Love transforms

Sunday, April 21

This Easter Sunday I post a story that children may enjoy.  –Sue 

~ ~ ~

“Roger, what on earth do you think you’re doing? . . . 

. . . That toy belongs to Reggie, too.”







“That’s not very nice of you, Roger.”

“You’re burying something that belongs to Reggie, too.  What if he wants to play with it?  He won’t be able to find it if you bury it.”

“Are you listening to me, Roger?”

“Not only that, you’re digging in the flower bed.  You KNOW digging in the flower bed is not allowed. . . well, except for me . . . .”

I suppose it’s hard to know it’s a flower bed when there aren’t any flowers in it.

“Uh-oh.  Here comes Reggie.  He doesn’t look pleased.”

“Aw, that’s better, Roger.  You’re a good boy to share.”

“Reggie loves you and you love Reggie.”

The thing about Roger . . .

You see, he used to be a street dog.  He didn’t have a home.  He had to look out for himself because no one else was doing it.  If he found something good, he either ate it on the spot or buried it so no one else could get it.

He had no one caring for him.  He was on his own.

No regular meals.  No warm bed.  No toys.  No friends.

Not one friend in the whole wide world!

Roger was sad and lonely . . .

Until a little dog with brown spots came along!

The sad dog became happy Roger!

Roger’s new life changes him.  He loves his home, his family, his food, his warm bed, and his toys.  He wants to be a good dog.

Once in a while Roger falls into his old ways.  That’s okay.  We don’t expect him to be perfect.

Who among us is?

“We love you, Roger, and we always will!”

“And that’s a forever promise!”


~ ~ ~


John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

~ ~ ~


 RVSue and her canine crew

~ ~ ~

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55 Responses to Love transforms

  1. Georgina Lentini says:

    Love it! Happy Easter.

  2. Columbus Calvin says:

    Sweet true story.

  3. Pam and Maya in Ajo says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! Happy Easter, Happy Spring to All!

  4. Beth and Rosie dog, Arizona says:

    I liked the first story you told about Roger, well maybe not the first, but the story of how your view of Roger changed. His eyes didn’t look so buggy, or something like that. At first you didn’t like his looks but he won your heart with time. That was my favorite story about Roger!
    Keep up the wonderful writing! There’s many of us Blogorinos that read but don’t post often. Have a wonderful Easter! Thank God, Jesus has risen!

  5. AZ Jim says:

    Missy, That was a sweet little post and a true story. Roger was a very lucky dog that you and Reggie came into his life. Yesterday would have been Detta and my 47th wedding anniversary. Needless to say it was a blue day for me. Have a blessed Easter …Hug

    • Elizabeth says:

      So sorry these hard days must come, Jim…my hubby is going downhill…it is what all of us dread I think!! Sending hugs and hope today is a bit easier for you and hopefully some nice memories will come to you today too!!

    • Cat in KC, MO says:

      AZ Jim, I agree with you totally! A VERY sweet story! 🙂

      You and Detta are so blessed to have been married that many years. 🙂

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Just think of all the wonderful memories you have of your beloved Detta. My DH is in bad health too. We just had our 47th Anniversary last month.

    • weather says:

      Saturday must have been hard for you to get through, Jim, I feel real sympathy, and empathy, for how blue you felt. Most special days like holidays everyone remembers, so on those exchanging phone calls, cards or visits is often a way we can for a time still feel connected to someone, though it’s our spouse we wish were there. Wedding anniversaries are personally important dates, and seldom acknowledged by anyone except the married couple, so it’s one day when we could use a conversation, yet unless we initiate that, it just doesn’t happen, and we can really feel alone, more than we do on just an average day.
      Perhaps it will help you going forward to know that future April twenty firsts will be less heavy on you, it’s those firsts of each special day(Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)that are the hardest ones, with each passing month we do adjust a bit more,you won’t always hurt the way you have been these last several weeks. Saying a prayer for you, and sending a hug, too,

  6. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    A perfect post for a perfect day. Reggie saved Roger. Jesus saves us. Happy Easter my friend.

  7. Have a Blessed Easter 💕✌

  8. Gloria Barr says:

    Happy Easter, Sue and crew! Hey, for digging in the backyard, I have had friends fill a plastic kiddie pool with play sand for the dogs to dig and bury in. No more holes in the backyard or in flower beds. Maybe it’s worth a try for the boys.

  9. Deb D says:

    Happy Easter 🐣 to you .. Reggie and Roger ! Play nice ! Love your beautiful roses..

  10. Geri from the FL panhandle says:

    Happy Easter everybody! Roger is such a perfect part of RVSues crew! So glad you went back for him and things worked out so perfectly!

  11. FloridaScott In Patagonia! says:

    Hi Sue & Crew & Blogorinos,
    Happy Easter! What a cute story and its true. Sue, you have a gift with words. Maybe you should consider writing children’s books based on true tales of Reggie & Roger.

    It has been Beautiful here, a bit Windy the last two days but Gorgeous. Went to the Earth Fest at the Patagonia town Park yesterday. Very nice exhibits, food, vendors and live music. Lots of Fun!

    Be Well & Stay Happy!

  12. Chas from PA says:

    Don’t know why anyone would buy a puppy mill dog.Rescue pups are the best.

  13. Ken (In Queen Creek, AZ) says:

    Happy Easter, Sue and Crew

  14. Millie says:

    Happy Easter Sue and Crew – and of all of you all too!!

    What a sweet tale of Roger, who was lost and has been found. I agree children’s books sound like a real possibility.

  15. Happy Easter RVSue, Reggie and Roger.

  16. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    That was sweet! Fur ever home Reg and Rog!

  17. john says:

    I often use the phrase of a past professor of mine: Perfection is a false god.
    Cheers John (Duluth, MN)

  18. Alice says:

    Happy Easter everyone ! Great picture story.,..they are sweet boys.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Cute story and photos of the pups, Sue!! They really are cute dogs!!

  20. Lauri C. says:

    Oh dang that was adorable!!!

  21. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Love your stories about the Pups…I had printed all of your earlier stories and communications between the Crews to give to my grandnephew for April 11 National Pet Day, today’s blog will be the start of next years…His time is limited on the computer/laptop/ipad/phone; he is to practice reading from the written/printed word out loud so I thought your gift of writing and his love of Reggie and Roger would help him to better develop a lifelong skill at finding enjoyment in anything and everything…He is having fun learning.

    Happy Easter Sue and bolgorinos

    Take Care

  22. Cat in KC, MO says:

    Not a child, but I definitely enjoyed this story!

    All your photos are wonderful, but I really love the one at the end of Reggie and Roger running with their rope, and the last one of Roger! He looks so regal! 🙂

  23. Carolyn H says:

    Happy Easter, Sue!

    • Lee Ann - Oregon Coast says:

      Lovely story… Remembering those days when Roger became a member of your family is heartwarming 💕😍 ! HAPPY EASTER to you Sue, your crew, and the entire blog-family! You are appreciated and, at the risk of sounding sappy, the world is a better place because of all of you!!!

  24. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Love it!!!!! Great story.
    Happy Easter to all the blogerinos and to my Sister Susan and the Crew.

  25. Jan NH says:

    I’ve always loved Roger’s story and even more so when you remember it in such a wonderful way. I just love how Reggie rescued Roger (at least that is what I like to think :)! The three of you are very lucky to have found each other and I truly believe are meant to be!

  26. RachelDLS says:

    Made me cry

  27. Jackie Dolan Beck says:

    Happy Easter RV Sue and canine crew from Jackie and Pepper in NC. Sorry same person just haven’t written in awhile added my new last name since I got married in Dec.. Still plan to travel some a little later having to take care of health issues.
    I am so happy that Roger has a forever home and with a good caregiver and buddy.
    Love what u have been doing with your home. We have been working with my flowers and shrubs and making plans for more beds. The plants have really progressed this year making yard look better. Separated two lg Hosta plants and got over 12 pots plus gave away some.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  28. Kathy says:

    For God so loved the world. What a beautiful story. Thank you for it.

  29. Renee from Idaho says:

    . . . tears . . .

  30. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    That was a sweet story. Reggie, the ambassador, found his best friend and you rescued him. What a beautiful day that was!

  31. Laurie in Eastern NC says:

    That was a lovely story and some great pictures of the crew! Our latest rescue dog did not know how to play, but she is slowly starting to learn! She still doesn’t understand what to do with a dog toy. She loves her bed and cuddles best!

  32. Eileen says:

    Happy Easter, Sue. I love the pics of those sweet little boys.

  33. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Aw, Sue,

    Such a sweet, true story! Made me tear up, thinking again how happy and relieved I was when you went back to get Roger. All three of your lives were forever changed. 💕 🐾🐾

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! xo 🙂

  34. weather says:

    Hi, Sue, sorry for going M.I.A. for a few days, life has been a bit hectic, nothing worth mentioning, just enough going on to keep me away from a keyboard. Both this and the prior post with the sparrow in need of help remind me of Providence having an eye on a sparrow, or on a hungry dog…When you were considering what route to take for your then annual northward trek, just your thinking of Rogerson as a destination was, I believe, inspired, so that Roger, Reggie and you could become the happy, loving family that you are. The whole story of how so many of us have been rescued and rescuers is lovely beyond measure. Your writing about part of it so that even a young child could appreciate it’s sweet happiness was wonderfully done, thank you!

  35. Li says:

    The ears tell their story!
    Happy Easter.

  36. jenny Johnson says:

    What a wonderful story—- I remember when you found Roger in my home state of Idaho — Rogerson I believe —I know Roger is happy you found him also.

  37. ApplegirlNY says:

    Another sweet story from Sue. Love and belonging – nothing is better than that.

    AZ Jim – I have been thinking of you and praying for you. 47 blessed years together. Such a difficult adjustment for you.

    • AZJim says:

      Thank you, AG for your support. It is not easy for an old man whose beloved wife spoiled over their lifetime together but I am trying. I am cooking and can usually enjoy the result of that. Hugs Jim

  38. Harriett says:

    Sue I’ve been following your blog geesh like almost a decade 🐿️

    Anyway we were recently driving our Casita across the country and both tires just decided to delaminate and wires everywhere. Miracle no blow outs but CRANKY GRUMPY hubby started to bark at me for tire info size rating etc. I didn’t turn to Google but right to your blog which instantly gave me the EXACT info to beat him over the head with 😂

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      OH my gawd! I hope you beat it far enough into his head…that it’s like your birthdate or anniversary date…something he’ll never forget!😳

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:


      Thank goodness you both are ok!

  39. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hello, Sue and fellow blogorinos,

    I hope everyone has been enjoying the weekend!

    The other night, we’ll morning actually, 12:15 AM, Gracie pup demanded to go out for a potty break. While we were outside, we heard an animal screaming. Gracie made quick work of her business and we hightailed it back into the house.

    [The day before, my next door neighbor mentioned that he had seen a red fox across the street in our neighbors yard, early in the morning (6:30am)as he was leaving for work. Seeing a nocturnal animal out during daylight hours is usually out of the norm.]

    Just after Gracie and I got back into the house, I heard the chilling scream several more times. This time, just outside my back door. I have to admit, it creeped me out! I did a google search for red fox cries. This is what we heard:

    Early yesterday (Sat) morning, another neighbor 2 doors down, called to let me know that the red fox was sitting in my backyard. The fox then moved to the backyard of the rental house between us. I went upstairs to look out a bedroom window. Come to find out Miss Fox has 4 small, gray babies (kits?)! She is trying to keep them under the rental house’s shed.

    My neighbor was concerned and called animal control. He came out to talk to her and alleviate her fears. He said that mama fox will be hunting mainly at night and will not bother anyone unless she thinks her pups are in danger. Once she has taught them to hunt, she will move her family. My neighbor was hoping that he would capture and relocate them. He advised that all of us with dogs take them out on a leash and do not let them roam free…even if we have a fenced in yard. If one of the pups managed to get into a yard, who knows what mama fox would do to protect her young. He was very surprised that she had such a large litter; two pups are the norm.

    We have several twenty-something folks who have moved into the neighborhood recently. They were not too happy that the fox family would not be relocated. I gently reminded them that up until 15 yrs ago, the area behind our street was not developed….we are encroaching on the animals natural habitat. My yard has a plentiful supply of moles, voles, and field mice. I hope mama fox gets her fill! 🙂

    This morning when we went out for Gracie’s first potty break of the day, I saw mama fox in our backyard. She is a beauty! 🙂

    It never ceases to amaze me that I have had so many wild animals in my yard over the years. As long as they are healthy (we had a rabid grey fox just down the block several years ago), I am happy to provide food, water, and temporary shelter. 💕

    • weather says:

      Oh,Denise,how wonderful for you to have the opportunity to see and care for her and her pups for a while. I pray the little family fares well, without problems for them, you,Gracie or for the rest of the neighborhood. I had a chance once to give an exhausted and dying red fox a safe comfortable place to spend it’s final hours, we’re blessed to see as many creatures as we do.

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Hi, weather,

        It truly is a blessing to be able to help the creatures who give us so much joy. I am glad that you were able to provide comfort for that red fox.

        • Cinandjules says:

          How neat! The yotes up here get very protective of their young! Be careful!

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Will do! Our back door and storm door have quite a loud squeaky creak…even so, I make extra noise and scan the yard before taking Gracie out.

  40. Cinandjules ⚡️💨🌵 says:

    Earthquakes in AZ? huh? Down in your neck of the woods…..3.6 is considered a foot massage in CA.

    Weird weather today. Hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing!

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