What makes a great deal on art? and a note about this blog

Monday, April 29, at home in Arizona

The Best Little Trailer sleeps behind the privacy fence.

Remember the two rain barrels at the back of the house?  I had them installed last summer.  They are proving to be handy.

Like most American neighborhoods, water is available from outdoor spigots and indoor faucets.  (Still a wonder for this former full-time boondocker!)

Since our house doesn’t have its own well, water is purchased. Our usage runs about $25 monthly.

I haven’t taken the time to figure out the cost savings of the rain barrels.  It probably isn’t much.  Undoubtedly the water bill will increase once I add a tree or two, climbing roses, and other young plants that require babying.

(The fence is bare nekkid except for a yucca here and there.  See the stalks from which blossoms will appear?).

~ ~ ~

Thrift store art

Thrift store shopping can provide more than furniture, tee-shirts, and bric-a-brac.  I find it particularly exciting when I find art.  Not just any art, but something that is pleasing and meaningful to me.  A bonus is when it brings into a room the colors I want.

This landscape was my first purchase of art for the house.

Photo is poor due to reflection on the glass causing the muting of colors, the loss of brush detail, and then there’s the light fixture superimposed on it. 

The picture is the perfect size for the mantle at 28″ x 40.”

I loved it the moment I first saw it leaning against a wall in the thrift store.  This was early on, at the beginning of my decorating.  At that time the living room had only a coffee table and a chair, maybe a lamp and end table.  I don’t remember for sure.

Anyway . . .

The sticker price of $30 caused me to balk.  I went home without it.  Physically, that is.  I carried that landscape around in my head for days.

What is it about that picture that draws me to it?  

 Then it hits me . . .

Owens Valley, California!  I saw that scene!  I was there!

Well, maybe not that exact scene, but a very similar one.  I’ll never forget that morning, the way the autumn colors seemed to be lit from within.  Such a peaceful place.  I took several photos, some turning out to be my favorites.  You can see them at this October 2013 post.

Several days pass since I first see the picture.  The Perfect Tow Vehicle carries me back to the thrift store.

Oh, don’t be gone, don’t be gone . . . .

There it is!  Got it!  Yay!

Have you been to Owens Valley?

If you’re a regular snowbird, you’ve probably driven its length numerous times.  For those who haven’t, Route 395, the north-south road on the east side of the Sierra in California, runs through the valley.

( The crew and I camped at the Alabama Hills at Lone Pine a few times.)

~ ~ ~

What have the crew and I been up to these days?

Well, we watch the hummingbirds sucking nectar from the aloe blooms (right, above).

I’m at the Blackstone griddle every day.  Currently on a turkey-burger-with-grilled-onions kick.  Oh gosh, are they good!   I cook a burger patty for Reggie and Roger, too, because I don’t want to share mine.  (They get pieces from a quarter of a patty each.)

Almost every morning . . .

I spray roses with an anti-fungicide mixture of baking soda and dish soap in water.  Spraying both the top and bottom sides of roses is a arduous task for my hands so I don’t do much at a time.

In order to protect all ten rose bushes, I do a little bit each day.  It can be a meditative experience.

Something about roses . . . 

Their need for repeated, tender, close-up care, preferably in the stillness of morning, creates a sweet intimacy.

I have an affection for this yellow rose.  It appeared from the only bud on its entire, sickly bush.

The boys and I visit the porch several times daily from early morning (sunrise) to after sunset. We eat meals out on the porch while birds sing around us.  I’m furnishing it with thrift store items and plants in thrift-store pots.

The frame of the folding chair with flowered cushion (above right) is the exact same green that I painted the wicker rocker.  How fortuitous is that!  A fun discovery (and comfortable to sit in) at six bucks.

Every item in the above photo (excepting the live plants) came from the thrift store, most costing only a few dollars, including the wicker rocker.

Remember the cactus that broke in half?

It’s doing well, as you can see from the next photo.

After the break, I took the top half (See the wound, above left?) and planted it elsewhere.  So far it’s not doing anything — other than recovering from the shock, I suppose.

~ ~ ~

About this blog . . .

Obviously, to anyone who has read my posts of previous years, the focus of my life and subsequently of this blog has changed.  I admit that my interest in writing blog posts has waned.

It’s difficult for me to write, for several reasons I won’t go into now.  This has resulted in gaps of several days.

Emails, phone calls, and comments tell me that my absences cause worry for some.  My repeated assurances that I’m “just taking a break” don’t seem to help much.  Therefore, I’m going to remove the uncertainty by putting this blog on a regular, once-a-week schedule until otherwise noted.

In the meantime you can find (and provide, if so inclined) entertainment and fellowship in the comments section.

I’ll strive to publish a post at some point during the first days of each week.  I’ll shoot for Mondays.

We’ll see how it goes, okay?



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~ ~ ~

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76 Responses to What makes a great deal on art? and a note about this blog

  1. Patricia McClain says:

    Hi Sue! Your flowers are beautiful. Ours are just starting in Mich and now we have snow predicted! Ugh.

  2. Judy in East Texas says:

    H Sue and the crew, as for me and your absences from the blog….I will take anything you have to offer! I have enjoyed your blog since the first of your travels and I’m still enjoying reading about what you and the boys are up to. I may not post much but please know I’m out here and loving it.
    Stay safe out there my friend, Judy

    • pam ridgely says:

      I agree. Even just once a week gives me my dog fix….(we had to put our dogs down 2 months ago and one of them could of been the boys brother) I also love seeing how you are decorating your house. As I said before, it would be interesting to see before and after photos.

  3. Columbus Calvin says:

    The roses are very pretty, but I’d probably succeed more with the cactus.

    If I had that picture, sooner or later I’d have to go back to Owens Valley. Probably I’d keep going after that. Apparently, my spirit never quite gets “settled” in one place even though my life has stayed put for a while now.

  4. Ken Canada says:

    Hi Sue…
    Your flowers are beautiful.
    Should read…
    The snow is almost gone again..
    Spring is coming soon I hope
    Ken Canada

  5. Dave in Missouri says:

    Started to follow you, Because i was learning about Boondocking. Now enjoying the posts, about settling down. Please don’t stop posting. Still enjoy the post’s.

  6. Millie says:

    Sue, Thank you for your thoughtfulness for all of us “worriers”. I am relieved to know that there are folks who are not reliant solely on the blog to reach out to you. Knowing that there are other “connections” in your life…of course there are…is comforting. Neighbors, local friends, your thrift store ladies…people who would wonder if they didn’t see you.

    Life does bring us to varying paths in our journey and the one you are on, at least from your pictures and posts seems to bring you peace and contentment. All those blessings and more to you.

  7. Ken Canada says:

    Hi again Sue…
    It made no sense to me either.
    This IPad does its own thing….it has its own brain …ha

  8. Donna N Girls in Chandler says:

    Hi Sue,
    Talk about fortuitous, I’m heading up to Oregon in July and was thinking 395 would be a fun way to go. Might be a bit warm that time of year, but worth it.

    I’m enjoying your posts of AZ. life and the joys and surprises you’re finding in the best place to live in the U.S..

    I was down in your neck of the woods last week, with the Chandler senior center, on a trip to Kitt Peak national observatory. It’s well worth the visit and I’m thinking of taking in on of the night programs.

    Anyway, you post I’ll read.


  9. Carlene says:

    I totally support you and your new schedule of future postings.
    Life changes, for some change is hard yet it is all inevitable.
    I also love your thrift store finds.

    Happy spring and good luck with the yellow rose bush.

    Carlene and Corky

  10. Reine in Princeton, TX when not camping says:

    We all enjoy hearing from you but we want the blog to be a fun expression of the life you’re enjoying not a “chore”. Hard to believe it’s been 8 years since it started. Enjoy your life and write when you want to. And if your weekly writing is only “I’m fine-chat away” that’s fine too. You’re providing a forum for us blogorinos to visit and that’s enough.

  11. Sounds good to me!

    And everything is looking really lovely….and, I can see why you love that mantle painting!

  12. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! Beautiful roses. I don’t have the patience for plants. The longest term plant I had was a small aloe that I got in college. I managed to not kill it and it grew quite big. I made several more plants with trimings and new shoots from the original. I took one big one to where I worked at the time. I wonder if someone is still taking care of it. When I my cats moved in, they put a stop on the big aloe. Dante knocked that plant over so much (on purpose!) that the root system failed. That was the end of plants for me. I did try my hand at outdoor gardening, but you know how that turned out!

    I’ll miss seeing you around more often, but totally respect the once a week posting schedule. I’m just glad that you’re still posting blogs! It’s starting to make it’s way into summer here, with highs getting into the upper 80s. The temperature isn’t bad, but the humidity is. I’m glad you’re having good weather and can still be out on your porch, enjoying the day, grilling and reading and hanging out with the doggies. Please enjoy your week.

    Oh, I almost forgot! We finally have Tillamook ice cream available. I even saw the Marion Berry one. What does a Marion berry taste like? I’ve never even seen one. It’s half priced at the grocery store this week. I’ll have to make room in the freezer, because I really want to try it.

  13. Terri from NM says:

    Like others, I appreciate reading when you do write. You do write well! You have inspired me to plant roses, also, in our back yard that is currently just bare sand and 3 granite rocks we brought with us from Texas. I have spent the day reading about health insurance (yuck) and took a break to read your blog which takes me away from my worries! Putting the blog on a schedule is a logical, smart way to manage it and insure we don’t worry about you and your pups. Take care, RV Sue, I will be looking forward as usual to your next installment.

  14. A Windle says:

    We have great taste. I have the same solar butterfly in my yard ! Your world looks great, glad your doing well. Love all the flowers and of course the boys. Take care of you.

  15. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love the header photo of Owens Valley. It is just a gorgeous scene. I also like the lavender rose in front of the hiding BLT. Purples are my favorite color.

    Your thrift store painting is a really nice landscape. I have a landscape picture if a lighthouse on a ridge in Maine. The frame is a made of a red barn-type wood. I really enjoy it.

    Posting once a week or month is great. I’m sure it gets as tedious as working from home. I just hope and pray you don’t give up on us completely. Even though you are mostly planted, you are our friend and we enjoy hearing from you, even occasionally.
    As a bunch of us chimed in waaay back, your writing can make household chores amusing.

  16. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Well, that’s too bad, Sue. I sure hope everything is alright.

  17. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue and crew. You, too, BLT! Have been overwhelmed a bit recently as my oldest sister became ill and has wound up in home hospice care. She’s the one who owns a nice summer place up the East Rosebud valley. She’ll probably never return to her cabin because of the darned COPD. During these times, one becomes circumspect about life’s priorities. I respect your choice to take a break from the road and build a new life for yourself and the crew. Continue your priorities as you choose. If you get a blog out once month, fine with me, either way. Peace and calm to you, Sue.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Diann, So sorry to hear about your sister. Take care.

      • Diann in MT says:

        Thank you, ApplgirlNY. You know this is one of the reasons that makes Sue’s blog so important to all of us. Friends we have never met who live miles away share their empathy, experiences and hope.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Diann, I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Remember to take good care of yourself. **hugs**

  18. ApplegirlNY says:

    Sue, Once a week is just great. You’re faithfulness to your blog and all of us is astounding. Life changes, and we must be nimble.

    I’ll continue to check in with you and the other blogorinos, who, through you have been fun to get to know, if even just a bit.

    Blessings to you and the pups!

  19. Linda in Minnesota says:

    I relate to blogging becoming more challenging as nesting takes place. Since I stopped RVing, I try to post at least once a month so the few people still reading mine know I am still alive. At age 72 that is not as much of a given for me as it is for you. 🙂

  20. Ann M says:

    Life is full of change and for you to buy a house was a big change. It’s obvious to anyone who reads your blog posts that you are loving what you’re doing. I am very happy for you, Sue. You and the pups look very happy. Of course, we all want to know how you’re doing so we will enjoy reading any post you want to write. I wish you the best life! Ann M from Virginia

  21. Ann M from Virginia says:

    By the way, when I first opened your post, I thought the opening picture WAS a painting! I’d be tempted to get it enlarged and framed. Ann M

  22. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    A blog post from you is like a visit from a friend….a friend that is pleasant, well written(spoken), and doesn’t always expect something…so I can relate to you taking a break. If I think someone is beginning to expect things and imposing limitsf it gets tiresome, is that your feeling? So sorry!
    I always enjoy reading the other blogorinos comments and hearing what people are up to. I live a very isolated life, lots of outside things I don’t go into, but I feel like this has become a link to outside activities, even if it is spraying roses or shopping for bargains.
    You and your online followers contribute so much to my life personally, and I hope we contribute to your joy too.
    Visit us when you can!

  23. Interesting that you found that painting. When I first saw your new header of Owens Valley 2013 I thought, “What a cool painting that would be!” And then to read you found a painting that reminded you of that place was very cool.

    I hope you are doing OK, please don’t feel pressured to entertain us. We should be grateful to hear from you at all! Please hug the boys from all of us.

  24. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,

    I love your new picture and the story behind you getting it. And your yard and flowers, beautiful!!
    I understand your decision on the blog. I am glad you aren’t totally leaving us, I know I would be sad.

    Our life is getting busier now that the weather is trying to get to spring. Still having some cold days here in Iowa.

    I will be sure to be watching for your email notification of a new blog post each week. Take care of you and the crew.

  25. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    The rain buckets are beneficial as it doesn’t use water that comes from the tap. My guess is that when you plant your trees your bill won’t increase drastically. Most likely charged in thousand gallons increments. Cost more for the “service”. Before we got here, our pool needed to be drained..10K gallons and it was less than 30 dollars.

    The painting was meant to be..how fortunate it was still there when you returned.

    Have you got your griddle attached to the BLT’s propane?

    Now you lookey here….you do what makes YOU happy and don’t you worry about us! It’s not like you’re out in the middle of nowhere and go silent..which by the way gets everyone concerned! Making a schedule is also hard…cuz what happens if you don’t feel like putting together something? Bottom line is..we are passengers who are along for the journey. You are the driver! As always….Rock on Desert Woman!

  26. jenny Johnson says:

    We will still be here whenever you decide to take up pen and write—Love your thrift store decor—-Bless you ad the Pups!!

  27. weather says:

    Naturally, I used the link you provided to read about your morning’s excursion with a happy Spike and Bridget to Owen’s Valley. In that post you said ” It’s impossible for me to be in a place such as this without being filled with gratitude for being alive.” It’s no wonder you love that painting, and it’s still being there when you went back to buy it really was a gift. I have a lot of paintings, and each has a significantly moving memory that I associate with it.

    Your relationships with plants, animals, creation and Creator are so touching, and so you, Sue! In reply to a comment written on that older post you responded by saying you walked in woods as a child and had looked, hoping, for a tree like the one you saw, photographed and blogged about. What a joy it always is to see you have wishes and dreams fulfilled.

    Even now, though this blog has become difficult to write, and your interest in blogging is waning, you took the time and effort to grant your readers’ wish for another RVSue and crew post. You could instead be affectionately admiring a rose, caring for the boys or a sparrow, or whatever you find pleasant and fulfilling. The gratitude I have for all you have done and given me is more than I can express. You needn’t do one more single thing to make that gratitude, or my profound affection for you, permanent. If, and when, you choose to write and publish a post,it will be gladly received. During your absence, however long that may be, I will pray and trust that all’s well in your world.

  28. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Your header photo could be a painting! It has a sense of impressionist softness or quiet beauty. Glad that the painting was waiting for you – it was meant to be. 🙂

    The loving care that you are giving the roses will make the blooms that much sweeter. Have fun tending your garden. 🙂

    We are happy to see a new post if and when you feel up to putting it together. Your work is appreciated. So, please do what makes YOU happy.
    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! And a special hello for the BLT! She looks so sweet tucked in her special spot in the yard. 🙂

  29. Peggy says:

    I rarely post but I always read whatever you write and find it all of interest! I’m enjoying reading about you and the crew making a new home and if you never travel again, it’s okay and only your business! If you decide to quit blogging, I’ll miss your updates but again, it’s your business and your choice only. Take care and enjoy each day. Give the pups a hug for me too please.

  30. Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in Florida says:

    As always, I wish you nothing but the best. Actually I admire (A LOT) the ways you have found to live life according to your own choices. I know I would miss you if you stopped, but I would be upset if you posted because you feel pressured to do so. The best part(s) of your blog Sue are the community that has formed around you. You have found a way to live on your own, and yet not be isolated, even though none of us may ever meet in person. Thanks for the gift(s) you are and have given to all of us.

  31. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Love your “Now you lookey here” and your “Rock on Desert Woman” well written paragraph!

    • d says:

      I thought I placed this under Cinandjules; had trouble with the posting so am glad that it was enter somewhere. LOL

  32. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Sue, so happy to see another post from you. I enjoy your pictures and stories of each picture. Your blog has been such a blessing for us all. I can count on one hand the number of letters I have written over the years. Your blog is like a loving letter to us all. You have said many times you enjoy reading our comments, I expect you will continue to write posts, but it is okay if we only receive a post two or three times a month. Thanks again, Keep on Keeping on.

  33. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Hi Sue: I just cannot get over how pretty your yard looks! The roses are spectacular – I know how much work they take to keep them healthy and pretty. Just like this blog – it takes a lot of work to keep it interesting and filled with beautiful photos on a daily or semi-daily basis. Something you enjoy can begin to feel like a burden when you feel like you’re on a “production schedule.” You have to do what is right for your life and happiness, especially since you have been giving us all this entertainment for free! If I never heard another word from you I would be grateful for the interesting stories, the words of wisdom, the laughs, and the wonderful animal, landscape and crew photos you have shared with us over the years. (But I would miss you and the boys and the community you have nurtured here!)

    We have been up and down the 395 from Southern Cal to Mammoth Lakes many times and camped in the Owens Valley and up in Rock Creek near Bishop. It is an area with so much variety – the high desert valley, alpine meadows, the majesty of Mount Everest, the Minarets and the White mountains, the weirdness of Mono Lake – some of my favorite spots on earth. Your painting captures some of the scenery well – it was a great find!

  34. Rob says:

    A blog is either a job or it’s for enjoyment… that’s my feeling on it. If once a week makes you happy then you have it just right!

    As part of your audience I’ll do my part and be here! Enjoy your life RvSue.

  35. Cheryl Tucker says:

    Amen to all of the comments above me! Well said, Blogarinos! Beautiful words for a beautiful woman. Do what you gotta do to make you, Sue, & the Crew happy! Sincerely and from the heart of one who respects you…temporarily in Columbus, GA. Hot & HUMID, but beats what we left in MI on Sunday, low of fifty degrees w/possibly more snow in the forecast. Thinking about NOT coming back to MI…but, not possible, yet! Hey Reggie & Roger…my little guy, Joe says, “Woof! Woof!!”

  36. Nila says:

    I love that painting! I’m so glad it was there for you when you went back.

    For your hands, and the roses, may I recommend a pump sprayer? I have this one.

    Nila… I removed your link to replace it with one of my affiliate links. This model is the same as the one you suggest except that for a few dollars more it has an extension wand.

    Solo Hand Sprayer

    It’s so much easier for my hands than the kind that you squeeze. The pumping and the trigger are both very, very easy. And it has a little switch you can click to make the spray continuous, so you don’t even have to hold the trigger.

    If your hands are one of the things that make blogging difficult, have you tried dictation on the computer? I use it all the time. I’m using it to write this post 🙂

    I don’t mean to pressure you. I certainly agree that you don’t owe us anything! I just want to help.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks a bunch, Nila! I’ve been wanting a hand sprayer! I ordered one. 🙂

      BTW, my reason for not blogging more often has nothing to do with any physical infirmity. I didn’t mean to be mysterious; I apologize for not writing more clearly.

  37. Desert Ginger says:

    Well I’m kind of out of the loop. I am gathering from the comments that you have decided to tAke a break from traveling and do more nesting. I’m glad all is going well in your new home. And a weekly schedule is fine! We’ll be here somewhere!

    I don’t have much to report. Went thru a long sick spell and happy to be getting better. Driving Uber for extra money. Planning a trip to Seattle are in August for my neice’s wedding. That’s most of my news.

    I’ll be looking for your post notifications. Have fun with your decorating!

  38. Eileen says:

    Enjoyed your beautiful pics, as always. I imagine a blog can be a considerable commitment. You’re wise to pace yourself with any activities, including the blog, as needed.

  39. Steve says:

    Being a blogger from home I can understand how hard it is at times. Especially once the weather is nice. I like reading about what you are doing which is kind of a “Catch-22” for me because it shows why my readers want me to write and not just show photos of my hounds. In addition to that, it is hard to find things to write about in a ‘normal’ day compared to when you were traveling.

    I will still read your blog whether it’s once per week, a month or a year. Enjoy each day as a “homesteader” … 🙂

  40. Hi Sue and all, happy belated Resurrection Day,, sorry we been gone awhile , been going to the Louaville VAMC a lot lately and they think that I may have Cancer in one of my lungs, last December scan showed nothing but in February after the truck fell on me and broke my ribs they saw a 1 cm black spot in my upper right lung, I’ve been getting all kinds of scans and the last on this past month was a Pet/Ct with Radiation to see my whole Torso, but a good friend of mine from Parker, AZ, has sent me a lot of leaf of the Creosote Bush and I’ve been drinking the tea a lot and been coughing up clear mucus with black specs in it and no blood, I was weizing beforehand and was losing my breath, but now since drinking the tea I’m not, yes my garden is doing Great and I have a herb garden too, so my food is spiced up every evening and my chew is now Minty,,,, have a Pleasant week to all,,,, Piper says hi too!

    • Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in Florida says:

      Hi Rusty,
      So sorry to hear that you have been sick. Thank God for the good care of the VA (I hope that the care is good). I have a very good friend who cured himself from four serious (stage 4) cancers. He did it with dietary and lifestyle changes. I don’t remember them all, but you might want to look up eliminating sugar, stress, and eating an alkaline diet. I am saying all of these suggestions with a desire to be helpful. Please take it as such, you know best how to care for yourself. I wish you health and God Bless.

      • Thank you, I truly appreciate your points, I don’t really worry bout it, I leave that to God, cause he’s bigger and the Doctors and I just think for a minute that if it’s time for me to go Home on the next Cloud passing by, then so be it, what can I do to stop His Plan for me, nothing, I’m not afraid and I’ll be in a better place waiting for the rest to join us up there and then we can have a party with old friends and family and sing joyfully, thank you for your blessings and bless you and yours 👣👣🐾

  41. Pam says:

    Hi Sue,

    Have loved following you and your travels and the way you tell a story. I feel like I am there!
    Your boys are my favorite. They r adorable!
    Love what you have done with your home and those roses are amazing you have done a great job you really love your yard and your thrift store shopping skills are really great.
    Of all the places you have gone this home in Arizona, do you feel it will be long term or is that boondock er in you think you will end up on the road again some day?
    I’m in California and home prices, taxes and too many people are getting me to think of checking Arizona out. I have many friends who have moved either there or Oregon.
    Thank you for sharing your world and whatever time you put in to write more of your story I will follow!
    Have a most awesome day to you and your sweet boysPam

  42. Your roses are awesome! Enjoy your house, folks get busy, It’s what we do.

  43. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    I love this post!!! I thought I had posted a comment but I guess not….senior citizen moment I guess. Your flowers are beautiful!!! Your porch looks so inviting…I can imagine you enjoy sitting there surveying the plants, birds and of course Roger and Reggie playing. I am so happy for you!!!!!

    When we lived in Florida, I had 125 rose bushes. Our church had a hospital ministry and some of us ladies would visit Tampa General and give a rose in a vase to each patient. It was a job keeping them pruned, sprayed and watered but I remember how I got to know each plant. If I remember correctly, I had very few duplicates so I learned every plants “name” . LOL

    Sending Lots of Love and Big Hugs!!!

  44. Carrie says:

    RVSue, I check in once in a while though I haven’t replied in quite some time.
    I have hoped for you to have time for YOU without any obligations.
    You’re amazing! Once a week is very kind!
    Sending Love

  45. Elizabeth says:

    Well, friends, life has become yet more complicated here…but to be expected as we age. I guess. Hubby seems to have adult onset Hydrocephalus so we are waiting on and MRI as well as getting into seeing the neurologist. Which could yet be till the end of July, if the doc office cannot get it speeded up.

    He is doing some better than last weekend when he collapsed and we were in the ER. So I am hopeful. But this means, our current place without a walkin shower is not ok…so we have to move…found an expensive 55+ place. But that will at least help with some issues of safety. I feel like Tevye on Fiddler on the Roof when his horse was lame…if you have seen that play/movie.

    But I am thinking better and less stressed than I was…plus preceeding last Friday was a week of fighting with the insurance over my main (expensive) blood pressure meds…I guess that might be one way our lovely country gets folks to die quicker…if they have those issues, lets find ways to stress them to death first!! But I got approval for more meds. So ok for now. If I have to keep this pace up, maybe I will be able to get off the meds…my blood pressure and my blood sugars have gone way down this past week. Nothing like not having the time or appetite to eat much maybe…ha…at least one good thing. Oh what a blessing it would be to be OFF all meds…and not have to deal with the insurance company!!! Well, never hurts to hope anyway… I was never interested in the least in medical things…but I should have become a nurse anyway…heh, at least there would be pay involved eh??

    • weather says:

      Left you a reply, dear, somehow it appeared below here as a comment.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Elizabeth, so sorry you are going through this difficult time. It sounds like you are an excellent advocate for both you and your husband. Prayers and blessings. Take care of yourself.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      My reply is below, too.

  46. AZ Jim says:

    Hi missy and friends. I’m doin ok and it appears you and your fur babies are too. I can’t get over how lucky R&R were to have landed in your loving hands. I can’t help noting that you were equally lucky as well. I really enjoy reading about the happenings at your little home in the desert. Keep it coming…*HUG

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Jim!

      Glad to hear that you are doing ok. One day at a time. Sending you a **hug**.

  47. weather says:

    Hi,Elizabeth, I pray you and hubby find the treatments, care and healing that you need. There is an information and support association called Hydrocephalus Association, easily found by a web search, address http://www.hydroassoc.org , that may help you learn and cope. Sending you hugs and sympathy.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much, Weather…day by day…He is some better. I got him back on some of his meds, for a different problem…and he is doing better and some stronger now…we wonder if inadvertently those meds were helping the hydrocephalus unknowingly? Waiting on the MRI, hopefully this week. Also, doing what we can to prepare to move… prayers are indeed appreciated!

  48. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Elizabeth,

    I am so sorry to hear of the added stress of dealing with your husband’s illness and the insurance company. Please know that many of us are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Do please remember to eat and take care of yourself, too. Your husband is very fortunate that he has you to advocate for him. Sending you caring, loving thoughts and a **hug**.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much, Denise!! I so appreciate the prayers and good wishes…I am sure it is helping too!! I feel better than I did last weekend. My daughter here had to help me figure out some immediate things to do to keep hubby safer in the tub etc…I just could not think right…I was downright scared. I guess most of us are in such situations!! So grateful for the kind folks on this blog…like YOU!!!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        **Sending you EXTRA hugs, Elizabeth**

        So glad that your daughter is able to help you.

  49. mary batt says:

    Hi Sue and Crew!
    I love your blog! I never followed a blog before yours! And yours is the only one I follow! (admitting that I have not looked for any others)
    I do not like to be tethered to expectations, so I do relate to what I ‘hear’ from some of your blogging.
    Schedule?? SCHEDULE??!!! If I may, write as you always have…when you feel moved to! I will keep reading you…when I feel moved to!
    For the worriers out there, “let it be”!
    FYI others…from a yogi…expectations produce anxiety…and I found when I drop little or big expectations, anxiety goes down. And am still trying to remember that this works! Yep! ‘a work in progress’!
    Sue, you are a delightful writer in words, flow, pix, subject, etc. When I read your posts, I feel like I do when I am watching “The Andy Griffith Show”: interested, with inside and outside smiles, entertained, sympathetic, happy, gaining perspective, inspired, and always learning. (More…but that’s enough!)
    In the mix of life, I’ll check in with you to see if you have checked in…and I will continue to order thru your blog when I am shopping Amazon. Ordering 2 rain barrels is on one of my many back burners.
    Life is a mix; you and crew are a very nice component. And your bloggers are caring and sharing-so thank you bloggers!!

    mb in Abita

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