Spa treatment for the Best Little Trailer; Roosevelt Lake, AZ, boondock amid cactus blooms

Photos in this post display scenes at a boondock situated on a bluff near Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.  Pinyon Mountain provides a dramatic backdrop.  

Bridget, Reggie and I camp here in April 2015, postponing our annual trek north in order to see the opening of the scores of cactus blooms.  We are rewarded beyond anything I could have anticipated.

This post comes to you from our recently purchased house in southern Arizona.  We await the arrival our permanent housemates, Nancy (my sister) and her dog Marg, in two weeks.  RVing will resume sometime in the future.

~ ~ ~

August 7, 2018, in Arizona

Today is a special day for the Best Little Trailer!

The BLT is going to have a spa treatment!

A few days ago I call a carpet cleaning company and a man by the name of Ken sets up an appointment for today at 9 a.m.  Having an appointment gives this procrastinator the necessary motivation to finish emptying the BLT of everything not nailed down.

I’m surprised at how much is crammed in all the cupboards.  My new cart transports heaping loads of stuff to the patio.

 I clean the BLT’s kitchen and fiberglass surfaces and take down the curtains and curtain rods.

Gee, the carpeting looks terrible!

Having nothing inside the BLT reveals how dirty her walls have become.   By nine the BLT is ready for her steam cleaning.

I’m immediately struck by the efficiency of the steam cleaner crew.

Ken jumps out of the truck and meets me at the front gate.  A preteen girl (his daughter?) follows. Together we walk to the back yard and Ken steps inside the BLT.

“This will clean up nicely.  See this here?  That’s glue.  That won’t be removed.”

Ken peers into the carpeted cupboard which serves as my pantry.  

(I never liked that it’s carpeted.  I guess the idea is to keep things from sliding around.) Breakage and spills make this the dirtiest area.

“Stains won’t come out.”

“I understand.”

We agree on the price of $65.  

Ken estimates the job to take around 20-30 minutes.

In a flash Ken is in the van, backing to the backyard gate.  The girl has the gate open for him.  Ken gets a phone call while in the van.  The girl immediately opens the back of the van, unreels a hose and connects it to a spigot at the corner of the house.

Next she pulls out a large vacuum-type hose from a reel, bringing it around to the door of the BLT as Ken comes out of the van.  They get right to work.  Not a word has been spoken between them.

Very professional.

I go into the house where Reggie and Roger are wondering what the heck is going on.  I can’t let them outside because the cleaner van blocks the gate from closing.

“Don’t worry, guys.  Everything is fine.  You play while I get on the computer.”

When the job is done, Ken comes in the back door of the house.

I have his check ready.  I haven’t looked at the BLT’s interior yet, but I can tell from the way Ken and the girl operate that they did a good job.

Reg and Rog jump around  Ken’s feet as he gets out his phone, works his thumbs on the screen, and sends an invoice to my email inbox.

He thanks me, I thank him, we shake hands, and out he goes.

Not a moment wasted.

I follow Ken out and head for the BLT.  Ken goes straight to the cleaner van where the girl waits. She’s already put away the hoses.

(My gosh, it’s almost worth 65 bucks to see a preteen-er do her work without grumbling, sighing, or being nagged!)

A few seconds later  . . .

I call out to Ken, right before they drive away.

“Beautiful!  It’s looks fantastic!”

“Thank you!  Call us if you need anything!”

~ ~ ~

Oh, my . . . The Best Little Trailer has that after-spa glow.

~ ~ ~

Interested in learning more about today’s featured boondock?

If so, take a look at the post, “Lingering at an exceptionally fine boondock in Tonto National Forest,” as well as posts before and after.

~ ~ ~

Oh, I forgot to mention . . . 

I ordered new curtains from Amazon for the Best Little Trailer.  More about that in an upcoming post.

You know how it is, ladies . . . You have a spa treatment or get a new haircut and suddenly you need a new outfit, too!



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74 Responses to Spa treatment for the Best Little Trailer; Roosevelt Lake, AZ, boondock amid cactus blooms

  1. Dawn in NC says:


  2. Dawn in NC says:

    Glad to see the PTV getting her dues! Next, you’ll have to wax her, and she’ll be as good as new! I wonder too why they put carpet inside the cabinets. It seems like a bummer to clean. It’s always wonderful to see pics of Bridget in her chariot! I also liked revisiting that camp site. Reggie gets his rite of passage…his first chollo spine in his paw. Ouch! Two more weeks. How exciting, I can’t believe how fast this summer has flown!

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Be careful, upgrading will have the cascade effect. New curtains will then lead to new comforters and pillows! 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      The carpet in the cabinets is part of the insulation of the Casita and I suppose it does keep things from rattling around in transit.

      I’m appreciate your positive response to the Roosevelt Lake boondock and the post about it. Thanks for reading it.

  3. Mary in CO says:

    Wow! An advantage of the Casita’s Carpeted walls. Looks very nice. And so do the boondocking pictures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mary,

      The carpeted walls and ceiling make a big difference when it’s hot. When it’s cold and I run the propane heater, the carpet holds the heat. Another benefit is the easy method of hanging things on the wall… Stick a drapery hook in the carpet and there you go!

      • Mary in CO says:

        I guess one could get used to it(carpet everywhere) It seemed strange to me, but anyway the Casita was too small for us (and dogs). We ended up with an Escape 21, but decided it wasn’t for us, and now we have a Hallmark truck camper (dogs don’t get to come along). It’s even smaller, but we really like it. However, we are not living in it full time. A month at a time is as long as we have gone. Once it’s home and off the truck, I am ready to go out again. Our labs are too old for the traveling life, so unless we have a house sitter, we don’t go.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’m glad you found the rig that suits your life right now. The Escape 21 is a great travel trailer, yet I can understand you liking your truck camper. Very nimble and simple!

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I love how you had the BLT steam cleaned. Nice to have a place to unload for doing that. When you head out again this fall it will feel like a whole new rig.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda,

      Yes, it is nice to have a place to store stuff temporarily while the BLT is cleaned. Difficult, if not impossible, to have a steam clean while living on the road.

  5. Diann in MT says:

    Thanks, Sue, for this post. You are such an upbeat lady. I look forward to every post. I remember that camp in Arizona, and Bridget and her stroller. Those were great days. I see that the BLT has carpeted walls and a ceiling. That must have taken some darn good organization to get all that done in 30 minutes.
    I love your comment: ” it’s almost worth 65 bucks to see a preteen-er do her work without grumbling, sighing, or being nagged!” That little girl will never go hungry.

    Can’t wait for your sis to come and we can see how you complete for your new home!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Diann,

      It pleases me to no end when a reader says they “look forward to every post.” What better compliment is there than that? Thank you.

      I can hardly wait for Nancy and Marg, too. I admit I’m also anxious to have the house furnished. A real sofa! A dining room table! A BED! Oh my!

  6. Diana in CA says:

    Just joined your blog, really enjoy it. 🙂 Hope to run into you out and about one day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome, Diana! I’m so happy you’ve joined us and, here you are, right away becoming a blogorino, too!

      You will find a lot of information on my blog, not just from what I write, but also from what blogorinos write. Many have gone to the beginning to read every post for that reason.

      Feel free to chat, ask questions, share your dreams and plans, whatever! We have an easy-going group of good people here. 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome, Diana! 🙂

  7. Barb in Florida says:

    Great combination today. Just love those desert flowers photos and the rainstorm is fantastic. Nice to see the after picture of the BLT. Cool Vulture shot.

    Gotta work fast to get a better rate per hour and beat the heat!
    Going back to read the link. Two Weeks!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barb,

      You’re absolutely correct about the steam cleaners needing to work fast. Make the money before the heat makes it impossible.

      Thanks for the compliments on the post and photos. 🙂

      Actually, they arrive in less than 2 weeks…. August 18th is the target date! Yay!

  8. Columbus Calvin says:

    I’m glad for that preteen girl. Becoming a capable and willing worker at an early age sets up a good future.

    I focused mostly on the pictures in this posting. Cactus flowers are another interest like sunrises for me, and I remembered Roosevelt Lake because a friend goes up there to fish and escape. Also, it’s close enough to the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix area) and far enough away. I agree that the vulture shot is a good addition.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      Sunrises and cactus flowers — You have an eye for beauty. 🙂 Roosevelt Lake holds a special appeal for me. I love the drive from Globe, the way the road reaches the crest, the blue of the lake appears, and then the road takes you through a series of curves to the valley. I first heard about Roosevelt Lake from a fisherman. You’re right, it’s not far from Phoenix, yet the mountains in between make it seem far, far away.

      Loved taking pics of the vulture. Almost devoted an entire post to that!

  9. Joe in TN says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Thanks for the pictures. We will be in AZ next March and April. Would love to see the blooming cactus.

    So far, you’ve been blessed with great help. First Mike and now Ken.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      Yeah, Mike and Ken…. small businesses, great service, huge blessing. 🙂

      If you go to Roosevelt Lake, explore the roads on the opposite side of the highway from all the campgrounds. Like the profusion of desert lilies we saw at Midland LTVA, a natural garden of cactus flowers is a must-see. I hope you have the chance for both.

  10. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    I need them to come visit The MotherShip!😂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ya know, Geri? I didn’t have the slightest idea what is a good price for steam cleaning a 17 foot trailer. I was pleasantly surprised at $65. That’s their minimum charge. Beats renting a steam vac and doing all that hard work myself on a summer day!

      • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

        I agree! I didn’t mean to leave such a short note, but as I was commenting a neighbor came up and we started talking! Well, after that I just seemed to keep meeting one distraction after another!😂 Life goes on! Haha!

  11. Renee from Idaho says:

    Wow Sue! Our trailer gets “her” treatment/spa (or is it a him?) from us, inside and out. For it’s size, there’s no way we could afford having someone do it. I think that the last time I checked on someone washing and waxing it, it was around $350. When we have our carpets in the house cleaned in the fall, we also have the trailer carpeting cleaned and that’s an extra $25. So that’s worth it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That sounds reasonable. Ken charged $65 which is the minimum because he has to drive out here just for our job. I should look into having the BLT washed and waxed professionally. It’s painstaking work trying to remove oxidation by hand. I got rid of some and quit.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Looks lovely, Sue!! We were so pleased with the cleaning of the carpets in the rental house my daughter left…they got out stains that were there for long before she moved in…we did not think it possible!! We felt they were worth the money!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Of all the luxuries available to people with the money to pay for them, the one I’ve wished for at times over the years is a cleaning service. Well worth the money if you have it, right?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Oh yes indeed!! Heh, my body is complaining about all the cleaning I have done of late…heh it was not ALL hired out…

  13. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    What amazing photos those were of the desert flowers! I’m sure many people were surprised to see such colorful beauty in the desert. And to see Miss B in her royal carriage – she was such a regal lady – and she looks like she’s looking down on her silly “subject,” Reggie! The BLT looks wonderful – it will be fun to see what new “clothes” you pick out for her!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      I love your description of Miss B in that photo. 🙂

      Yes, my photos have surprised people. I’ve received several “I had no idea!” type comments after posting desert photos like cactus blooms. I had no idea myself. 🙂 We live in an incredibly beautiful world.

  14. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    The BLT got some well deserved pampering. I am sure it took no time for the interior to dry…just open the door and windows, and let the AZ heat draw out the moisture. That was a small price to pay to get the carpet freshened up. She’ll look good as new for years to come. Looking forward to see the curtains you picked out, as well as any new linens, pillows, doggie beds, etc. 🙂

    I loved the flashback post. Cacti flowers and our sweet Bridget – a winning combination! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Nancy and Marg will be home next week! It seems like just a few weeks ago that you shared with us the news of your and Nancy’s new home! Watch out, boys, Marg will be here soon! 🙂

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Have a good evening! N’nite! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for another warm and friendly message, Denise.

      The BLT’s new curtains arrived today! Of course, I rushed out to see how they look on one of the windows. Cute!

      In the morning I’ll run them through the wrinkle remover cycle and hang them all. Photos, of course. 🙂

      I received an email from Nancy a few minutes ago. She says her son who will be coming out with her, helping with the move, has made a schedule for their trip. It’s getting real, not only a dream any more! Exciting!

      Love and hugs to you and Gracie pup! N’nite! 🙂

  15. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love the photos of the Cactus flowers. They were beautiful. This was a very nice camp.
    Bridget looks so regal and special in her stroller and Reggie is always cute.
    Wow the BLT is sparkling. Think I could do that to the house? Just kidding, but it would be great.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, Barbara……You made me think of something to be grateful for. The BLT’s carpeted walls and ceilings — I can have them steam cleaned instead of me having to PAINT them!

      Thanks re the photos. Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow….

  16. MB Dillard says:

    Hey Sue! We were both getting the abode in the side yard steam cleaned yesterday! My sweet little house (where Uncle lives) is vinyl sided. This summer it has turned from pale yellow with white trim and railings to greenish with mold. When Nathan finished, the house looked like new and the area smelled like the YWCA! LOL! Mine cost a lot more and took a bit longer but I was as happy with the results as you are. 🙂 Instead of new curtains, I am going to paint the rocking chairs and finally put the new cushions in them that I bought months ago. Like you, I need things to spur me into a project sometimes. 😉

    Have a great day. Can’t wait to see the BLT’s new outfit.
    MB, Wyn and Bells

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s a great feeling, isn’t it, MB? To get rid of the ugly and dirty, replacing it with gleaming clean! You reminded me of one side of my house in GA that was shaded. Green mold loved the shade and GA’s humidity. I had a long handled brush and I would make a bleach-detergent solution to swab that side in order to keep it clear of mold. One of the reasons I love AZ’s dry air!

      What a fun project, painting rocking chairs, and adding new cushions. Much more fun than painting walls and ceilings and trim!

      At this point, the only thing the BLT is getting new are the curtains. Maybe a new comforter. The quilt and shams are in good shape.

      Thanks, MB… You have a great day, too. 🙂

  17. Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

    Hi Sue,
    I love that picture of the boys, so happy with tongues hanging out. I love the cactus flowers. Did you ever try any of the fruit? We have some Prickly Pear Cactus at my church and the next time I see a fat fruit I am going to try one! The BLT interior makeover looks great. I look forward to seeing the rest. I went with an Escape because it has a vinyl interior that I can wipe clean myself. Did you ever solve the “slide along” issue in your cabinets? Mine have a smooth interior so slippage can be intense. I look forward to your answers, now I am off to get a new spinner from your favorite site. See ya.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      No, I’ve never eaten any of cactus fruit. A barrel cactus here at the house has fruit on it which I haven’t tasted. Maybe I should be more adventurous?

      Vinyl walls versus carpeted walls… A longtime topic of discussion among fiberglass RV owners! Aesthetics come into play. Some people don’t like the look of carpet on walls and ceilings and the many positives don’t overcome that.

      I’m not sure what “slide along issue in your cabinets” you mean. We did talk about the three big “dressers” coming off the channel in transit and several people gave suggestions to hold them in place. I ended up doing nothing. I place the drawers on the floor for travel. I don’t recall having sliding problems inside the cabinets, probably because of the carpet. There was one time a cabinet door flew open and dishes hit the floor (pilot error).

      Thank you for shopping from here! I hope you find what you want.

    • Renee G says:

      Most definitely try the fruit. As a kid, my parents would go to the desert to harvest paddle cactus and the fruit, nopal and tuna. Delicious. The diced cooked nopal cactus is called nopalitos and today I buy it in a jar. It’s delicious cold straight from the jar and scrambled with eggs and onions and eaten in a tortilla, either corn or flour with a little salsa or pico de gallo! Beans too. They are delicious with some frijoles de hoya! Makes my mouth water thinking of it. The fruit is different. It’s best ripe and soft and I prefer the yellow and orange ones over the red. The red ones are strong, but make a great jelly. I affectionately remember my father carefully peeling the outer covering of the fruit for us so that we would not get any of the thorns in our fingers.

  18. weather says:

    You chose a great group of photos in this post, Sue. The seventh one makes me think of what an awesome landscaping artist God is. If there was a way to work around the problems cholla can include I’d love to have a yard that looked like that. I really enjoyed reading the older post, that’s another good example of wonderful places to boondock you’ve shown us. Bridget’s car was such a perfect gift for her. I always was so touched when she would smile while in it, and at times just give you that look that said “thanks, I love you, too.”

    It makes sense that the cupboards in the BLT were crammed full. You lived in it for just a little less than seven years. With the limited amount of space you had to store things I’m still amazed by how well you managed to have everything you and the crews needed in a home. I imagine you had a few nostalgic moments while emptying the BLT.

    It will be so nice to put some things back inside it now that it’s fresh and clean. You had mentioned that you would be able to leave some things in your house and not take them with you when you’re camping. I’m curious about what those might be. It seemed as though you only lived with the essentials while your were full timing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      I’m not surprised you singled out that particular photo, which could be overlooked easily. I like that shot, too, obviously. It could be titled “God’s Botanical Garden.” 🙂

      What unnecessary items did I carry around in the BLT? A lot of it were paper records to back up what I have in online files, like tax returns. I have a collection of folding maps that show attractions of an area, booklets about town businesses, services, etc, and motor vehicle usage maps for national forests. I’ve put all that in a box to store at home. When planning for the road, I’ll take only those that apply to our itinerary. Not essential items, most info can be found online, just fun to look at mostly.

      I buy fix-it items along the way, like glue and fasteners, and I don’t want them “lost” in the PTV warehouse, so they collect in a cupboard. 🙂 Medical supplies grow over time… more ointments and such for me or for the crew. Lots of piddling stuff one is hardly aware of when living in a standard, full-size home.

      One cupboard was full of reference books… natural history mostly. I moved them all into the house. No need to carry the book “Pacific Coast,” for instance, when traveling elsewhere before returning to the house. I don’t need to carry all my field guides either.

      I have three old laptops that I can’t part with! In the early years I didn’t save photos to thumb drives or memory cards. Maybe a day will come when I’ll find the right cables (among the drawer full of electronic stuff I’ve carried around for “someday”) to retrieve and organize those pics.

      You’re right. It will be nice to put things back and being particular about what is absolutely essential.

      • weather says:

        All of that would take up a lot of room in the BLT and PTV. I know you’ll enjoy having less cluttered and more organized spaces to use when you are camping. It’s nice that you can use the BLT as an extra home for yourself while Nancy’s son uses your bedroom . I guess family or friends could even use it if they visit you and Nancy in the future.

        When my husband and I went to a family member’s wedding we were invited to stay at my sister-in law’s home. We knew it would be crowded so we brought a tent to use in her yard. It was fun, though having our own bathroom, too, would have made it much nicer.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          How clever and considerate of you and your husband to camp in the yard. Doing that relieved pressure from your hosts, I’m sure.

          Another positive about the BLT always available: When Nancy’s son or daughter visit with their spouses and children, I could take that time to travel.

        • weather says:

          Looking forward to Nancy arriving is likely most of what you’re thinking about these days. So I guess you haven’t made plans to travel in the near future. I was thinking Del might come back down to Midland LTVA around November again. I imagine both of you and all of your dogs would like the chance to visit each other again, whenever that may happen.

          Gosh, it just occurred to me that on most holidays for many years you lived alone, then you had been camping for years and had lovely ways to celebrate. Now if you’re both at your house at those times you and Nancy might include having a turkey for Thanksgiving and perhaps even a Christmas tree in your living room. Gotta tell ya, I’m loving watching all this home and family stuff unfold for you.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Nancy put up a Christmas tree in her FL apt. Whether we have one at the house will probably depend upon whether she goes to NY for the holiday. She can stay longer now that she’s retired.

            I call Del about every other weekend. This last call he told me that River, his rat terrier, the small black dog with the greying muzzle, passed away. Del and his crew took their usual morning walk around a loop up the mountainside through the forest. River kept up with everyone okay until they were almost home. Then he stopped, looked around as if confused, and Del carried him into the house. Del held him for several minutes until River slipped away. Poor Del was torn up, even though he expected this. He’s had a number of losses in the past 24 months or so…Four dogs in all… River, Toby, and two dogs I met the previous year. That leaves him with BeeBee, Buddy, and Skeeter.

            I told Del that River had a wonderful dog-life and he agreed. “River never was tied up for one minute his entire life,” he said. “He always roamed free.”

            • weather says:

              How sad for Del. River did have a great life with him, including being held as he slipped away..

            • Renee G says:

              Awww, I’m so sorry to hear that about River. Please let Del know that your blogorinos send their love and support. Those of us that have lost a beloved pet mourn each time a fellow pet lover loses their own.

  19. Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

    Hi Again,
    Thanks for the answers to my questions. I’ll let you know if/when I try some of that cactus fruit. By items sliding in the cabinets, I am referring to food items rearranging themselves while towing, as in “I thought we had some spaghetti sauce in here, did you move it?” Well the answer is yes (LOL).

    I have another question for you Sue… What western states did you boondock in, meaning camp for free. I want to get some fold out maps from AAA or those states themselves and start to mark campsites or towns. I am dreaming of future solo travels while here stationary. Thanks.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      We’ve camped for free in all the western states. See Camps (header) for the recent years (refer to key to abbreviations at bottom of page). Use the archives in sidebar to browse my blog and skip past the paid campgrounds. We never have gone long without a free camp.

      If you are interested in a particular area, I’ll be happy to mention free camps that you can use as key words in a search.

      • Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

        Thanks so much for compiling these lists. You put a lot of effort into making life easier for us armchair vagabonds.

  20. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    You capture the beauty of the cactus in so many different ways! Ahh…then there’s HRH in her chariot!
    BLT looks great…brand spanking new ready for her next adventure.
    Wow time flew by…Nancy and Marg will be there in no time!
    Enjoy your day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      This past year the BLT has “gone downhill” in her appearance. The curtains yellowed and the carpet was grungy. The vinyl flooring, after 7 years of wear, is difficult to keep clean. Tioga George is replacing the floor in his Scamp and has inspired me to do something similar. I can’t take on that project in the near future; too many things to do already. Someday. I’d also like to take out the range hood, as many Casita owners do. Another someday. 🙂

      Have a nice evening!

      • Cinandjules says:

        For the type of environment i.e. Dust dirt etc you have been with the BLT she is holding her own …thank you very much!

        Tioga George is a character isn’t he?

        The range hood removal is probably really easy…yep ya got a entire list of things to do and more on the oh yeah forgot about that…list!

  21. ApplegirlNY says:

    Those cactus flowers are so beautiful. It’s amazing the variety of plant and animal life we see in nature – giving each landscape it’s own personality.

    I never thought about having the carpet cleaned in the camper. The BLT looks like new. Such a great idea.

    I’m recovering from a nasty tooth extraction. Been a tough couple of weeks.
    Can’t wait for Nancy and Marge…. getting there!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with a tooth problem. I hope the “tough couple of weeks” are over.

      If I remember correctly, you have a Casita. I’m glad you saw this post. Maybe someday your “girl” will be wanting a spa treatment, too. 🙂

      • Annie says:

        Yup. We have a Casita. We love our little camper. During the summer we haul it up to the camp in the mountains and use it as a spare bedroom. In the winter we take it south for a month or so. It’s all we need. I will definitely give her a spa treatment someday. There are a couple of streaks where windows got left open in the rain.

        It’s amazing what I’ve learned from you and the blogorinos throughout the years.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Sorry to hear of your tooth problems Applegirl…my sympathies. Those I have had pulled were ordeals!! I now dread going to the dentist most of all!!

      • Annie says:

        Thanks, Elizabeth. Nothing fun about it. I’m surprised the recovery has been so long. I really thought I’d be over it in a day. I guess I’m not 20 anymore!

  22. Jean in Southaven, says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog. I really love your new life. You continue to meet really nice people and I know that is because of the way you live your life. The pictures of the blooms are beautiful. I remember this camp. I wish my Suzie could have had one of Bridgett’s cars. She would have enjoyed it just like Bridgett. But Suzie was 100 lbs and BIG. No way she would have fit or I could have lifted her into one that was big enough.

    I love your new life. I can hardly wait until Nancy joins our group. Be sure and post lots of pictures of Marg for us and how the house is decorated inside. So glad you are safe an doing well.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Jean. I hope you are safe and doing well, too.

      I wonder if it’s possible to have a pet that you love without experiencing, after they’re gone, those feelings of “I wish I could have” done this or that. I don’t doubt you gave your Suzie a good life and she felt loved.

      You’ll see photos on this blog of the meeting between my boys and Marg. It may be a while before the decorated house is ready for the public. We’ll give Nancy some time to place things how she wants. 🙂

  23. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    Wednesday Greetings!

    Lots of ooooing and aaahhhing viewing the brilliant colors the desert offers us. And, thanks to YOU, we can see them even without being there then.

    Hoping everyone has found ways to get as comfortable as possible in the summer heat. The (work)truck I used to drive would get to at least 135* on many days. Had to be sealed and locked. Mostly bare metal inside except the seat. When I could, I’d wear a wet kerchief tied around my neck and refresh it when possible. Instead of snacks in my insulated cooler/tote, I kept many pre-frozen gel pacs to insert in my pockets. Shirt pockets sometimes, back wallet pockets for sure and shorts cargo pockets always.

    At this home, it has been in the 90’s for the past few weeks. Not desert temps but not really normal for PNW either. Got a good sized towel and soaked it with cool water then put it on like a shawl. Sit next to the fan while on my swing and … nniiiiccccee! It’s gotten hot enough that the powerful and demanding lions (ok… cats) are head butting me to soak them down. Tomorrow, I may just get the kiddy pool out and lay in with all my clothes on.

    Are you “Dancing in the rains”?

    MV gal

  24. Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

    I am a little ticked because my seedless grapes I bought a couple of years ago now have grapes with seeds in them. Guess I will have to buy some that have grapes already on them when I buy the plants or sneak some vines off of yours in the winter to propagate!
    Yours look yummy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That is annoying, Gloria. Wait for the vines to produce and find out they produce grapes with seeds. 🙁

      • Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

        Yep, I actually bought two but the second one hasn’t started fruiting yet. Hope it is seedless, we will see.

  25. Hi Sue
    As usual, you have covered an interesting/inspiring topic today. I am now inspired to go to my trailer and give it a good steam cleaning before we set off on our much anticipated trip out west in less than two weeks.
    The prickly pears bring back memories of my eating them as a young kid. Just remember to hold the fruit in a towel while you open it up otherwise you will have fine thorns in your fingers for days afterwards. Another childhood memory lol

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sue,

      You have wonderful contrasts to enjoy — Nova Scotia to the western U.S. I can certainly understand how your trip is “much anticipated!”

  26. A gal in Maple Valley, Wa says:


    But when one is retired, who cares?! 🙂

    Sue, you probably are happily preoccupied with preparations for a grand reunion that will be exciting for everyone. I hope you are able to take the time to rest and recharge yourself. Don’t want anything to hamper the happenings.

    Just popped in to say “Hi” to you and the bloggerino community.

    Meteor shower Sunday/Monday morning!

    MV gal

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, MV gal,

      TGIF to you, too! 🙂

      You’re right. I’m very busy today and yesterday, too, because the extremely hot weather has passed us momentarily, enabling me to get more outside work done. I do hope to put a post together today, if I don’t run out of energy.

      I hope you’re ready for a great weekend!

      • A gal in Maple Valley, Wa says:


        Flip-flops … check.
        Iced mocha … check.
        Book by new author … check.
        Honey Nut Cheerios for snacks … check.
        Furry friend to fuss over … check.
        Whad I miss ……… ?

        Gotta go now. The items I ordered from the library; music cds, dvds (rain all day Saturday), books to read and books for ideas on repotting my huge bamboo plants are all waiting for me! Wheeeee!

        C U L8R 😉

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