Releasing the dream

Wednesday, October 24

Those of you who have read my blog for any length of time know I’m all for following one’s dream.  As recently as the previous post, I referred to the Perfect Tow Vehicle as “my dream-catcher.”

Ah, yes.  My dream.  

Wide-open spaces.  Nature.  Solitude.  Peace.

The dream that started it all:

Retirement.  A 17-foot travel trailer.   A van with which to pull it and carry supplies and equipment.  A stack of road atlases to help me find free, public land in the western states.   Me and my canine crew traveling and living on the road.

Life untethered.


Fast forward . . .

Another dream appears.

Silently, as if a dream . . .

A dream of two sisters enjoying a harmonious companionship while sharing a home and their daily lives. In hindsight that dream was improbable — actually, downright ridiculous.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, and I went ahead with it anyway.

The dream wasn’t based in reality.  

“Caw!  Caw!”

Those sisters in my dream were imagined sisters.

They’re not who we are.

We’re going in different directions.

When it becomes undeniably obvious that the dream is a leaf in the wind, a puff of smoke, a figment of imagination, a (insert your own cliche here) . . . .

My sister and her cute little dog went elsewhere (her business, not ours).  Reggie, Roger, and I remain at the house.

That’s our present reality.

~ ~ ~

“Where’s the silver lining, RVSue?”

“Surely you can find some good in all this, RVSue.”

We will see clearly.

Yes, I can and I did.

It comes to me one balmy, breezy day after being outside filling the bird feeders.  I open the door, step inside, and instantaneously make an announcement.

You know how you say words out loud without thinking first?

A revelation springs from an inner source and shoots straight to the vocal chords.

 Like gulls?  (I resent that.)

The sleepy neurotransmitters in the brain, those assigned the task of processing and emitting thought messages, are caught snoozing, I guess.

I gotta’ say though . . .

Absentmindedness does have its good points.

“Not absentminded.  What you see here is focus, people.”

I step into the house and the words pop out.  

“Gosh, I love this place!  I truly do love this place!”

“Aww . . . It’s about time you got it, RVSue.”

Gratitude overwhelms.

Thank you, God, for the blessing of this home.  The boys and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the dream.

“Hmm . . . interesting connection, RVSue.” 

I ask, as one does:  

“Was that You, God?”   

The truth is I never would’ve bought this property without the prompting of the “sisters dream.”

“Such a crazy idea in your head.  And they call ME a turkey.”

I wouldn’t have given two seconds of consideration for this house.

Guidance.  Without guidance we don’t know which way to go. 

Gee . . . The house is more than Reg, Rog, and I need.

Gosh . . . The yard and the house are too much for a “mature lady” to maintain.

Besides . . . The property requires too much mortgage for me to carry.

Mortgage?  What’s that?”

No, not practical.  It’s too much in every way . . . .

Well, that’s what I would’ve thought.

If it hadn’t been for “the dream” leading me forward.

Prepared to jump over any obstacle . . .

As it turns out, this place isn’t too much.

“What’s that, you say?”

It isn’t too much.

I’ll maintain it.  I’ll handle the mortgage.  My boys and I can be happy here.

No, it isn’t too much.

Not at all.

It’s a cup overflowing.


~ ~ ~


I shared more in this post than I really wanted   All the encouragement, enthusiasm, and support sent to us by blogorinos (for which I am most appreciative) obliges me to explain why the dream crashed and burned.

However, there are privacy issues that must be considered.  For that important reason, I’m not going into any more detail.   Not in the post and not in comments.

No questions please.  Don’t even bring it up.  No “I’m so sorry” or “I knew it wouldn’t work.”  Nothing relating to shared households, two women in a kitchen, blah-blah, none of it.


Here’s why:  My experience in blogging is that the most innocent, kind, innocuous comment signals others that the topic is open.  A thread begins and a discussion ensues. Inferences are made and there we go, off the rails.

Which means I’m unable to sleep.  I get up throughout the night to monitor comments and delete or edit those that go too far. The last time that happened I decided I’m not going to go through that ever again.

I assure those who care:  Yes, I was sad and disappointed for a while.  That is over.  I’m happy, and Reg and Rog are happy, too.

Suggestion:  What is YOUR dream?  Do you plan to travel in an RV someday?  Are you already “living on the road?”

Please feel free to introduce other topics, as you wish.  Thank you! — Sue

~ ~ ~

“Flock together in harmony, alight in unison, float together in peace.” — Egret Community, February 17, 2016.


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222 Responses to Releasing the dream

    • rvsueandcrew says:


    • Marlene says:

      Hi rvsue, This is a first for me, I don’t usually write onthe internet blogs, but you have really struck a nerve with me as I am 71, female and trying to get rid of this townhouse in Idaho so I can buy a Casita and travel down to Az. and see my sister in the winter as well as a lot of places I have not seen in that state. I have lived in Benson, and Tucson when I was a kid in high school and in Yuma about 25 years ago, gosh how time flies. My husband passed away in Yuma so I left as it was not for me in the summer. I think winters at Quartsite , or thereabouts would be great.
      I just love your blogs and have started at the very beginning and am working my way through. I wound up here in Boise Id. because my kids and mom kept begging me to move closer, well, 12 years later, mom has passed and son moved to N. Idaho, daughter left for Tn. So here I am , trying to unload stuff and get a place ready to sell. I enjoy your upbeat attitude, and yes, I know some days are better than others, so here’s to good days, may they out weigh the bad. See ya…maybe camping somewhere inthe desert. Marlene

  1. Lauri C says:


  2. Okay, now that I’ve read it all, I do have one “real” comment — I’ve often been struck by how things worked out so well by “beginning” with reasons that didn’t end up “sticking” and I’ve come to think of that as serendipity. Life sometimes appears to lead us in one direction, and then even though things change, we realize how glad we are to be where we are and — just as you say — wouldn’t have ended up there otherwise. So great that you and your boys are happy where you are! I’ve enjoyed reading about all the process and look forward to reading more of your new adventures in your new home!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Much truth in your comment, Arden!

      Note to blogorinos: Your comment may not appear right away due to increased activity shortly after a post appears. You probably do not need to try more than once.

      I’m backing off replying to comments. This post wore me out!

      Bye for now,

  3. Terri says:

    I will just say, I’m happy that you are happy. And the guys, of course.

    You know, dreams change over time. That’s what my blog is about, and I’m still figuring out what my dreams are. Do I want a tiny house? Or to have a van that’s all decked out for me and my animals? Time will tell.

    Thank you for sharing, Sue, and I wish you all the best. I don’t always have a chance to comment, but I wanted to say the photos in this post are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for inspiring the dreams of many over the years.

  4. Jan Johnson says:

    Such great wildlife photos today! I envy all the freedom you’ve had and places you’ve seen. I have dreamed of that when my kids finish college, but it may never be possible for me due to worsening health. But living vicariously through others helps! I love to read, and I love fiction, but through the years I have so enjoyed being part of your REAL unfolding story of life on the road.

  5. Lauri C says:

    My gawd you sure kept us distracted with these incredible images!!! To a beautiful world out there!

    Well, you have an awesomely decorated house now!!! That, too, could not have been accomplished without a dream!!

    I do hope there will be plans of travel here & there….

    I must sit on my fingers now!

    You ARE blessed!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes I am, Lauri!

      Dropping in with a correction:

      The furnishings are not mine. I’m starting from scratch. I’m doing a lot of shopping at resale stores and thrift shops, already scored a nice bed for 80 bucks!


      • Kathie says:

        Nothing like finding treasures at thrift stores. Both the finding and the looking. And your nature pictures…incredible!

  6. Sandy in TX says:

    Most dreams are fluid, ever changing and thank goodness for that! Imagine if my dreams when I was 20 were still my dreams today at 50 – yuck! I will continue to look forward to those emails from you (you send those to me personally, right? :}) showing up in my Inbox where I will quickly click and follow RVSue and Her Canine Crew’s ongoing adventures – whether they be stationary or mobile! Ramble On!!

  7. Terry says:

    I see the elephant.
    My dream is to get in my cargo van which I bought one year ago this month and go. Even if I don’t do things perfectly, even if I fail (perceived failure is short sighted), I pray for the courage to do what I dream. (Like Sue)

    • ReneeG from Idaho says:

      Terry, My husband always asks, “How do you eat an elephant?” and his answer, “one bite at a time and you start at the tail end so you’re not left with a bad taste in your mouth.” In other words, get the worst over with first!

      • Terry says:

        ReneeG. Wise words. The elephant is in the room; we can’t not see it if we are honest. For me it changes nothing…dreams and the courage to go forward. Sue, you and these blogarenos give me courage.

      • Sharon says:

        I use the elephant question to my self all the time. Keeps me from freaking out over “needing to do this now” stuff.

  8. Dawn in NC says:

    I too, dream of a life on the road. I despair that I will ever get there. I’m trying to be more content in the now. A few years ago, I desperately wanted to get rid of my townhouse and move into a tiny house. I thought that it would help by a) spending less money and 2) having to pair down things. I was unable to achieve that dream. However, I am now content with my townhouse. I’m half way through paying my mortgage. So, I’ll always have somewhere to live where the payments are modest. That’s the drawback with the purchase of a tiny house. Many of them cost the same as my townhouse, but only depreciate in value. I don’t know if I will ever be able to get on the road. I’m hoping that I’ll be healthy enough to do so when I retire. I’ll probably have to settle for van camping. I’m OK with that, if I keep my townhouse as a home base.

    In happier, or more disturbing (depends how you look at it) , news, I’m considering adopting my two foster kitties. I think I need my head examined as I already have two older cats, one of which, I don’t know if she’ll ever accept more cats. Yes, I need my head examined! However, one of my older cats was only given 6 months-2 years to live due to kidney disease. It’s already been a year. So, I’m considering this as well. The nice thing is that she will get along with other cats.

    • Becky in TX says:

      I’m a ‘cat person’, Dawn! I take the tiniest orphaned babies and bottle-feed them, nurse them back to health socialize them, … and shed sad tears of happiness when the get adopted! My vet bills are sometimes out-of-sight, but that cute bouncing kitten is ALIVE!
      If I were more ‘techie’, and if it were possible, I would try to post their picture. They own my heart! Love those sweet kitties!!

      • Dawn in NC says:

        Hey Becky! You have my deepest admiration. The hardest part for me is getting them adopted! I am working with a small group of people that spun off from a bigger, now defunct rescue group. The problem is they are too low key. I don’t think that they even have an internet site. They’ve not take pictures of the kittens for posting. I’ve had the kittens at least six weeks, but they have yet to take the to an adoption fair. It’s frustrating on my part. As the longer I have them, the more attached I get. They have some of the adoption center space in PetSmart, but I haven’t been given the opportunity to take my little ones there.

        • Dawn in NC says:

          On a totally different note, one way that I surprised myself was by becoming a cat lady! Before 18 years ago, I didn’t much care for cats and wondered why people would have them for pets. Then, my dog died and the pregnant neighboorhood cat moved in. The rest is history!

          • Pat says:

            When my MIL passed, she left a little black stray cat, Blackjack, without anyone to feed him. She was about half feral but we think she had been a housecat. When she first showed up, my MIL said she would try to come in the house, but there was a grumpy very old boy cat that wouldn’t let her. After he died, she was too leery to come in. A friend of mine was willing to take her as a barn cat, so we caught her and I brought her home. Then I thought of her in a barn expected to catch mice to support herself annnnd she is still here. She and my calico are about done with t
            he hisses, and I am hoping they get at least tolerant of each other.

  9. Susan in Dallas says:

    Stunning animal photos and they added so much to your post. I did keep looking for some cows and was wondering if there are any you encounter in your new location? A friend posted something online with chickens looking in a door and I have to admit it was just as funny as the bovines. I just find animal curiosity enormously cute.

  10. Terri in Tx., for now says:

    Be happy, Rv Sue! Looking forward to more of your stories, whether you are traveling or stationary!

    As for dreams- We will be moving to NM soon. My sister and husband are building a house right next to ours! This is a dream of mine that my sister and I can be close as long as possible, but still be separate. We are SO different, but have always been close, even when far away from each other. I know it probably won’t last forever but I am willing to take what I can get. That said, I have been going thru some depression about leaving our present home. Wheeling it had some really good advice about being depressed when change comes and I am following that advice! Dreams are good because they cause change and if you don’t like it, you can change that! Take care!

  11. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love these beautiful photos of all the wildlife from your traveling journey. The animals are amazing. I hope your dreams continue far into the future.
    As you know my dreams are on hold these days, but still plan to travel one day. As I get older though my means of traveling keep changing. Since I am now 71, I am leaning more toward a self contained van type vehicle. I kind of feel like my driving skills are changing as well. That could be from developing cataracts and depth perception, we’ll see.

    • Jerry says:

      Don’t be too discouraged about cataracts. I had my eyes fixed a couple years ago through Medicare and at a cost of around seven hundred my cost. So it’s doable. So please keep the dream.


    • Don in Okla. says:

      Just got mine done and after wearing pop bottle bottoms for specs for 58 years, the difference is amazing and astounding!!! Get your eyes checked and see if it is cataracts. The procedure takes maybe 15 minutes and you can drive the next day!!

  12. Pam and Maya in Tucson says:

    Hi Sue and Crew! Wow, fantastic photos! For now I’m living my dream to travel in my little Coleman trailer around the west. It’s been derailed several times but I managed to pull it back together. My family often asks me how long I’m going to travel and the honest answer is that I don’t know. Until I get sick of it or another dream takes its place.
    Sue, You have been a great inspiration in making my dream come true. I thank you for that.

    • Mary Batt says:

      Hey Pam and Maya inTucson

      You made me laff……someone ‘asking how long are you going to travel is like someone asking how long are you going to keep reading books!!! Could you ever be “finished”?? How can you NOT do what is so intriguing? They are both journeys and something around the next curve is so….well…Yeah! Not everyone likes to travel or read tho I suppose!

  13. Elaine Magliacane says:

    Some where over the rainbow, blue birds fly, and the dreams that you dream of do come true…. but on this side of the rainbow dreams may come true or may change… so glad you’re happy where you are.

  14. You’ve definitely got the right attitude, Sue! My dream is still to build a tiny (well, actually a “micro” house at only 85 sq. ft.) house on my AZ property. It’s progressing like a glacier….way too slowly. But at age 70 it’s much harder than I remembered. Things hurt and there’s that fear of falling that didn’t exist back when I was building houses in my 30’s. And I’m trying to do it on a budget of $150-200 a month, sometimes less. But it’s still my dream and I think it will eventually be my reality!!

    • Dawn in NC says:

      85 sq ft! Wow! that is micro! You can do it! What a great place for a home base to have when you get finished! It’s gonna by a breeze to clean!

    • Dawn in Michigand says:

      I hope we see pictures some day Janis!

    • Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

      Have you considered building a straw bale house? You could hold a workshop on your property and possibly get your house built for you. Google it and good luck

  15. Terri in Tx. says:

    Forgot to say WOW about the photos!!

  16. OK, so here’s what happened with your dreams, at least now:

    For years, we thought traveling the U.S. in a motorhome or trailer would be our retirement life. We tried a few years ago and we both got ill and had to come home. Then we bought our Arizona condo and spent two winters in Green Valley. We loved it and aren’t sorry we did it but decided to sell and remain in our Oregon home for the winter, and we are fine with that decision (and our newly installed gas fire stove has been an immense help with comfort).

    We still think about traveling the U.S. but it keeps getting further and further away from reality as we are getting to the point where we don’t like to even drive on the road that much. We keep talking about doing something this spring, even if it’s to hitch up the trailer and head south to see how far we go, but we shall see. There are other variables that keep us from fully committing ourselves to the journey. Lately, we have said that if the trailer makes it no farther than Lake Tahoe, well, so be it.

    Sometimes it breaks my heart as it has a personal dream since I was 18 and sometimes think there are places I will never see. When I whined to a wise friend about still not deciding what we should be doing in our retirement, she replied, “Well, I think you are doing it!”

    In the meantime, I’ll keep reading and reporting on books. I can’t wait to write my next blog post as I think many of you will find the books as fascinating as I did.

    Thanks for listening. This kind of helped me get it off my chest.

    • lynn from Oregon says:

      Robin, your comment touched my heart. We, too, had dreams of being on the road, experiencing freedom, seeing the country. And then, just as we were abut to launch outward, we had twin grandchildren, born to people far too busy (it’s complicated) to parent them. So we stepped in to help. And then we fell in love with them. And here we still are, a little wistful, trailer mostly parked in the driveway, and many, many days and nights of ‘sleepovers’ with the twins (now five), happy to get away when we can, but enjoying the gift of being Grandma and Grandpa.
      I love reading your blog, RV Sue, and the comments of all the blogorinos. In my own way, I love you all. Here on this blog are our lives, our dreams….and our “variables” and realities. Not always what we envisioned, but always, always what they are, shared for what they might offer to others. Blessings to you, Robin, and to you all, Blogorinos!

      • Robin B says:

        Thanks Lynn. I’m sorry for your dashed dream but sounds like you received a reward of another kind. My half-brother had to parent his grandson at age 72 and I know it it’s not easy. Blessings and hugs right back at you.

  17. Carol Savournin says:

    It is funny how life leads you in directions you did not think you wanted to go. When my husband and I first thought of getting a motorhome I thought of it as a nice way to take some little trips. Then, it became a way to get out of the cold PA winters. Then, one April as we returned to PA I said, “Well … I might be able to do this full time.” ” Really? “, he replied. And before I knew it, our house was on the market. Now, I LOVED my home. But I LOVED him more and this was his dream. I gave him 3 years. When we had been full- timing for 5, I was as happy as a clam. The things we saw! The places we went! The friends we met! I could have kept on going. Wonderful … Just wonderful. But, his health issues led us to buying a home in Tucson and we gradually understood that our days in the road were over. Who knew that a Pennsylvania girl would love the desert?? But I do. And I love this home and my new life. It is ALWAYS good to reinvent yourself. Don’t look back!

    • Robin B says:

      When we wintered in Green Valley, I was surprised at how much I fell in love with the desert, especially the Sonoran desert. I thought the landscape would get boring but the light and views were always changing. I miss it and we still talk about moving back to that area full time but I’m not sure it will ever happen.

      • Columbus Calvin says:

        In my case, I always wanted to see the desert, and I didn’t get there until I was over fifty years old. I loved it as expected, but my wife was attached to people in the East (see above).

  18. Beverly says:

    This was the most cleverly put together blog I have read. The photos were outstanding. It depicts your ability to be resilient in spite of adversity crossing your path. I look forward to reading about your latest adventure with your little guys even if it’s from your front porch.

  19. Columbus Calvin says:

    I don’t need to know what happened with you to know how dreams go a different way sometimes. Around ten years ago, I set out to go full-time with my wife. We wound up back in Columbus, minus a great deal of money. Eventually, she left me and is doing something else more important to her. (That’s not a complaint. I know better than to seek things that are not available, and I have a life of my own.)

    In another instance, it’s someone else’s dream. My three remaining brothers live on one property in the hills about sixty miles from here, and they’re all living out their dream. They’d like me to move up there, but there’s no way I see myself living there.

    Right now, I’m using the resources of the city, learning a specific way of life, and growing where I’m planted. I suspect I’ll come up with another wandering path to follow, but I’m in no hurry. I guess it’s possible you’ll show this old wanderer how to be settled in comfort, but most likely I’ll see more places and get to know more people. I just don’t have a “format” for that yet.

    I want to mention the wildlife pictures. Not only is each pretty in its own right, but they fit the story. Excellent. I’m hoping the header picture is a sign of things yet to come as well as beautiful memories.

  20. Suzi says:

    Um, well, Hey There Sue!

    Larry’s final day on the payroll driving the school bus in Vancouver WA, is a week from today; Wednesday October 31. I’m thinking that is coming WAY too fast! My hand is well healed, our ducks fairly lined up, and I’ve been busy will lunch dates, massages, chiropractic visits, and “saying fare thee well”. My car is for sale, and we are winding down with our past 28 years here. It doesn’t help that it’s been an outstanding Fall, weather wise! Not a drop of rain yet, and the days are still warm and sunny. The best time of year here in my opinion. I looked at the forecast for Joshua this morning and I see we will be heading into sunny 70* weather down there. What’s not to be excited about, right? I’m flippen nervous!! Huh?? It feels sort of “final” now, if it didn’t in June, when we headed to TX to pick up our Casita.

    Our dream you say? To be happy. To live one day at a time, and see as much as we can see. To visit friends and family we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. To go and do all the things we wished we’d done before, when we were too busy working and keeping up our condo, 2 cars, 2 motorcycles, and all the “stuff” that goes with owning all that. Again, to live happy and in the moment without all that excess baggage. To live a wild and free life out on the open road, and in the mountains, deserts, and deep forests. To be at peace with our lives, our choices, and within ourselves- that is our dream.

    We’ll be in touch and let you know how it is all going! And I hope you keep in touch too, and keep us posted on how it’s going with you and the boys. Don’t be a stranger my friend.

    xo Suzi, Larry, and Kitty

  21. Donna 'N Girls says:

    Dreams are funny things, you spin them, wrap them up in ribbons and bows then try to live them. Not an easy thing to do, the physical manifestation can never live up to the dream.

    Still, you gotta dream, hope, plan and always look forward. What would life be without that?

    I’m happy your where you want to be.

    Wonderful pictures.


  22. Susan in Phoenix says:

    It’s funny how things work out. I’m so glad you decided to live in Arizona. It’s wonderful weather in the winter, and if you get too hot during the summer, RVSue and the canine crew know what to do!

  23. Kathy (NC) says:

    How great that you can travel as much as you want to and also have a beautiful place to be your home base. I’m looking forward to reading about the future adventures of RVSue and crew!
    Our dream is still to travel more – I am determined to get out west (as soon as I can convince my other half to leave our home base for more than a week at a time!!) So far we’ve travelled north, visiting friends, and having a lot of fun. All good times.

  24. chas anderson says:

    Best of both worlds.A home base and a mobile rv unit.

  25. eliza says:

    I have always thought it interesting when people comment that they never thought they would “end up” doing something, or being somewhere. The ending up part really only comes when you aren’t able to comment about it anymore. I continue to surprise myself – and only have one friend who has never surprised himself (but who is truly happy anyhow.) For me, life is an adventure with many surprises, and I am glad I found your blog and that you have continued to share your adventures.

  26. Walt says:

    Although I still dream of life on the road, I increasingly believe it may not come to pass. On the other hand, I am able to chase (in small measure anyway) a dream I’ve had even longer and that is to share my music with others. The audiences tend to be small but supportive. Making that dream more of a reality led in turn to me beginning a podcast featuring other area son here in Idaho (and a second podcast on Idaho beer and wine about to launch). I’m busier now than I have been in some time.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good for you, Walt! I’m happy for you and your audiences! 🙂

      I’m sorry your comment was held in the spam bin and I apologize for not finding it sooner. I don’t know why the spam filter caught it. Great hearing from you!

  27. FloridaScott In Arizona! says:

    Hi Sue!

    What a Beautifully poetic post. The photos were incredible. God works in mysterious ways, most times for the Best!

    So far were having a Great time. We are at Kartchner Caverns State Park and it is Awesome here. A bit pricey for us but we decided to splurge. This area is so beautiful and much greener and has so many more trees than New Mexico. Went into town (Benson) yesterday for grocery’s and lunch out. If you are ever in this area I can highly recommend Mi Casa restaurant. They have the best Mexican food I have ever had.

    We are just starting out on our (my) dream. Where it will take us and for how long we don’t know yet. Would love to continue for a couple years then possibly look for a park model home.

    Heading to Catalina State Park next then on to Ajo. Looking forward to your next post!

    Be Well & Stay Happy Sue!!, FloridaScott

    • jazzlover says:

      Florida Scott, if you have time check out the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson. It is amazing and you could spend the whole day there. They also have a hummingbird aviary as well as a regular one. It is where we used to take those folks who came to visit and everyone loved it. Also, if you like books, Singing Wind bookstore in Benson is really neat. Have fun whatever you do.

      • FloridaScott In Arizona! says:

        JazzLover, Thank You for the Tips! I checked out the museum online and it looks like a Fantastic place to spend a day. Thanks Again!

        • Carol Savournin says:

          I live about 4 miles down the road from the ASDM. It is a fine place to visit! If you are in Tucson, also check out Saguaro National Park just down the road (west section … there is another part on the east side of town!). Then , go over Gates Pass (terrific view!) and see the International Wildlife Museum! You can stay on the west side at the Gilbert Ray campground. Very quiet, paved roads, excellent sites.

  28. Reine in Princeton, TX (when not camping) says:

    “Gosh, I love this place! I truly do love this place!” What a wonderful place to be and thanks for sharing the journey with us. I think one of the things we all love about your blog is the reality of it. Have fun finding bargains.

    I guess we are living an unexpected dream. Paul hates traffic and has always wanted to live in the country. I never could see that happening. Then our daughter and her family moved to the small town north of us where our son and his family already lived and our 3 year old granddaughter saw new houses being built and told her mom that “Nana and Pops need to buy one so they can be closer”. Long story short, we started checking the area out and found a home under construction on an acre of land outside of town. Now we’re moved in and totally love the peace and quiet of the country. We’re 7 and 10 minutes away from our kids and are close enough to help with the grandkids and for our kids to help us as needed as we get older. We have a barn to store the Casita in and a wonderful base for our traveling. If you had told me a year ago that we would be living here I would have said you were nuts. But now we can echo your statement “We love this place”. God’s provision is truly miraculous.

  29. Shawna says:

    Happy for you Sue! Things usually work out exactly like they are supposed to. Hugs.

  30. ReneeG from Idaho says:

    Gosh. Life is grand! Life has choices. As always I loved reading this post even with the downs and ups. When it was just my mother, my sister, and me, my mother would say we are the “three musketeers” taking on anything. That’s you, Reggie, and Roger. Now you pick who will be Athos, Porthos, or Aramis! “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”

  31. jean in Southaven, ms says:

    I don;t know you personally but I think that I would really like you if I did. Sorry for things, but God’s plan is always the best plan. God did not want me on the road. He took the means away, but I am happy with were I am too. I have recently aquired three chickens and I am having all kinds of fun with them. Of course, any eggs that I get will have cost me a thousand dollars apiece by the time I start getting any. My pups love the chickens too, only for different reasons. They would love to run them to death and maybe have chicken for dinner. I thought my cats would be the ones that would give me trouble with the chickens, but they pay no attention at all.

    I love the pictures you posted today. They are all wonderful. I am so glad I was born after pictures were invented. I can enjoy all kinds of things that I would not have be able to otherwise. Thank you for sharing and take care of those rose bushes you had pictures of recently.

  32. Maddy in North Dakota says:

    Always reader, rarely commenter. I have had chronic health issues that have kept me housebound for decades. My family nickname from a young age was Gypsy ‘cuz I loved to travel, wander, and dream of traveling and wandering. As you can imagine, the difference between my physical reality and my dreams has been great. A quote, attributed by some to Marcel Proust, that has helped me adjust in my life is this:
    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

    I have no doubt that you will continue to be content and joyful wherever your circumstances/dreams take you. I hope you continue to post periodically. But if not, thank you so much for your glorious pictures and stories these past few years.

  33. Sandy A says:

    Sue….In your experience, do most full timers have an exit plan as they get too old or sickly? Curious how people handle the transition. Love your blog…S

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I don’t have a sure answer for your question, Sandy. I did have faith that “things will work out somehow.” I still live by that.

      I’m curious how others would answer….

      Blogorinos: Do most full timers have an exit plan as they get too old or sickly?”

      • Nanette says:

        Great question. I am currently living my back up plan. My husband retired and we hit the road in a 1953 retired Greyhound bus almost 17 years ago We traveled all over the United States until his health issues kept us near university health care centers on the southwest. We still lived in the bus even while he was in active clinical trials and then autologous stem cell transplant. All treatments eventually failed and we came off the road and I went to work full time. He passed in 2016 and since then I’ve been putting my road plan back together AND my eventual off-the-road plan in place. No bus though. Smaller is better this time

      • SuzicCruzi says:

        In response to your question Sue; Plan B, or exit strategy? No, none. This is on par with who I am deep down in my core; I’d rather live in the moment than plan too far ahead. I sort of flow with what Karen B said above; I’m just sort of making it up as we go along. I find my own happiness in the moments that make up the whole. It might seem irresponsible to some, not to have a Plan, but to me it’s not. Too many plans have turned out to be limiting in the past. Hopefully we learn from our past, and we are better equipped to make better decisions overall than we did in our past lives. I’ve always shot from the hip, and I’m still “okay”.

        This time around I gave a bit more careful and serious thought to selling everything and taking off not knowing where we will end up, or even IF we will like it. I would regret not pushing forward and giving the Nomad lifestyle a good shot. (And) keeping an open mind and remaining flexible allows us to take our lives one day at a time, and not miss any adventure we might happen upon. There are no guarantees of tomorrow anyway. All we have is right this minute, and by gosh we are going to live it. The end.

      • Linda in Minnesota says:

        For us, it turned out my husband had a plan. I thought we would stay on the road longer then maybe settle somewhere with decent weather. But he needed his community back. I did the snowbird thing solo for awhile after he settled down but now we are both back in Minnesota in an apartment that overlooks a nature center which helps me cope with being here. Plus, I stay active with an on-line full-timers RV group helping other people figure out how to have their version of the RVing dream. And this apartment is part of a Continuing Care Retirement Center which means we can easily have help in our apartment when we need it then can move just down the hall when we need even more help. At age 71, I’m finding it to be actually comforting to know we will live here the rest of our lives.

      • Donna 'N Girls Chandler says:

        My first trip after retirement I stopped in Carson City, NV., I was on my way home. The r v park I stayed in had been there for years, it was well maintained and must have been a grand destination when it was new.
        There were people living in older class A moterhomes, around 10 at the time.

        Meals on wheels were coming in daily, visiting nurses a couple of times a week, wheelchair ramps attached to the moterhomes, so the residents could go in and out.

        I made up my mind not to sell my home and get a fancier M.H., my used class C is just fine. When I can’t r.v. any longer I’ll sell my M.H., and stay in my sticks and bricks.


      • Nora now in Canyon Lake TX says:

        One of the reasons I been traveling for 3-1/2 years was to find where I wanted to settle down. I’ve zeroed in on the Mississippi Coast. I have a lot of reservations because of hurricanes but my dream was to find a house my sister and I could share. After your news, now I’m having reservations about that too. Don’t know how or if my dream will change at this point. But it does give me more to consider. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Hi, I can answer this from the standpoint of what many RV’ers in a group I help admin on Facebook responded when asked in our group, RV Tips and Helpful Hints. The answer is yes, many of the fulltimers did have in their minds an exit plan.

      For some it was that they kept their home. For others, they purchase land in an area they want to be at that point and then will either build, or live stationary if allowed in their RV. For others they stated they would get an apt. or something similar. And others, like Sue, found an area they liked and bought another house.

      Many different plans and I am sure for some, they changed while on the road. But the bottom line for most of the people that responded when asked was that they did have a plan. And right now, our group has close to 57K members.

  34. Rob says:

    Dreams come & dreams go,. Occasionally they come true usually but they reside where remembered dreams live.

    I’m about ready for home base… but that’s not going to be today.

    I did like the Jackalope! It’s not often you catch one in it’s native habitat! That was a lucky day for you RvSue!!

  35. John in Duluth, MN says:

    I’m still looking forward to your next adventure on the boondocking trail.

  36. Karen Waskow says:

    It’s endlessly interesting; the twists and turns of the best intentioned plans that we mortals make for ourselves:).

    Last year, as I ventured out in my big RV voyage to the desert southwest, I titled my ultimate moment of arriving at my dispersed camping spot “Realizing the Dream”! So here I was after decades of dreaming about being in some kind of rig in the middle of nowhere, extreme stillness and quiet, far from the madding crowd actually making it so. I thought of it as a long overdue healing that needed to take place after more than four decades in the workforce. I also had a sense of needing to heal from trauma of some sort even though my childhood, on the outside anyway, seemed pretty typical.

    The next post as I was getting ready to leave and start the long trek home, was “How About after the Dream?” I was called to reconsider the way I was framing what it means for me to be free. The being out in the desert part to me looked like the “pure” version of freedom that I was seeking. I was not full timing (though doing this has always been in the back of my mind). I actually have a wonderful and rich life here, when it’s not so cold and rainy, rowing, kayaking, visiting with friends, doing volunteer work, walking the dogs, etc. As much as being in the desert was amazing, I also enjoyed being in RV parks here and there as I was visiting friends and family and traveling. Folks were always helpful and friendly and after all, having some of those amenities was nice.

    So, as I made my way back towards civilization, I got a chance to further inquire of myself about what exactly it was that I was seeking. In the end, wasn’t it really about being happy where I was? As they say, you take yourself wherever you go, after all and the truth is that there are many places and circumstances in which I can be happy. This is a good thing to find out: a really good thing!

    Now, as I set out to head south again this year for a much longer stay, I don’t have a lot of ideas about living in my house vs being on the road vs living in my rig being a better or worse thing. I’m just sort of making it up as I go along, trying to keep an open mind and heart and see where it all leads me without a lot of fixed ideas about what any of it means.

    Sue, I so appreciate your sharing your experiences: as many as you have. Look at all of the people, myself included, who you have inspired. I’m so glad that you decided to carry on doing so as your circumstances are ever changing.

  37. Wheelingit says:

    Dreams have a way of leading us, and not always in the direction we originally imagined. That’s a part of life’s crazy twists and turns.

    I haven’t commented in a while, but this blog caught me so I thought I’d check in. Our own dreams have taken us down a very different path too…one we never could have imagined a few years ago…and we’re not quite sure where that’ll lead us (yet). But I’m happy to see you’ve found your next step, even if it’s been a journey to get there. It gives me hope we’ll find ours too. Continued good blessings to you!


  38. Nanette says:

    So happy you are in a good place, no matter the trail you traveled to arrive.

    I’m still saving my pennies for my own BLT and my own journey


  39. Patricia in WA says:

    Life is one adventure after another. You are a courageous, fierce woman. Keep living your adventures.

  40. Diann in MT says:

    Thanks, Sue for the wonderful animal photos throughout the years. I loved the elk. My son is visiting from Iowa and experienced an unsuccessful elk hunt this past week. The weather is too warm here, and the elk are not coming down from the high pastures in the mountains. It’s a pity he has to return to Iowa without a winter’s supply of elk meat. However, there is always next year and better planning. He is heading back to his job and his beautiful little daughter in Iowa. He’s without too many regrets as he knows he’s got another chance at it next year.
    We are comfortable in our little existence here in the shadows of the Beartooth Mountains. Last week we determined we won’t be hitting the road in an upgraded RV, but will be spending more time in our paid-for and not fancy 13 footer. Heck, we are minutes away from coveted camping places. Plan to spend more time playing next year and less working on the house in preparation for selling. Nope. Not selling. Yes. Living! God speed, good lady!

  41. SuziCruzi says:

    Suzi… I moved your comment under Sandy A’s question above so that all the answers are together. — Sue

  42. Marcia GB in MA says:

    I’m sorry things didn’t work out the way you planned. Now you have the best of both worlds for yourself and the boys to enjoy. And I know you will. Sending you blessings 🌺

  43. Isn’t it wonderful how we can find just the right expression in the face of critters to express our point? You have such a plethora of options that do just that for your update.

    Your little corner of Arizona is one of our favorite areas, one we could also see ourselves paying a mortgage for and being happy.

    We’re finding your old home state quite lovely, especially since the prolonged humidity didn’t follow us here.

  44. Barb says:

    I am so happy you are HAPPY!

    My dream? I dunno… But I am open!

    As always,
    Hugs from Hoquiam

  45. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    One of my favorite cook book writers is Ina Garten. One of her cookbooks is dedicated to her husband and in it, she says, “Home is wherever Jeffrey is.” I think your home and your dreams are wherever your crew is. May God bless and keep your heart safe, Sue.

  46. Kristi & Jin (Nampa, ID) says:

    You were my inspiration 2.5 years ago and you still are.

  47. Patricia says:

    I love ur blog and have been following almost from the beginning. Ur travels have ignited a long ago dream of mine to travel. And as u well know, it takes comittmant and planning. I just signed up for Social Security as I will be retirement age of 66 in January. My plan is to travel west from FL to Havasupaii Falls in September to officially start my journey. Thru ur travels I have learned a lot and I thank u. Now will be my turn to start experiencing all the open road has to offer.
    Again, Thank You Sue for igniting my dream.

  48. Carol says:

    I’ve missed your posts, glad you are back!

  49. Davy Boggs says:

    It is a gift to dream.

    It is a greater gift to have strength and resolve to follow those dreams.

    It is the greatest gift to know which dreams to let go.


  50. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Sue, thank you for this amazingly thoughtful and brilliantly pictured blog…You are the most inspirational person I know…

    I must admit that I thought I was doing well here in my little apartment, reading – my first dream as a child – to read as long as I wanted. Lately, I have become aware that I wasn’t happy…yes, I am still missing Partner and Miss Mollie but thought it was under control… Then last Saturday night I awoke during the night with the most vivid dream in many a night…Partner’s smiling eyes and finger pointing, color, ideas for decorating my little apt…I have sat here 26 months with bare white walls trying to decide what to due with pictures, photos, things and I guess feeling sorry for myself!! that night it had occurred to me I didn’t feel that this was home so I wasn’t decorating, had excuse after excuse…mostly I just spoke to Partner’s picture about my ideas, thoughts, wishes but never doing anything…Epiphany…put my big girl pants on and get on with my life! In that dream, I saw my sister’s remnants of cloth being used to show off my collections, displaying my many family units in their own collections. I have placed Partner’s Frame in a place of honor in my bedroom. Now I’m looking at my genealogy brother’s family tree to place everyone in the proper setting for my walls. It is a blessing to be the eldest and to have so many gifts to enjoy. This has been a dream that from my childhood also, know my ancestries stories…this is fun.

    Sue, the blogorinos love you and only want your happiness…as do I…we are here when you need us.

    Take Care

    P.S. thought of you AZ Jim and Etta during the down pour last night…hope you are well and dry!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      We’re “well and dry,” thank you, Deena. I’m sorry your comment went into the spam bin and I didn’t find it right away. Don’t know why that happened.

      Thank you for the heartfelt comment.

  51. Hilogene in Az says:

    Hi RV Sue,
    I loved the photos on the post today, and read the content. Best of all were your words asking for comments other than on the topic. I smiled! Indeed, your blog and my thoughts on how life evolves made my thinking on this topic much more interesting than otherwise.

    I read a comment once “who put you in charge of steering the river”. When I try to micromanage the future or my spouse, or other people’s lives, I try very hard to remember that phrase. I see myself as a fish swimming along the river, and only have control of so much :).

    Love your dogs and the blog and wish you all the happiness and adventures in the world! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

  52. Ann says:

    Hi Sue…. I been reading your blog for years. I am 67 and on my own. never wanted kids… buried 2 husbands… worked all over the country and now that both my parents have passed…. i have zero responsibilities.
    I dont own a house… i dont even have pets. lol

    so… i am really on my own. the freedom is breathtaking .
    I have all my stuff in storage.
    after my mother passed…. i bought a one way ticket to hawaii. been here 4 months.
    i’m trying to figure out what to do when i get back.

    i have wanted to live on the road like you have… but i worry about safety… a women on her own. I have marveled at your campsites… while thinking in the back of my mind….how safe is it from strangers with ill intent.
    that has been the one thing thats stopped me.
    but the lure of the peace and quiet has a grip on me and i cant stop thinking about how badly i want to get away from noise and people.

    i will continue to read here and i am sure at some point…. i will be unable to deny my desire to hit the road.
    i wonder if you will ever want to get back on the road again permanently.
    the idea of neighbors and noise makes me very uneasy…. but maybe for you… its OK.

    i guess age is the limiting factor for living on the road…. and all the things that come with it.

    i wish you the best of luck and thanks so much for your blog.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Many great comments under this post, including yours, Ann. Thank you!

      I have to respond to the part where you wrote “but i worry about safety … a woman on her own.”

      Your worry has no basis in the reality of life on the road. You’ve read my blog. You’ve seen where I’ve gone, where I’ve camped. Alone. Not one problem with “strangers with ill intent.” Not one.

      Statistics (and my own experience) reveal that people who live in a sticks and bricks are more likely to encounter problems of the sort you worry about. Free your mind of that.

      Best wishes…

      • Ann says:

        Thanks Sue…. I feel better about it. I know you have not had any problems…. but since i have aged…i have started to worry about it.

        I have been working all over the country since i got out of college in 1971. i have lived and worked everywhere on my own and really never worried about anything until i got older. for some reason…. i have just not been able to shake those bad thoughts.

        I guess i have had too many friends that have had some troubles with it. But that doesn’t mean that i will.

        i have been so undecided about what to do with all this freedom of movement. not alot of money to back that up… but not broke either. I have just been dragging my feet on pulling the trigger on a unit. But i think now…. i am ready to jump in because
        i have had the mindset for it since 2003…. when i started thinking about actually doing it…. and researching it.

        now i am finally retired…. i can. just have to decide on what and all the details that go with setting up housekeeping on the road. i really HATE noise and all that goes along living in places where there are alot of people…. which is how i came to want to do this in the first place. I could never afford a place with enough land around it to insulate me from my neighbors.
        with a travel trailer. if where you are doesn’t suit you…. you can pack up and leave. lol
        For me….. thats the beauty of it all.

        Anyway…..thanks for your comments on your blog too… they have helped alot.

        do you think you will ever go back on the road full timing again?

        Kind regards,

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Ann,

          To answer your question about full-timing again… I don’t see that happening while we have this house. Then again, as this post points out, we may think we’re going to do one thing and it turns out we do another. Makes life interesting, right?

          I understand about hating noise. I really am with you on that! It’s surprisingly quiet here. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t be here.

          I wish you happiness and contentment, Ann, whatever path you take.

      • Lee Ann, Oregon says:

        Thank you for your response to Ann. I retired and am now writing & self publishing books (a dream I had for decades:-) — Would love to write while living on the road! Love the mountains, desert, anywhere away from the city… but I am also a ‘lone-rider’. You give me confidence that I may be able to realize my dream! You are awesome, Sue! And the house certainly has been a unique adventure to add to your list:-) P.S. Everytime I read your posts I think that you have what it takes to write an excellent book… or two? Self publishing now-days is pretty easy.

  53. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    Resilient. That is our RV Sue!
    Did you know how much you have come to mean to your blogorinos?
    Beautiful caring post, respectful and loving….

  54. Don in Alaska says:

    My **dream** you say?

    A piece of land, owned outright – measured in acres.

    With a year around water source

    Where I can have as big a garden as I want.

    Where the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

    With a home that is ‘right sized’, made of precast or poured cement, surrounded by a nice (solid) wall, say, made of slump bricks

    In a low to no crime area, that has decent medical available and ‘shopping’ within a reasonable distance.

    The DW and I just sold our property in Utah owing to the recent and massive buildup of both dangerous drug gangs and massive numbers of illegals….

    If you know of any **dream”” location, please let me know.

    And Sue –
    If you are happy, nothing else really matters, eh?

  55. Jan NH says:

    Hi Sue,

    I just love how you found a way to use the wildlife photos to help tell this chapter of your story. I have always felt (as do many others here) that you are such a wonderful storyteller no matter the subject matter and love the creative way you have chosen to share this chapter with us…so very entertaining.

    I am so happy for you that you came to the realization that you and your ‘boys’ love the house and will be able to live this new dream (and still travel when the urge hits). I’m hoping you have lots of fun ‘thrift and bargain shopping’ to furnish your home…woohoo, more adventure!

    My retirement dreams and plans change often these days as I approach my retirement years (well technically I’m old enough for early retirement but my finances say otherwise 😊). Maybe if I can ever make the decision on the ‘when’, I might finally settle on the ‘what’. As much as I want to purchase my RV, downsize my house and hit the road, I still have days where part of me would like to also have a small home-base. I haven’t figured that part out yet and since Mega Millions didn’t come through for me (hey, a girl can dream 😊), I’m still working on that part of my plan…so no decisions yet for me.

    I am one of those that believe the choices and decisions we make bring us to things happening for a reason and I have more often than not found that the next phase turns out to be an even better opportunity (even when it sometimes doesn’t feel that way at first). For me, I have confidence that I’ll make the right choice at the right time.

    Thank you for continuing to share your adventures with us.

  56. Suzette in TN says:

    Well, Sue…I hope you don’t mind me invading your space, but I’m sending a virtual HUG anyway. You are quite a woman! We are just about the same age, and you have been a true inspiration for me these last several years. My reality is that I will never get out on the road, as I once dreamed. I have loved watching you fulfill that dream for me, even if it is a vicarious experience. But, I’ve met and married a dream guy, and we are living a different dream. It’s possible to have more than one dream on the burner at a time. We ladies are great at multi-tasking. Wherever your dreams lead you, I know you’ll go fearlessly.

  57. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    It makes me happy to know that you are happy! I enjoyed all the photos on this post! I know it took a lot of time for you to find the perfect pictures from your vast library of images. Thank you for taking the time to put this post together and sharing it with us. 🙂

    Sending you, Reggie and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Have fun shopping for bargains! If you have a Home Goods store nearby, they usually have a nice selection of furniture for awesome prices. 🙂 xo

  58. reeves99 (Phil) says:

    You are totally my hero, Sue!
    Now go forth and enjoy that lemonade 🙂 !!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Phil… A moment ago I opened up all the comments you have written to me. What a positive person you are! Thank you for being a part of my blog all these years. 🙂

      Your “hero.” Hahahaaa!

  59. Paula Frazee says:

    My dream – to travel more in retirement, although we have a very small sticks and bricks home that has been paid off for decades and don’t intend to get rid of it. We have “camped” in a Ford Econoline van with a queen bed frame in the back for a number of years. But it is very cramped and the van had gotten old with high mileage.

    I found your blog when researching what type of new van to purchase, and how to rig up a bed in the back. Google popped up with the blog entry where you were sleeping in the van on your way to pick up the Best Little Trailer. Your writing was so entertaining that I’ve been following your travels ever since and learning about some great boondocking locations that I look forward to visiting.

    So…we are on the cusp of our dream. We purchased the tallest, longest Dodge Ram Promaster van a year ago. It has a three part bench seat in back. If we fold it down and place both of our food coolers in back of it, it is the perfect size platform for a queen size airbed – which we already had from the old Ford van. It is great!

    We took a two week trip to the Canadian Rockies in July with it and it is such a great way to travel. We even spent one night on the road at the Walmart in Medicine Hat Alberta and were amazed at how comfortable we were. It is not a class B – too expensive! – so we use a luggable loo lined with trash bags, and our trusty old campstove and cooler for cooking.

    We just turned 64 and are looking forward to our dream of spending 2 – 3 weeks on the road at a time in our comfy van. In the meantime, I have really enjoyed living vicariously through your travels. Thanks for all the time you spend blogging, I try to reciprocate by using your site to access Amazon when I order.

  60. weather says:

    Beautiful photos and masterfully written post, Sue ! My own dreams have changed, been postponed, or been fulfilled due to decisions Providence led me to make more times than I can count. I currently truly do love my place, living here is like a dream come true. For right now, I plan to simply enjoy it all, and let what the future holds unfold as it happens.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Sometimes in life we have to go with plan B or plan C or whatever, don’t we? Well, there is still some good days ahead, tho’ we may have to wait for them to come…liked what you said below too about enjoying the seasons where you are. If one can stay inside, winter is indeed so beautiful (used to love to go out and shovel snow when I was younger!! LOVED it!…but I must be sensible now and just be happy LOOKING instead!!)

  61. Big hugs RV Sue and crew. My world just crashed with the news but you know what you are right (I’m not going to hide my emotions & be honest). Get up, dust ourselves off, and keep on trucking. I’ve done it many, many times over my life time. Dreams are like a haze, a fog until the haze or fog lifts we can’t really know and see clarity. As long as I have known you through your blogs, you have always dreamed of a small home….maybe, just maybe it might be it’s still out there. Wait a bit and see.

    • P.S. Dreams? I have many and varied dreams…those that I’m passionate about I followed and completed (my education for one); some dreams I work on (learning a third & fourth language); some dreams drift because I know they are unattainable…sigh…

  62. Gumo says:

    Sue, of all the many blogs I read and enjoy every day, none has more love and support than yours. It is a huge network of fans encouraging and lifting up people they will never meet in person. I wish more of our Americans could be more like this. It all happens because of your nature and personable approach to blogging for our entertainment and our own support.

    We love you!!😀

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gumo… Words I needed to “hear.” Thank you.

      What great comments, blogorinos! Y’all have me smiling, laughing, sighing, and choking up while being entertained with your “stories.” 🙂

  63. Mel from NW Arkansas says:

    Hi RVSue.. it has been awhile but I had to comment.. we had “dreams” of living in TX and having a wonderful relationship with my step-son.. our only child …but after 5 years we realized it wasn’t realistic and the desired relationship was a pipe dream never to be so In August we put our house up for sale in Frisco, sold it and moved to Bentonville the foothills of the Ozark mountains..
    if you remember, we lived in Carson City NV.. we missed the trees, the lake, the slower pace and the small town feel.. North TX was Los Angeles CA traffic & attitude plus tornadoes and nasty people with a toxic family relationship ..Here in NW Arkansas Gary & I have our trees, Beaver lake ( ok not Lake Tahoe but who’s complaining!), slow pace without the family drama.. and yes.. we walk outside, smell the fresh autumn air and know that we really love it here!

    I can relate that sometimes our dreams reinvent themselves and evolve and bring us where we never would have imagined.. our prayers are with you and the boys that you find the peace and happiness you so deserve..

  64. Becky in NJ says:

    Hi Sue-
    I hope you will share with us your new adventure of making the place completely your own – on a budget! I would love to see what kind of clever bargains and ideas you come up with for furnishing your home, inside and out. I for one, am always looking for that kind of inspiration. I know that traveling like you do with the BLT is an “impossible dream” for me, but I can certainly relate to what you will be doing now. as I’m sure many others can. I hope you will share lots of pictures with us as you proceed! Best wishes always…

  65. Linda K says:

    Sue, you were a huge inspiration for me when I decided to try a life on the road. I started 2 years ago with a 16 ft Scamp and 3 dogs. This summer, I downsized to just a van. (I also added another dog!) We had a trial run of three weeks and loved it. My son had taken over my house while I traveled, but he found one of his own, so we just finished selling my house and moved him into his. I will be headed out again in about 10 days.
    I want to thank you for all you have done for me and others. I hope this change works out for you and the crew. Hugs to the boys!

  66. Wendy/ Bribie Island,Oz says:

    You’re all happy and healthy, enjoy life you three!

  67. EmilyO in southern NM says:

    Thank you Sue. The distance between us is smaller.

  68. David Davis says:

    I’m so happy that you are happy. Sounds like everything is working out fine.
    We full-time, but I know we will settle down someday. Already dreaming about that!

  69. leilani (Texas) says:

    Well, you know the old saying: life is what happens to us when we’re making other plans, right?

    While it’s fantastic luck that a plan that went awry left you in such a wonderful place, one you’d never have found had you never risked planning anything at all, I agree it’d be pretty hard not to also see a divine hand in this.

    You proved you could do it solo without a convenient landing pad for many years, but listen, You. Have. Earned. This. All of it: an address to collect mail & Amazon packages, to recover from flu or fatigue, to establish relationships with doctors, dentist & vets, not to mention auto mechanics. All smack dab in the middle of a gorgeous part of the world with ready access to plenty of places to get warmer or cooler or to feed your wanderlust or just soothe the soul whenever needed.

    And getting to savor this extraordinary situation by yourself with the incredible *luxury* of having no one else to answer to or accommodate may indeed be God answering your prayers in a way that’s better for the real RVSue than the RVSue in your rose-colored dream. It may not have worked out the first way, but it worked out the better way.

    This is actually a rather fortunate turn of events, so congratulations are more warranted than condolences. I’m not Jewish but for some reason, the phrase “Mazel Tov!” seems to fit best here.

  70. Marysia jastrzebski says:

    This is life! Glad to hear that you are dealing with it. If one day you decide the present situation IS too much, I know you will juts change it. For now, enjoy your day. Tomorrow will be tomorrow!

  71. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Sue, thank you for this amazingly thoughtful and brilliantly pictured blog…You are the most inspirational person I know, with weather 2nd.

    I must admit that I thought I was doing well here in my little apartment, reading – my 1st dream as a child – to read as long as I wanted. Lately, I have become aware that I wasn’t happy…yes, I am still missing Partner and Miss Mollie but thought it was under control…then las Saturday night I woke during the night with the most vivid dream – Partner’s smiling eyes and her finger waving at me with color and ideas for decorating my home…I have sat here these past 26 months with bare white walls trying to decide what to do with pictures, photos, things and I guess feeling sorry for myself! It occured to me I didn’t feel that this was home so I was hiding away in my books and kindle with excuses for not doing doing any planning or dreaming…Epiphany…put my big girl pants on and move forward. In that dream I saw my sister’s remnants showing off my different collections. I have placed Partner’s frame in a place of honor in the bedroom and looking at my brother’s family tree on Ancestry…Everyone is fitting into their own tree line as I sort through everything from the past 70 years…It is a blessing to be the eldest and to have so many gifts to enjoy…This has been a dream from my childhood also, we traveled so much as a military family, I can see my ancestries stories more clearly. This is so much fun!

    Sue, the blogorinos love you and only want your happiness…your epiphany has you finding more happiness…we are here when you need us.

    Take Care

    P.S. AZ Jim and Etta, thought of you during last night’s deluge…hope you are well and dry!

  72. Paula in Indiana says:

    Sue, I appreciate all the thought and work you put into this post with all the photos and captions. I have also enjoyed reading the blogorino comments – so much wisdom and life experience in everyone’s comments.

    I have always dreamed of traveling when I retire, but never thought I would have the money to do so…until I started reading of your adventures. Your inspiration and all the practical tips I have learned have made me realize I can do it!

    My journey and adventure for now is being a caregiver for my mom, and enjoying her company while I am still blessed to have her 🙂

    I’m so happy you and your crew love your place! I know you will have fun decorating with thrift store finds. I adore those cut little pots with the cactus in them! Blessings to you!

  73. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,

    What a beautiful put together post with wonderful pictures to share with us another chapter of your story. Dreams are what they are, some come true and others change into new directions.

    As I have gotten older my dreams are to live each day as they come and as my faith has grown, I let God lead my life. I have come to know and believe that there is a purpose in everything that happens. Our lives are mosaics of all these little pieces. Some are happy and some are sad but they all fit together. Some have jagged, rough edges and others are smooth as silk, and at the end of our lives there will be this beautiful picture of all these pieces that ultimately fit together and is called our life.

    I am so happy you are happy with your house now and that you and the boys are living out this piece of your mosaic in this special place and we look forward to the future pieces and how your picture will look going forward! Be happy Sue! 🙂

  74. Dawn in Michigan says:

    You have been inspirational in my dream to someday be on the road full time, or something close to that. When I was a kid, more than 50 years ago, I told my mother that I didn’t want to grow up and live in any more place. That I wanted to always travel and move around. At that time, back in the 60s and 70s I actually thought I’d buy a RV and travel forever. I had no idea how I’d support myself, that part never entered my 12 year old mind. She told me I wouldn’t like to always be on the road, that I’d want a home base. I didn’t contradict her (we didn’t do that in those days) but in my mind I disagreed. To date I haven’t done it…married life and a spouse that doesn’t travel so much…plus, I suppose I love where I live too. But some day….some day.

    So…it’s a dream for me still, to live the life you lived. And I want to thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. You have touched so many lives, and you will continue to do so, in the manner you see fit and which makes you happy. That’s a freedom in itself.

    And the photos on this post were magnificent. My favorite was that little yellow breasted bird on the barbed wire. So sweet.

    Hug your boys, enjoy your home. We look forward to hearing about how you decide to decorate it and what adventures you and the boy have from your home base!

  75. Elizabeth says:

    Glad that you feel you CAN stay there in the house, Sue…tis always so nice to have options in life!! My, well….I am in the process of writing some memories down for my offspring…hoping in the long run it may help them avoid some of the difficulties we landed in…but you know, I am seeing that nearly all of them…I simply do not know how we could have avoided things. Life just happens and we make the best we can with what comes. We NEVER would have thought we would live where we are now…and tis only a rental…so there is options ahead there too. We are learning more and more to find SMALL ways to be happy. Yesterday was one of those days!! Today not so much (due to having to shop in 4 stores and STILL missing some items…argh!!…so the extra driving and parking issues etc never make such days easy…but we have to eat!!) Yesterday however was stupendous and we spent a fair bit of it at our 3rd dentist to try out since moving here and YIPPEE we found the gold mine FINALLY!! You have admire a business that obviously does not employ people for how pretty they are…or how thin!! Some of the nicest people we have met here…so many in one place!! Learned we don’t need to spend thousands to get our teeth up to speed as 2nd dentist told us last month either…we are fine for now!! Pays to get another opinion friends!! )Then when we went for the first time to the state law library in order to try to get info to help our daughter’s case (you can never seem to get a lawyer to do as much as you need it seems), that clerk was SO HELPFUL…and we were able to borrow the book…and it will be easy to extend the borrow time if needed…we came out feeling so good!! See? Amazing how little it takes to be happy…we know you know how and you will, in time, regain your balance there…glad you are ok where you are “parked” for now!! And it is quiet…I was so happy to read that!! WOWEE…quiet is not a small gift!!! Hugs…

  76. Nancy Addison says:

    Hi, Sue,

    In a work of fiction we call that a plot twist!

  77. Linda a. says:

    I believe in guidance from above….. I think that’s what
    you got. Blessings Sue! 💕

  78. Sharon says:

    All that matters is that you and the boys are happy.

  79. Laura in the OC says:

    Sue, I read your blog whenever a new one appears. Ever since the XM Radio days (yup, t’was me that sent it to you!) I’ve felt connected to you. But I don’t read the blog responses. I know there is a community there and I simply haven’t inserted myself into it — it seems so big.

    Anyway, you asked about dreams. 🙂

    My dream is to some day travel to where the water looks like crystal and the wind blows softly. I’ve traveled the world, but not to that magical ocean I know exists in more than one place. Now that I’m retired I’m hopeful that my partner and I can go. I’ve seen many, many incredible places in my life, and this would be the proverbial icing on the cake. 🙂

  80. Virginia Henkaline says:

    I love your pictures. You surely have a talent for capturing …I want to say…the essence for a meaningful shot. Making it a step above…I hope you know what I mean.

  81. ApplegirlNY says:

    My dreams for the future are always changing, that’s just how my brain works, but I must say that the framework always includes travel – especially out of Upstate New York in the winter. Can’t wait to see more of this beautiful country, and England, Scotland, and Italy – and loads of other places as time and money permit.

    At home I really do live my dream. A lovely place to live, a great hubby, and two sons, one with a wonderful wife, one with a wonderful girlfriend. I garden, cook, laugh, have great friends and wait for grandchildren, if the Lord blesses us with them.

  82. MB Dillard says:

    Good morning Sue,

    I know what you mean about taking a step because of someone or something….and then once the step is made, they disappear. You stand on that spot for a moment….YIKES! Then, if you’ll just take a breath and relax, you are able to see the whole new, beautiful path in front of you…that would never been there without them. At that point, you thank them and wish them well…..and start walking the new path before you.

    I’m trying to remind myself of that right now. Most days I get it….but some days tears slip down my cheeks when I see pictures of the west or when I step out of my truck in a gas station parking lot….near a fast food place and a highway…..and that feeling of a “travel plaza” comes so swiftly that it takes me a moment to recover. But those things only serve to remind me that my dream of travel is far from dead and that one day I will.

    I want to do as you have done. Travel around and see what areas I like the most and then find a home and settle down…..but always have a “travel vehicle” in the driveway. I come from a long line of travel loving women. My grandmother and mom…..and a great grandmother that I only remember “in pictures”…..who, when asked if she wanted to go somewhere, always replied, “Are the wheels going to turn over?”. 🙂 Soon the wheels will turn….and I’ll take all three along with me as I drive west.

    As always…love to you and the crew from me and mine.
    MB, Wyndy (Just found that she has sweet old gal) and Bella

    • Columbus Calvin says:

      MB, your comment rings in my spirit. I have done family tree work, and geography is endless with my ancestors (and my own generation). My mind dreams up exotic means of travel even while I deliberately do without a motor vehicle. Why not? My father traveled by freight train for many years. I know, as you expressed, that my road will still beckon when the time comes, but as an old song says, the waiting is the hardest part.

      • MB Dillard says:

        Hi Calvin,

        OK…..I’m going to tell you a secret, just for fun “bucket list” item of mine….since you spoke of your father’s travels. It’s to get on a freight train…..with supplies for a few days…..having no idea where it’s going……and just ride. I know I’ll never really do it but it’s a fun thing to imagine.

        But one day, I will travel….in my own vehicle and go wherever I choose….knowing…..for sure that “Not all who wander are lost”.

        Have a great evening!

        • Sally MI says:

          You can get an idea of train hopping by watching Stobe the Hobo videos on YouTube. There are other hoppers too. Stobe was killed by a train in a train yard last Nov.

  83. Mary in CO says:

    Sue, as so many of your readers have expressed, the pairing of photos and texts in this blog was exquisite. Had to read it twice. I do hope your home is “yours” now and that you and your crew can fully enjoy it, along with some trips in the BLT. And thrift/garage sale shopping- that’s an adventure in itself!
    We are on our way to McDowell Park near Phoenix for bike trail riding. We stayed last night at El Malpais National Monument, arrived as it was getting dark, so I am anxious for the sunrise to see what is around us. Should be nice weather for the next few days!

  84. Mi says:

    Hello Friends. May I call you that? I have read Sue’s blog since the beginning but rarely comment. Today’s post and comments prompt me to write today to thank everyone for the community and to wish everyone health, happiness, peace and ease of being. There is a real gift in loving what IS.

    I am one of those alone but not lonely people. Still there is something about connection to a community and this blog and you ‘rinos are that for me. Truth is I am a bit of a misfit in the larger world and though I love people and am kind and caring —people exhaust me. Don’t get my energy that way as some do. Although as the world is busier I think there are many like me.

    I have always had wanderlust. I was born in California and have lived also in Oregon , Washington, Alaska, Arizona back to California and now in Oregon again. One year I moved 11 times. 😁 In my early 50s I traveled for months at a time alone in my station wagon with a tent, mountain bike and kayak. Through Alaska all the western states and Mexico. Never was afraid and never had any issues. Always aware of my situation but never afraid. Some of the happiest times of my life. I did it on a budget, using savings and with no cell phone or internet.

    Caring for terminally ill, elderly and depressed family members took me away from the road and caused the need to work in the cube farm. (Corporate world). Still I have kept the dream alive and Sue your blog has helped keep my spirits up and my eye on my prize. Now, weeks away from 70 I am nurturing the dream again.

    A few months ago I bought a high top cargo van—a blank slate.(remember we choose modes to our particular preferences). I am outfitting it myself on a budget with minimal skills. I want it to be simple but comfortable and somewhat pleasing to look at. My years of backpacking, kayak camping and tent camping make these plans seem luxurious. I do have the aches and pains that can come along with age but working towards my dream keeps me ALIVE—even Meanwhile I am using it as it is at any given time and have enjoyed some adventures a few days at a time.

    Also, I now have a tiny companion—al little chihuahua girl —Gladdy-who found me while I was looking for a Doberman. 🤣 She is my delight! Thanks again to you all for your willingness to share your experiences and your kind good wishes to all who enter here. There is a “hermit at heart” out here that appreciates you all. As for blogging—Sue you do have a gift—I started a blog last year to see if I could do it and had writers block after 3 posts. 😀 Wishing you all the best!


    • MB Dillard says:

      Hi Mi!

      I LOVED this post!!!! I have a chihuahua too….she found me at the Ford dealership. 🙂 I want to get a cargo van and fix it up to suit myself. But if I have to, I’ll go in my truck with a tent. Family issues have made it a bit more difficult to leave than I thought it’d be at this point in my single, orphaned, no siblings or children life….but I will figure if out. You are an inspiration!

      Thank you for sharing and have fun with your van!

      MB, Wyndy (Golden/hound) and Bella (Chihuahua)

      • Mi says:

        Thank you MB for your kind thoughts on my comment. I always feel awkward and self conscious after commenting. I appreciate you taking the time to welcome me. I wish you all the best In Making your dreams happen. So glad you also have sweet furry companions too! You can do it!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Loved your comment here, Mi…do come again and write! I so understand your comment: “people exhaust me”! I am with my husband but we live fairly hermit-like when not helping our daughter and kids. But we are more alone than not. Can’t say we mind that…we have found some awfully difficult days in our lives and I guess we kind of need alone time more-so to kind of recharge…however long that may take. Your little companion sounds sweet!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Mi,

      Good luck with making your cargo van your home on wheels. I hope you will let us know how your project is coming along. 🙂

      Have a good evening, friend!

  85. Judy J. in S.C. says:

    What a lovely, grace-filled post, Sue. The tie-in pics are amazing; so much thought put into this one. I believe His plans are always best…and that has been done for you and yours. All my life I always tried to plan the future. Guess that was my way, I thought, of making sure things worked out perfectly. Hah! Just didn’t happen that way, but has ended up better than anything I could have wished for. What a good time you’ll have, finding big bargains and treasures that are exactly what you want. Can’t wait for pics! The billion plus lottery ticket was sold just a few miles from where we are in Greenville. We’re all having fun dreaming of what will be done with all that won money. Hoping it was needed and will be shared with others who are deserving. Our little state of S.C. is blessed to receive a part of the winnings. God bless you, the puppers and may you find much joy in each day, Sue. 🙏💕

  86. Judy in East Texas says:

    Sue and the boys, you are flipping amazing. And that’s all I have to say about that.
    Stay safe out there my friend, Judy

  87. weather says:

    For a while overnight I heard a steady breeze with an occasional light rain. In the early morning light I saw that many of the trees’ branches had shed their thick summery green covering. Now they look like they are dressed in colorful light lace dresses as they dance in the wind.

    One quite warm day earlier this month I walked through a kaleidoscope of butterflies. The next day the air was much cooler, an eagle was the only creature flying near me as I walked along that same part of the shoreline. Rising with the thermals from the lake’s warmth he seemed to be slow dancing with the wind.

    As we sat in a park talking not long after my husband passed away a friend asked me if I’d known this was coming, would I have still gotten married? I handed her my smartphone as the part of “The Dance” by Garth Brooks that says “I’d have had to miss the dance” played.

    There’s not a single dream I wanted to come true that I regret having reached for. Most of my neighbors leave for several months every year to go somewhere that is warm all year round. When they ask me why I stay here through every season I tell them ” I don’t want to miss any of the dances. Unless you’ve ever watched snowflakes dance in front of a lamplight on a winter’s night you have no idea of how beautiful it is.” They often don’t understand what I mean, yet I imagine most of you that read this do.

  88. Terri in Tx., for now says:

    I feel compelled to post again! What wonderful comments!! Just spent an hour reading all of them. And again, wonderful photos RV Sue! Your post was so wonderfully composed and really caused everyone to think! What a great teacher! May God continue to protect and bless you, as well as all the other ‘rinos.

  89. S. Kaeseman says:

    Follow your dream/s until the end, because life is full of dreams we wished we would of had a chance to explore but didn’t, no matter the outcome. Your happiness is all the matters and may God continue to Bless you and yours.
    Beautiful pictures and wise words as always.

  90. Geri in the FL panhandle says:

    Sometimes, when the road has unexpected turns, is when you get the most beautiful vistas! So happy life has given you unexpected turns and thank you for sharing the unexpected vistas with us! Chuck and I look forward to the next chapter!

  91. AZ Jim says:

    Missy, THIS is the weather that we’ve waited for….Enjoy it and say hi to the boys for Detta and I. HUUUUUUGGGGGG…

  92. A Gal and a cat in Fl says:

    All I will say as others, I am happy for you and where life takes you. You will always land on top no matter how you get there. As this group, I love reading your life and stories not to mention the wonderful pics. Ohhhh those animals! But love glimpses of the house and yard and gardens. Best of luck to you *my* friend, at least I feel that way. Onward and upward, can’t wait to hear!

  93. Ann M says:

    Sue, I have followed you since before you started travelling when you used to post on Tioga George’s blog. You have certainly lived a life that so many envy and you did it your way. I am not able to travel and have seen so many things through your blog and I thank you so much for that. (I don’t mean that your fun life or travel is ended, just a turn in the road.) Look at the many turns in George’s life- bad health ( cancer), Mexico, travel in this country, back to bad health with his heart and then, lo and behold(!) he’s back travelling again and having the time of his life! He probably would never have thought that, at age 83, he would be retro-fitting a box van!

    This post was amazing as are the pictures. And you moved people so much that a lot of hidden fans (lurkers) came out to write! And you have taught so many people how to live their dream, too.

    I hope that you enjoy every minute of your time in your new-to-house! And I would love to go shopping with you and help you decorate it! So much fun!

    I wish you and the crew much happiness in your house and whatever you do in the future.

    Ann M from Virginia

  94. Ann M says:

    Oh, yes, please take us along!

  95. Hal says:

    Hope you get back to posting more in the future. I’ve silently followed you for several years now and enjoy your special in site on subjects large and small.

  96. milliehubbard says:

    Sue, wishing you and the boys much peace, happiness and contentment. Looking forward to the next chapter.


  97. suzicruzi says:

    Wow Sue! Lots of heartfelt messages here. I think this is testimony to the many lives you’ve touched through your blog. This is truly a gift, and I hope you realize this? How could you not really.

    And by the way, I think you are awesome too… really, you are a “hero” as mentioned before. As I “listen” to all these words about dreams, you went and did just that. You lived those dreams of freedom and travel for many of us who could only, and are still only thinking of them.

    I have to give you an awful lot of credit as you’ve weathered many a storm in the past 7 years, and I have no doubt you will weather many more yet to come.

    Hugs to you and those cute mischief makers! Suzi

  98. Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

    Dear, dear Sue,
    You have given us all so much and still continue to give, strength, joy in today…and now a chance to share our dreams!! Most precious of all, you have given us a place, a community to connect us all. Thank you.

    Yesterday I watched a YouTube video about how millennials (through no fault of their own) have been set up to fail by things they did not learn when young. One of those shortcomings was having trouble forming meaningful relationships, which was attributed to the isolation of social media. I am so grateful that I have the relationships that have formed here in your blog. Although I wouldn’t recognize one of my fellow “rinos” even if they ran me over in the street, I have no doubt that several would rush to pick me up if they knew that it was Lisa from Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL laying there. I hope this all makes sense, It’s gotten a bit more involved than I planned. Which is a good transition point to talk about my dreams.

    I was exhilarated when I first read your blog and you showed me it was possible to have an abundant life of travel on small resources. So I set out and lived for a short while with my home hitched to my truck. A 13 foot Boler and a Chevy s-10 suited me fine. Then family needed my help, and I was able to go to them,… a blessing. Then more changed and my Dad needed me to help fulltime. Again I was able to go and happy to do so. Right now my “dream” of travel in a 17 foot Escape and Chevy Silverado, are parked in Florida and it’s OK. The road will still be there when I am ready to go again. For now, coffee on the back porch and time with my Dad are my dream. I have gotten the gift of spending the end of life with both of my parents, which today is a rare thing. It’s not always rainbows and fresh mangos, but that’s relationships…and I think that brings me full circle to where I came in.
    Thanks for listening and continuing to “do life” with us all.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      ”I wouldn’t recognize one of my fellow “rinos” even if they ran me over in the street.”

  99. Susan says:

    I’ve never commented before…..just want to say that I’m proud of you for the way you’re handling this. It shows a lot of wisdom and maturity. Hope you have a beautiful weekend coming up.

  100. Lisa in Northern Utah says:


    I am also one of those who has never posted before but I’ve been a long time reader. Over the years your ability to share heartbreak and happiness has touched me like no other.

    But this…this is the post that prompted me to comment. I was so moved by your words and choice of pictures. What peace you must feel (and it most certainly comes through in your post) in recognizing the path that brought you to your lovely home.

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned in previous comments, but in case it hasn’t: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” – Woody Allen

    Much joy and happiness to you and your crew!

    Another Lisa in Utah

  101. Rob says:

    Hugs from Canada

  102. Mary Kellogg says:

    I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new adventures, either at home or on your travels.

    Good for you. Be happy.

  103. katy in NH says:

    Onward, Ho!

  104. Kitt NW WA says:

    Good morning Sue,
    My message to you echoes all of the heartfelt ones above.
    Welcome home!

  105. Judy J. in S.C. says:

    Quick question, Sue. What were the most comments you ever had on one post?

  106. Sharon Miller says:

    So happy you and the boys will keep the house and have a home base. Do whatever makes you and the boys happy. That’s all that matters. I look forward to reading of your new adventures and live for the day to hit the road like you have.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sharon, I’m truly sorry for the sadness you feel in missing your sister. You have my sympathy.

      I edited your comment for the reasons expressed in the note at the bottom of this post. Please understand my action was in no way meant to be personal.

      Thank you for sharing our happiness and for the kind words. Best wishes, Sue

  107. Rhodium in SW Va says:

    Please realize you have a community of well wishers who will support you no matter what. You have given us so much happiness we all want the same for you. Our travels found a dream in SWVA that has too much good to even list. It’s great you have the same.

  108. Lucy. says:

    Hi, about life:

    ” Thus shall you think of all this fleeting world,
    As a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream…
    As a flash of lighting in a summer cloud,
    As a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream. ”

    From the Diamond Sutras.

    Enjoy today !

  109. AZ Jim says:

    I am so addicted to Missy’s blog and her and the boys life I sure would miss it. Whether just around her home on on the road, I enjoy both…It’s a part of our life both Detta and me.


    What a beautiful “put together” post. In both words and pictures. As they say in church on Sundays…..”peace be with you” and you little dogs too!!

  111. Harriet says:

    Wishing the both of you the best! Sue, thanks for those wonderful photos, eye candy for sure.
    Sometimes a dream comes when you least expect it. After I retired I wanted to travel the country but circumstances did allow that to happen. I moved on to, “plan B” that also ended abruptly. Slowly, something from my past started to surface. My love for Art.
    This weekend I will be in my thrid art show and next weekend is another. I have sold several paintings and have received a couple of ribbons. Who knew! The pleasure and peace of mind I get from painting is so fulfilling. This was not on my radar so to speak.

    There is a plan for each of us and HE will reveal in HIS time. Sue stay well and hug the pups for me.

  112. Karla in Ky. says:

    You are a very special lady. Thank you for all the blogs that I have been so blessed to enjoy. You are an inspiration for Me too. My little Shadow Cruiser is now parked in back of our house. I like to sit inside of it and think of fun times camping with friends and family. We bought a place on the lake and spend time there since my husband is not a camper. At the age of 72 I have learned about the importance of the words Peace and Contentment. Have learned so so much from your adventures. God bless you and the boys. Will continue checking in on you every chance I get. Thank you so much for sharing.

  113. Ken (in Queen Creek, AZ) says:

    Arizona casts a powerful spell. Even the name is magic! No matter where I travel, I love coming home to Arizona. I’m not a native, but like Sue and crew, I have explored her deserts, Mountains, canyons, forests and lakes extensively. I dream of exploring the west in the depth that you have, Sue. I love your photos and how you marvel at the simplest things.
    I was brought to AZ by the Air Force in 1989, stayed a few months and moved to CA. I found myself missing AZ right away. We moved to AZ in 1992 and my daughter was born here (a native! ) and we were happy. I took a promotion in 1997 and we moved to North Carolina. I was initially worried about leaving AZ and when the final evening in AZ came, I knew I had made a very serious mistake. It took years for us to return. My daughter left here before starting kindergarten and she returned to attend University. We came back permanently in 2012 and I NEVER want to leave again. So, I know, Sue how you can LOVE a place. In our lives, we can find plenty to LIKE, but love is rare. I LOVE this place. It makes me happy and the “coming home to AZ” makes my travels even better. You’ve got AZ fever, Sue and it ain’t such a bad thing at all.

  114. Alan Rabe says:

    First, Love your photos, but I always do. I don’t always say it but I do. Just think, you would never have seen and taken them without following your dream.
    But dreams change, usually on their own accord and no fault of our own. You just “Go With The Flow” and “Keep On Trucking”. When I started out my dream was simple but based on mostly ignorance of what being on the road really meant. Right now I am sitting in Elephant Butte in one of the nicest RV Parks around. Spread out across the desert with views and bunnies and squirrels and birds everywhere. My site is 30ft by 60ft and my 40 footer is almost lost in it. Scamper, my cat, loves it. All for $250 dollars a month. I can’t see it getting any better.
    I wish you the best in all your endeavors and hope you can get back on the road and find your dream.

  115. She, mom to Rizzo says:

    After reading your blog post, all I could think of was Aerosmith’s first single hit and now I can’t get it out of my head…..”Dream On”………..

  116. Liz says:

    Sue, you have been a source of inspiration and enjoyment from reading your blog to so many people. We all feel we know a little bit of you, but as a fellow introvert, I understand why you choose to keep so much of yourself and your life private. Most important is that you and the crew are happy and see a good life going forward. I can’t wait to read about the new adventures or just plan old daily life. You make even that interesting!

  117. Mary Batt says:

    Dear Sue,
    You tell a story so well. You use your tools so well. Your thoughts, sharing, photos, the weaving of interspersed thoughts from your ruminating mind travels, animal comments as we might hear them, SO gently done! You are awesome. I do appreciate your gift.

    I don’t write often but know I follow your blog fairly well as time/energy allows!! I am always pleased to see a new blog or to review what people are shopping for from Amazon.

    And there is so much to learn from other, more active blogorinos!

    Ha! My dream is to make this our LAST house we rehab! (And I mean it!)

    But have you heard the one about “making plans…then God said HA!” (Julia Sweeney) REC: google her monologues on youtube!! In your spare time!!

    Happy Birthday and Happy October! I love these new seasons! Snuggle times for you, Reg and Reg!!

  118. Mary Batt says:

    So Sue–I just read what the blogos have written.

    So Sue. Are you feeling the love yet?? I am seeing hugs all over the place! You are reading and getting Gen-u-wyne Cosmic Care and Blogo Love!!

    So let me add my part of the hugs to you, Reg and Rog. Have a good day tomorrow–btw I love the thrift stores too!

    Enough and out!

  119. I love your blog. Thank u 4 sharing.

  120. weather says:

    Trying to be the 200th comment, hoping the prize is hearing that everyone is having a wonderful day

    • Columbus Calvin says:

      So far, so good. I got back on the “real” bicycle (not e-bike), got a few miles in, beat the rain home.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Aha…well, slept in and just puttering around…being lazy…yep, so far, so good!! Looks like after a week of overcast and rain, we will yet see some sun today!! Hope your day goes well too, Weather…

  121. Renee from Idaho says:

    Hey! This blog’s main photo changed! I like it too.

  122. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Sending you and the Crew loving thoughts and hugs. **hugs**

  123. rvsueandcrew says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments!

    Surely you agree that this is a more interesting place when folks participate. Your support for each other and for me is precious.

    I tried to edit photos and write today, obviously without success. Instead I sanded the top of a table I got at the thrift store last week (ten bucks!), planted the Mexican petunia sprig I started on the windowsill, replanted the Mexican petunia after Roger dug it up, replanted the Mexican petunia after Reggie dug it up, surrounded the Mexican petunia with rocks which I should’ve done in the first place, and otherwise puttered around the house.

    A cool and sunny day, much enjoyed. Thanks again for being you and for being a part of my blog. Sending a big welcome to the new blogorinos! Hope to hear more from you!

    Love y’all!

    • Ruthie in Fontana says:

      Ha Ha Reggie and Roger want to get on the home improvements too. Thanks for the note and will be waiting semi patiently for the next episode.

    • Mary Batt says:

      ha ha ha Reg and Reg like that game!! Bury some more stuff!! You all have a BIG yard!!! If the Mexican Petunia can’t take it, try artificial ones!!!! heeeheehee
      mary b

  124. ApplegirlNY says:

    Planting Petunias, How wonderful. We had our killing frost several days back, so now we will be pulling all the dead stuff out of the garden. The fall leaves are hanging on, so it is still quite lovely, if only the sun would show up more often.

  125. Can’t wait to see your finished projects….and new decoration!!! Your good taste shows in the flower pots and plants. Did you purchase a TV yet? Just curious or do you still do a lot of reading on your kindle? BTW with recent rains my yard blossomed with weeds and grass over night it seems. Meanwhile my mower went down and we can’t get parts for it…the lawn mower is so old. I rented a mower from Home Depot for $22 for 4 hours and that gave us plenty of time to do front and back yard. I have to read back and see the type of mower you bought. Things have been breaking down i.e. truck a/c doesn’t cool so probably need Freon, my vacuum cleaner wand broke so can’t vacuum and I hate sweeping so I have to buy a dust mop to do floors. I have concrete floors and have to constantly pick up dog hair with dust mop. Now that the yard is looking good, I’ll dig up my fake pumkins and set them out and put my flying witch on the door. Enjoy your home Sue and crew.

  126. Sarvi in OR says:

    I will be living in an RV… I am 2.5 years into my 10 year plan to do it. At this point I want to winter at an ltva, and work somewhere in the summer, either as a camp host or at a national park or something like that. Take the fall and spring and travel around. I will be too young at that point to “retire”, which is why I will be looking at working at various places. I think about it all the time, and even though I love my current job, I approach it with dread almost daily because I want to be living the dream.

  127. mary batt says:

    Hey, RVSue!

    Remember the deep healing that comes from being out, out, in nature. I don’t know how it happens, it just does. It needs no engineering or planning. It is just there, and it comes. You don’t even need to seek it. Funny thing. In the meantime, I (probably all the others) am looking forward to see what you put together in your new site-based camper!!! Everything you have done looks so trim and neat!
    And, how is that Mexican Petunia these days?

  128. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Marlene! Great to see you here again!

    Thank you for reading my blog from the beginning. A Casita for you? Fantastic! 🙂

    New post coming up in a jiffy!

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