          Thanks again.

  37. rvsueandcrew says:


    I hope you are well!

    The good things in life pulled me away from this blog the past few days. I’ve read all your comments and appreciate every one of them, as I appreciate every one of YOU. 🙂

    Several of you are experiencing a deep freeze and/or lots of snow so I won’t mention the sunny and warm Sunday enjoyed by the crew and me yesterday. It wouldn’t be nice to talk about spending the entire day outside in temperatures in the mid-70s.

    Seriously . . . . Do stay safe and warm on this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, whether you’re working or have the day off from the job.

    Do continue to remember in your prayers those blogorinos and their families who especially need encouragement and comfort in various difficult situations.

    Dennis and Gilbert are coming to the house today. I’ll try again to put a post together. It will be tough to resist the temptation to fold up the laptop and go outside!

    Love y’all!

    • Columbus Calvin says:

      I follow the weather in Tucson, and you’re somewhere in Southern Arizona. It looks good from here. I’m glad you’re enjoying the good things in life. Do more of that!

      We had cold weather and heavy rain here Saturday, followed by a layer of ice under some inches of snow, then the deep freeze. Some of the folks here complained about not getting half a foot or more of snow, as some models predicted. I never want more snow or any snow. I almost managed to stay indoors for two days in a row, but I’m not cut out for that.

      I’m also following the weather in Pueblo, Colorado, which looks better and better as time goes on.

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