The projects roll and Dirty Devil, Utah, rocks

In May 2013 the original canine crew and I experience a spectacular scenic drive in southern Utah on our way from Bluff to Capitol Reef.  

Today’s photos feature our overnight stop at the midpoint.  We travel a portion of the Trail of the Ancients and camp at a very small, primitive, BLM campground in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area called Dirty Devil.  

The Dirty Devil River  snakes through the canyon below the campground, making its way to the Colorado River.  Camping fee for seniors with a pass was $3 in 2013.

In today’s post I write about recent activities at our home in southern Arizona. Only one more week until my sister Nancy, my nephew Frank, and Marg arrive!

~ ~ ~

Thursday, August 9, in Arizona

Shortly after daybreak Reggie, Roger and I step into the back yard.  I’m wearing my nightie and sandals and holding a cup of freshly made coffee.

My gosh, it’s chilly out here!

The storm during the night was powerful and long, passing through stages of lightning, strong winds, hail, and rain.  The rain was thunderous on the roof.  This morning it’s a different world — calm and quiet with clear, blue sky.

Mike the roofer arrives with a work team of three guys.  

They set up a scaffold along the back of the house and carry an air compressor, various tools, lumber, and other supplies from the utility trailer hitched to the truck.  Today’s task is to remove and replace the gutters and rotting fascia board.

When the work is well underway, Mike and one of the workers leave for another job. They return in the afternoon.

After a couple weeks of daily highs above 100 degrees . . . 

A relatively cool day in the 80s is greatly appreciated.  I buzz from one task to another, inside and out, enjoying the background music of drilling, sanding, sawing, nailing, and men talking and joking while they work.  Periodically the air compressor wakes up and roars.

All the activity, new people, and new sounds fill Reggie and Roger with happy energy. They stick close by, and, whenever one of the men takes a brief break in the camp chair to drink a bottle of water, his lap immediately receives two flying chihuahuas.

I go out to the Best Little Trailer.

I open up the ceiling vent and turn on the Fantastic Fan.  I also open up the windows and close only the screen door.  The carpeting on the walls and ceiling feels dry, yet it must not be completely.  An odor developed from being closed up overnight so more airing out is called for.

Later I hang the new curtains.

Flouncy-flouncy!  I didn’t choose them for that and they’re a bit much at first, until I get used to them.

 I chose these curtains for two reasons.  

I want white to show through the windows from outside.  Not wanting to pay for white-lined curtains (or block that much light), I go for white cafe curtains.  I also chose these because they are inexpensive, comparatively, that is.

The waffle-weave pattern is barely visible in the photo (You can see the Waffle Weave Cafe Curtains at Amazon.). My pic does show how the light comes through.  People buy these curtains for their kitchen or bathroom because they are waterproof.

Friday, August 10

We are blessed with another “cool” day.  I open up the BLT again, turning on the fan. Before breakfast I saw a big limb off one of the mesquites.  No longer will I smack my head into it when mowing the lawn!

Later I cut it into smaller lengths with my dull hacksaw and cram the pieces into the back of the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  The PTV now has a full load of branches, cardboard, and other large items not suitable for trash pick-up.

Goodbye to the crew and I’m off to the transfer station. 

I return home with a feeling of accomplishment.  With the PTV empty, I can hose her interior clean.  I’ll return the stuff we use when camping to the PTV.  That will remove a lot of clutter from the patio area.  Nancy is going to need a place for what she describes as “all my crap.”

Nancy is packing and packing and packing.  She laments in a recent email, “I’m too sentimental! I have too much stuff!”

I smile at that.  

Nancy and I share a few commonalities, yet we are different in many ways, of course.

I don’t attach sentiment to things the way people usually do.  That’s okay because it’s a pleasure for me to witness other people enjoying their treasures and keepsakes.

My photos are my treasures.

Look at that magnificent canyon (above) with the Dirty Devil River flowing through it.

I want to be there again someday!


NOTE:  To read more about our camp at Dirty Devil Campground, follow this link.  At the bottom of the post is a slideshow.  Note the improvement in photos from that post to this one, due to better editing. — Sue


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60 Responses to The projects roll and Dirty Devil, Utah, rocks

  1. Lauri C says:


    • rvsueandcrew says:


    • Lauri C says:

      Just finished! Glad you’re having a break in the heat…WE aren’t!!! SoCal is the hottest ever in years! Humid too!! At least, since it’s been hot for a while now, I’ve acclimated a bit more to it! I’m still lazy though! I don’t know where you get your energy! I get tired reading just about it!

      Can’t wait to hear about Nancy’s arrival!!!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        What about sea breezes?

        My energy comes from motivation to have the house and yard neat, clean, and organized for Nancy. I want her first impression to be good!

  2. Colorado Sue says:

    Maybe in the top five

  3. Columbus Calvin says:

    Your photos are surely your best treasures. You’re really good at taking them, and memories attach to pictures. I don’t recall the place in these pictures, and I noticed holes or something in the rock formations in some of them.

    I’m glad you’ve having cooler days and getting things done. I’m still experimenting. My issue is distinctly humidity rather than heat, and I’m making some progress dealing with it. We had about half an inch of rain in “pop-up” showers today. I’d be fine without it, but I don’t live in a dry climate.

    Also, I just saw a news item stating that smoke from the California wildfires had reached the vicinity of New York City in the upper atmosphere. That’s amazing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That is amazing, Calvin. What did I read — 250,000 acres burned? That was a few days ago. Horrific for people and wildlife.

      Thank you for agreeing my pics are treasures. I think those holes in the rocks are erosion. Birds use them for nesting and perching, of course. That camp had the most incredible scenery in all directions and no one was there to spoil the view. A couple in a Class B left early.

      I’m glad you’re dealing with the humidity okay.

  4. Linda Sand in Minnesota says:

    I have to say something just because I’m usually number 47. 🙂 I am truly looking forward to Nancy’s arrival. What fun you are all going to have.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I know, Linda. I’m looking forward to being with Nancy again. She is fun to be around.

  5. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue,
    I really enjoy the photos of Bridget and Spike. The more you can supply, the better! I have good news. A man from Hawaii, of all places, drove by our home and wrote me a letter explaining how much he was interested. So, I wrote back, thinking this is the beginning of the end of sticks and bricks and all that entails UNTIL the CLASS C comes into my life, for good! Crossed fingers, but now putting my hopes on someone else’s dream. I will get there, and you will be the first to know. Can’t wait for your sister to arrive and see what she has in store for you!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow! This is exciting!

      Okay, help my memory here. I thought you were married, lived on a ranch, and your husband didn’t want to RV. You go camping by yourself, recently along Rose Creek, right?

      So what’s the plan? Sell the house (ranch?) and leave the husband alongside the road while you head out in a Class C? Wha? I’m confused.

      • Diann in MT says:

        You are cute! Seriously! We own an old home (think Big Timber where you were impressed by the owner’s care, remember, remember…). No agriculture in my life.
        Secret: I got him to fall in love with RV Freedom! Thanks to you. I enrolled him in your emails and he came to respect your thinking.
        We have three boys married to where their wives call home. Two in the Midwest, one in the Pacific Northwest. We will start there. I want to be near the Pacific next year this time.
        If you pray for random people, pray for my dreams. Thanks, Sue.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Deal! 🙂

          Boy, I don’t know how I mixed that up. I think this is the second time you’ve had to set me straight. Thank you.

          Well, I love it that your husband is “in love with RV Freedom!” That’s what it’s about…. free to visit your family and free to roam.

          I look forward to reading where this freedom takes you!

  6. JoeinTN says:

    Hi, Sue,
    Wow, I have never been this close to the top!

    I like the “flouncy-flouncy” curtains. Nice touch! De-cluttering the PTV has to be a liberating experience. When we downsized from a large house to a smaller one, we unloaded a lot of “stuff” and I haven’t missed any of it. Glad that job is behind me.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      Same thing with me…. Stuff I agonized over whether to save or not is long forgotten.

      Oh yeah, congratulations on rising within the ranks here! 🙂 Keep coming back and you’ll be first someday.

      You have a good weekend, too. I hope you have something fun planned, if only to relax.

  7. Such beautiful photos of Utah! Makes me want to go.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Me, too, Dawn. It takes me forever to sort through the old photos because I begin to dream.

  8. I LOVE that drive through The Glen Canyon area! One of my favorite drives from the campground in Torrey to Bluff Utah! Your photos brought back fun memories! Everyone should have this drive in their bucket list! Glad you are having some cooler weather there. The weather channel makes it sound like you are gonna get floods in southern AZ! They always exaggerate everything! I never believe them in all they say!
    I. LOVE the new curtains! I want new paint and curtains for the MotherShip! Autumn projects for sure!💗 😂 You are inspiring me !😁
    Belly rubs for the boys and hugs for you!
    I cannot wait to meet Nancy! Yay!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri!

      It’s raining as I type this. There’s probably “flooding” in the canyons somewhere. Always with the drama, right? Your comment reminded me that I left the fan on and the vents and windows open in the BLT. Ran out to close it up and now I’m soaked! Reg and Rog had to go out with me. They look like wet rats and smell like . . . wet dogs!!

      Glad you love my curtains. I’m not buying anything more for the BLT for a while. The quilt and shams (orange pattern) are still bright and cheerful. Too much to buy for the house!

      I agree… The ride from Torrey to Bluff is breathtakingly beautiful. It was especially stunning for me because in 2013 a lot of that was new to me. Yes, anyone reading this… If you ever get the chance go to Bluff and Valley of the Gods… Then take this drive to Capitol Reef.

  9. Deena in Phoenix says:

    I enjoyed seeing today’s photos…it is cooler today, currently 98*…working on crochet projects…spent a day with my BIL going through my sister’s craft room, she was happy making things for her grandchildren so she never passed up a sale of fabric…now I am NOT a sewer but I did find colors and different styles of fabric that gave me thoughts of making shadow boxes and new picture frames for my very bland walls…the most fun was the help given by the two children…learned that the 4 year old Zo likes green, orange, any canvas or oil cloth and anything involving the AZ sport teams (pro & college)…the 7 years old Giada likes anything with Elsa, frilly, flowers and stars…I started out telling them that only one would be going home to Mom’s house and none going to Dad’s house (he is moving soon and didn’t need any more to repack), by the end of the day Zo had 2 large trash bags filled and Giada had 1 small bag but they did choose one to take to Mom’s later that evening…I came home with a basket full…We also spent time going through the old tin from my grandmother that held her collection of buttons…I told stories of the buttons that she told me and my siblings…both Kids were awesome as they helped me choose some of the buttons to go to my home…such fun…we made a dent in the room and their Mom is going to go through (she is a major sewer and crafter) probably taking most of the stuff with the rest going to Goodwill…those two kids kept my BIL and me in stitches which certainly helped both of us get through a very difficult and sad day going through my sister’s wishes and ideas…I am very impressed by Mike and his crew…you are moving forward to be ready for Nancy, Marg and their “stuff”…such fun and happiness is coming.

    Take Care

    by the way, Zo wanted to know about the “Camper Lady and her Dogs” so since he is visiting this afternoon, we will spending more time with you, the Crew and the blogorinos. More Fun!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A delightful post, Deena! You know how to appreciate the moments and you shared them very well with us. I felt like I was a kid trying to choose a button along with Zo and Giada. 🙂

      What a blessing those two are to you and all the family, especially during times that could be terribly sad. Funny how kids (and dogs) often show us the way with their bright outlooks and examples of living in the moment.

      Thanks for writing, Deena. A big hello to Zo and Giada from me. Reggie and Roger send doggie kisses!

      • Deena in Phoenix says:

        Sue, there are two big smiles on these Kids faces as they are being tucked into their beds, both say “goodnight to Reggie and Roger and ask RVSue to give them hugs from them”…I have complied with their requests…from me, sweet dreams Sue and boys.

    • Linda in Ky. says:

      Deena, since you crochet, maybe give a thought to using all that fabric for crocheted rag rugs?? They are easy and beautiful! I love making them!

  10. RachelDLS says:

    Hi there Sue and Crew!

    I am working on figuring out how to stay in one place as well! It’s been made a little easier by the fact that my van is not exactly working correctly right now. But my son is in Tucson to find work, and help get my poor little Gracie, back on the road. I need to learn how to stay still for long periods of time, because there’s 12 miles of washboard road to get out to where I’m staying. I am way out in The Boondocks about 35 miles from Benson, which has its challenges, but definitely has its own appeal as well. It’s beautiful out here. Quiet, and the air is so clean. In fact, I just wrote a post about the beauty that I have found out here.

    I can always tell from your photos that you too, love to find the beauty in the world around us. I’m so glad to know that you’re doing well, and that you got all kinds of little projects that you’re working on. I am working on a few little projects myself. I am only renting a spot out here. I can’t go in the house that is on the property. It’s a bit too toxic! But my Little Gypsy, has a piece of ground to park on. It means that my rent is very cheap! 🙂 The owner has been very gracious. I do have access to the well, good clean water, and that is a wonderful thing! Plus some new friends down the road gave us an old refrigerator that is working great, and the owner has let us park it on the porch, and plug it in, so I have access to a freezer now too. With these latest temperatures, ice water, has been a huge blessing. I see that you are appreciating the cooler temperatures as well. It has been wonderful out here, these last few days.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your sister, and your nephew, and who is Marg? Do tell your sister that I understand keeping things for sentiment! I still have a storage unit that my son and I share. I guess I do tie Precious Memories to some of the things that I have. Most of them have a story, about someone I love or loved, attached to them. One of these days, I really believe that I will have a house again, and when I do, I’ve got a few good pieces of furniture and all of my little precious doodads stored away, waiting to fill my new home.

    Give both of those little rascals some tail wags and loving from Macha and I.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m so glad you took the time to write, Rachel! The last I heard you were looking to rent a piece of ground and I wondered how that turned out. I’m happy that it is the place for you. Most of all, I’m glad you’ve found clean air!

      I need to get over to your blog and read more of your excellent writing. Best wishes to your son in his search for work.

      And I pray your vehicle is well again soon! Hugs to you and Macha… Try to stay cool!

      • RachelDLS says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! You always say the kindest things! I am not really a photographer, as I’m sure you know. I just try to capture the moment. We’ve had a couple of small showers today, so it’s just been absolutely delightful here. As you said earlier, after the temperatures we’ve had lately, any day that’s down in the 80s is a wonderful thing! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oops, I didn’t answer your question. Marg is short for Margaret. That’s Nancy’s West Highland Terrier. My boys are going to go nuts!

  11. Carin says:

    Love your little guys. I have 1 papillon/chihuahua. I’m thinking of getting another little guy to travel with us. Just not sure – what do you say? We are currently in an RV park in Sierra Vista, AZ. I am really enjoying the storms.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Carin,

      It’s hard for me to know the right answer for you and your pup. If he/she isn’t overly protective of you, I say “yes!” I’m sure you’ve evaluated your ability to handle two dogs and have a pretty good idea what’s involved.

      Take your time, see how a potential adoptee and your pup interact, and, if that goes well, take the leap. There will be a short period of adjustment. They’ll work it out.

      It’s fun observing two dogs living together. Best wishes making your decision!

      • Carin says:

        Thank you for the insight.
        He’s a bit clingy but I’ve only had him since last November. He spent a lot of his time in a kennel so having me ALL the time has made him clingy. He’s getting used to other doggies and I think the right time to get another doggie is like you said, see how they do. We are going to look at a little girl on Tuesday. Hope all goes well.
        Thank you again – love your blog.

  12. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love these photos of Utah. The whole state is on my bucket list. I was excited to see the photos of Spike and Bridgett. I think of them often. Glad you are getting all your chores done, I think Nancy will be pleasantly surprised.
    If my co-worker, myself & our husbands can all stay well for awhile, maybe I can get back to mine. The Lord knows I need to. Things are such disarray here that I am ashamed and embarrassed to have anyone over. As well as being so overwhelmed with everything to do, that I don’t know where to begin.
    Hugs to you and the boys. Have to take Angel out for her evening walk.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, everybody stay healthy!

      Understand what you face, Barbara. The disarray is overwhelming enough without all the other stuff. I’ve come up with something that works for me when I have a ton of tasks to complete. Every night in bed I review the day and list my accomplishments, no matter how small, in an attitude of “Well, I got (this) done and I got (that) done, on and on. Then I make a mental list, not very long or ambitious, of what I want to complete the next day, not much, only a small chunk out of the huge accumulation of tasks. This keeps me motivated and on track.

      Too bad we can’t enlist the aid of our crews! Hugs to you, too, Barbara.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        I try to do things that way, but life just keeps disrupting intentions. I have just had it now and I am getting this house cleaned out if it kills me.
        I have been so stressed and overwhelmed lately, that I took off for 2 hours and had a reflexology treatment and spa pedicure today. I feel so energized right now. Wish it wasn’t bedtime.
        Thanks for the advice though. I need all the help I can get.

  13. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    Wow! What great close-ups of Spike and Bridget, and then at the end of the post, of R&R. I’m sure you must have posted these photos before, but either I missed them or my memory is getting worse than I thought! Reggie doesn’t usually hold still long enough to see his beautiful spots!

    The Holy fire near here is terrible – I’ve been able to see the flames the last four nights from our front yard. And of course, during the day the smoke is bad. My niece’s husband and a good friend’s son are both firefighters out on the line. Yesterday I went to Target and bought a ton of supplies (Gold Bond, baby wipes, boot socks, Gatorade, power bars, etc.) and delivered them to our local fire station, who said they would get them out to the firefighters on the fire. It was heartwarming to see how many other people were doing the same thing. The temps are supposed to start going down a bit and the humidity seems to be up, so hopefully they will make some progress in containment this weekend. We are going to stay very close to home just in case the wind shifts and it heads back this direction.

    I hope everyone is able to escape the heat this weekend and I pray those displaced in California find some measure of peace and respite.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That terrible fire is real to you, seeing flames at night and experiencing the smoke. Very thoughtful of you, Cynthia, to take supplies to the firefighters. They are incredibly good people to be willing to do that dangerous job.

      It’s hard to imagine what it is like to lose everything in a fire. Wildfires move so quickly. In a short time you go from having a home and possessions to losing it all.

      Praying for rain and cooler temperatures, safety for everyone, and, like you wrote most eloquently. “some measure of peace and respite.”

    • Diann in MT says:

      God bless, you and yours, Cynthia. How devastating. I can only read about it all and feel hopeless in helping. Thanks for keeping all of us informed.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Cynthia, these fires a unbelievable. I have been praying for rain in California ever since these fires started. I can’t bear to to even watch the news. Take care.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Ah spotted dogs are so so cute!!
    Well, I feel for Nancy…it is not easy parting with things…and doing so rather in a hurry I take it…but later? If she is like me, most will be forgotten. It is letters, photos etc that I treasure most…heh, and I do have a bit of a fabrics stash again…have fun with all of it, Sue!!

  15. Alice says:

    Great pics. Pictures of Bridget and Spike are truly a treasure. So cute. Loved the curtains and bought a pair (through your link) Solved what to do with a bathroom window, thanks.

  16. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Oh, how I love the beauty of Utah! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your treasures with us, Sue. Your prose and photos, Spike, Bridget, Reggie, and Roger. You are richly blessed! 🙂

    I had to laugh at Nancy’s “all my crap” description of her stuff! I can relate! 🙂 I hope Nancy and your nephew have a smooth, uneventful cross-country drive. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to “meeting” Marg! 🙂

    I like the BLT’s new waffle weave curtains. They look nice and will filter bright sunshine. They will provide you some privacy when you find yourself at an RV Park when A/C is needed.

    Have a great weekend, Sue! Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! N’nite! 🙂

  17. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Hahhh…80 degrees is the new 50! I might say you are acclimating fast! Zonie! 😉

    I have always loved Utah…greatest snow on earth and the scenery is amazing!

    I can’t imagine being a roofer in this state….period! It will get done when it gets done and when it’s done…it’s going to be done right!

    Ruffle curtains….very nice. Had to laugh at using a dull hacksaw to saw the mesquite branch. Ya had to have sweated off 10 pounds and now your right bicep is twice the size of your left one! Not sure if you have garage sales in your area..keep an eye out for a carpenter wood saw..the teeth are bigger and meant for wood.

    Are your batteries still in the PTV? Hooked up to the solar panel? I didn’t know this..but apparently batteries last two years here due to the heat! I know your batteries are quite might put them in that cart of yours and keep them in the house….not garage. And you covered your tires right? This sun is brutal…and your tires are new! A bit of prevention so you don’t incur added expenses when your ready to roll!

    Well did you try frozen grapes yet? Poor Nancy and all of her crap! Hahh. We’ve all been there! Your photos and journeys with the past crew and present…are your treasures! Peace, love and laughter…life’s greatest treasure!


    PS…this is my second try at posting…my addition was incorrect the first time! 😆 Simple math…lord knows I don’t even know how to turn on one of those scientific calculators.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh no, that’s not what I want to hear about my precious batteries! It’s impossible for me to lift them out of the PTV and back in again. They’ve survived so far, as old as they are. If they can make it through another month…..

      Yep, I’m familiar with saws for wood. You must think I’m totally clueless. Ha, I wonder why.

      The tire on sunny side is covered. The other tire is shaded by the mesquite tree.

      Frozen grapes were good. I like them half frozen best. The frozen ones are good for smoothies.

      Thanks for all the info… Great comment! Yeah, 80 is the new fifty …. in air temperature and in years of age!

  18. Eileen says:

    Dirty Devil sure is a pretty place. I especially like the picture with Bridget and Spike, such sweet little souls (of course the current crew are real cutie pies, too!). Thanks for the beautiful pics.

  19. weather says:

    The sixth photo in this post is spectacular! My favorite one in the slide show from the older post is the one with Spike and Bridget smiling, titled “Bridget and Spike enjoy the adventure”. The recent storm at your home was really intense. Is that the most powerful one you’ve had since you bought the house?

    If Mike and his crew finished that task I hope you like your new gutters and boards. It will be interesting to see how well your rain barrel works now that the water is being directed to fill it. I really like your new curtains! With their being so light-weight I picture them rippling in the wind when you have the BLT’s windows open…how lovely.

    Nancy being so sentimental about some things is how I felt for a long time. I once held onto a painting of an African elephant with her baby for more than thirty years. I still keep old family photos and a very few small items that are precious to me. I’m able to remember most people, places or events without needing photos or stuff to remind me. If I had yours skills with photography my photos would be my treasure, too. I treasure more of yours than I can count 🙂 !

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s a treat for me to read your reactions to my photos and seeing Spike and Bridget smiling.

      Rain barrels not hooked up yet. We decided to repair a section of the half-wall surrounding the patio where there had been termite damage leading to water getting into area of wood. Not a big deal… time-consuming work.

      Lots of emails today between Nancy and me, ironing out final details, right down to what groceries I need to have in the fridge. I didn’t know what Nancy and Frank eat! 🙂

  20. I hope the cooler temps last a good long time – a nice welcome home for Nancy!
    I know what you mean about enjoying the background noise of work being done – when it’s being done on my place :-)))
    The curtains look light and fresh for your little traveling home.
    I hardly recognized Spike in that sweet photo of he and Bridget. Such characters they were.

  21. Gloria in Prescott, Az. says:

    Sentimentalism is my very big downfall. My nephew asked me at New Years where the picture my parents gave us at our wedding 47 years ago was. I told him it was in the bedroom. Recently I bought some pictures for places that were pretty bare and took down that old wedding gift. It was falling apart and very faded. I decided it was time to go so put it out next to the trash can. Hubby wanted to know what happened to it and when I told him it was out by the trash because of its condition he said, “I liked that picture” so guess what, in it came and I fixed it with hot glue and it’s over the dining table where I used to have a mirror. I have the formica table my parent bought when they were first married (I’ve recovered the chairs twice). We have the Oak table with six leaves that was given to us by Hubby’s mom when she died which was her parents’ with five chairs. I’ve got clothes from when I was a teenager. It’s a bad disease but I don’t think I will ever move again so I will enjoy those things and need nothing. I have no intention of cleaning out my crap, the kids have to have something to do when we are gone. Ha!

    We are on our last day of the three week Bone Broth Diet. I have lost 8 pounds but the best part is my knee is about half as painful as it was so I have decided to do another three weeks hoping for a complete healing. What I thought was some kind of bone growth on my knee was inflammation as it is shrinking big time. Sure hope I can hike again!

    Can’t wait to hear Nancy and all arrive safely, that is a long haul.

  22. Yep if it’s 80 or below in temp, it’s cold for a Zonnie. What ever happened to canine corner? I use to love Spike and Bridgets’ corner. Here in Phoenix, temps in 90’s for a day but the heat was intense as I cleaned up the recycle bottles and cans that blew all over my back yard. I rebagged 12 bags over three days. I had to lift my raised planters to get at the empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans. I just bought a 16 foot tree trimmer to cut the dead branches that over hang into our neighbor’s yard. I don’t want the branches breaking off and hurting someone or something in neighbor’s yard. I’ve asked my son to help 🙂 Last night it stormed again…woke me up in middle of night. I haven’t checked the back yard yet. I don’t mind cleaning up…we sure need the rain. Like everyone else, I’m getting rid of ‘stuff’ too. I use to have a lot of family visit so I bought larger cooking vessels for those gathering. Plus I have inflatable mattresses that I no longer use for company. Lots Christmas ornaments need to go. I don’t need them anymore so I plan to have a yard sale in fall. I did pretty good with yard sale last time I had it in shortly after I retired in 2008. My business suits, coats, brief cases, shoes went on sale and people snatched them up along with other household items. I was surprised the business suits were a hit since I’m short…hahaha Anyway, you have a wonderful day. Soon you’ll have Nancy, Marg unpacking and a flurry of activity setting up house.

  23. Rover Ronda says:

    Hi Sue😃

  24. AlanOutandAbout - in Truth or Consequences NM says:

    Tell me didn’t throw away mesquite wood. You may not use it in your grill but you would make a friend for life if you gave to one of your neighbors.

    Best to all.

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      Hmmm that’s not the same kind of mesquite for BBQing is it?
      It’s green…as in the color and wet. Mesquites are plentiful around..they are the ones on their sides…after the monsoons. Guess one mans garbage is another man’s treasure.
      How is Scamper?

      • Alan Rabe says:

        Scamper is fine, he is a trooper, nothing seems to phase him. When he is given his shots he just stands there and takes it. It is almost like he knows it is good for him.

        Mesquite is mesquite, it may be green but let it dry out and it will be perfect for BBQing. People spend money for this stuff while others search the desert for it, usually illegally.

        Pet your ferrals for me.

        Best wishes.

  25. Mary Batt says:

    Hey Sue and all!

    Yes! It isn’t fall yet but I see/feel SIGNS! One day I sensed that change/incremental drop in Louisiana humidity! I saw yellow leaves in the street…brown leaves on the lawn!!! Worthy of informing Mr. B!!

    I feel the whisper of energy-infusing expectation! We plan on staying home to do more work on the house–I realized how important it is that we stay home a spell to get work done!! Well, one trip IS planned to get together with high school friends in Loretto TN soon. But, after that, it is ‘start your engines’ to move a doorway, remove what is left of a 1920’s chimney, close up 2 doorways and frame for a 5′ opening! (Oh, there IS more!) Projects and trips for us!

    OH! Thanks for keeping the math simple : )

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